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TURKISH AIRLINES commercial with Oscar award winner Morgan Freeman for Super Bowl 2017 - DOP Stefan von Borbely c/o 1st UNIT

DOP Stefan von Borbely c/o 1st UNIT and Director Matthias Zentner were once again on the road for an international production. This time, they filmed a commercial with Morgan Freeman for TURKISH AIRLINES above the clouds. The debut of the video was during the Super Bowl on 5 February.

“Narrated by his powerful voice, Morgan Freeman helps broaden our imagination right from an airline seat. Pampered in luxury and spoiled by world class care of Turkish Airlines, the beauty of the world is right at our fingertips. He takes us on a mind travel along with Turkish Airlines where we discover the bluest of waters to the greenest of meadows to the purest of air. And so, our imagination is not limited to just our TV screens. We urge you to come along on this captivating journey with us. Let Turkish Airlines and the presence of Morgan Freeman transport you to wherever your heart desires. Morgan´s voice is like music, deep, soft and with a strong harmony, as no instrument can have. Advertising can be poetry. So put on wings and lets venture to the unexplored. Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly. Widen your world,” says velvet Mediendesign, who produced the commercial.

“We not only fly to more countries worldwide than any other airline, we also strive to offer our passengers the best possible flight experience...,” M. Ilker Ayci from Turkish Airlines tells us about the spot.

The shoot took place in Los Angeles in less than ten hours with a team of 101 employees. The commercial is broadcast on 16 TV channels and by the largest media corporations in four continents. The advertising campaign with Morgan Freeman is shown in all countries to which Turkish Airlines flies. Turkish Airlines flies to more than 290 destinations in 117 countries with a fleet of 335 airplanes.

More commercials by DOP Stefan von Borbely are available on GoSee or directly via 1ST UNIT.
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'Jump' - surreal commercial for Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Matthias Zentner

For the Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL, Director Matthias Zentner filmed the spot 'Jump' in Mexico City. The jump into the paradise of the CAMINO REAL Hotels was supported by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. Production of the spot was in the hands of Bikini Film.

"The unique location of the iconic Camino Real Group hotel Polanco in Mexico by architect Ricardo Legoretta set a milestone of Mexican architecture and was envisioned as reminiscent of Preshispanic pyramids in the style of the great modernist architect Louis Barragan. Visually and architecturally, it was far ahead of it’s time when it opened in 1968 for the Olympic Games. The artwork of the hotel becomes alive. Matthias Zentner painted a surreal world of dreams in this modernist, spacious, counter-world about the great Mexican welcoming culture and hospitality."
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KIA Rio IV launch film by DOP Fabian HOTHAN c/o 1ST UNIT

From the radiator grill and the striking lateral character line to the muscular tail, the design of the new KIA RIO is marked by brilliantly clever, dynamic details and modern LED technology. These features are reflected by 1ST UNIT DOP Fabian HOTHAN and Director Andreas Wentz in the launch film of the KIA RIO IV with clear forms and bright colors. Production of the elegant commercial was taken care of by Frankfurt Film.
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