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'Hard To Catch' - Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o 1ST UNIT realizes a multifaceted AUDI commercial on the topic of 'Audi Select'

'Get away with anything. Twelve months, three Audis, one Ducati.' Plus a telegenic cat in the spot and three more just as good-looking kitties, one or two houses with spectacular features such as a view to kill for, an infinity pool, or tennis action ... and a very attractive man who knows how to drive just like he can turn heads. Czar Film produced the new AUDI commercial together with DOP Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Parker Ellerman in Majorca. The spot advertises for the AUDI three-free-wishes deal. For further details, please visit the website:
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'For whatever life holds...' - The father-sun-fishing spot for stylish BMW accessories by DOP Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o 1ST UNIT

The emotional spot themed upon 'Live and let live' with a convincing father & sun team in the weekend-fishing scene relies on the expertise of DOP Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o 1ST UNIT. The spot is targeted at presenting the stylish BMW accessories in medias res: blankets, watches, holders, sunglasses, doormats ... and lots more are waiting for you at the BMW SHOP. Katapult Film produced the BMW father-sun fishing commercial, shot just near Berlin, with Director Jörn Heitmann.
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Dreamlike sedan spot for the new ALFA ROMEO Giulia by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

Out of the city and into the sunshine, getting together with friends again and soaking up the sun... that is what the ALFA ROMEO dream looks like. The beautiful photos for the dream spot came from DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. The shoot for the 'meccanica delle emozioni' from ALFA ROMEO took place in Los Angeles with Director Rob Groenwold. Production: George Films.
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