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FERRARI 812 SUPERFAST 'The 12th Dimension' - a modern spot by Director Matthias Zentner and DOP Torsten LIPPSTOCK c/o 1ST UNIT

Ferrari picked the 87th Geneva International Motor Show as the setting for the world premiere of the new V12-Berlinetta: the 812 Superfast, the strongest and fastest Ferrari in the history of the brand. The modern commercial for the new vehicle was realized by The Family (Milan), Vivifilms, Director Matthias Zentner, Velvet Mediendesign, and DOP Torsten LIPPSTOCK c/o 1ST UNIT (Brand Communication: Francesco Alpa).

The new car is not only loaded with innovative features, it is also a symbol of the brand for exactly that reason because the V-12 series marks the official begin of the glorious history of the Cavallino Rampante in the year 1947 – 70 years ago. More via FERRARI.
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'Shackleton's Return' – with the Hyundai Santa Fe and the great-grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton across Antarctica. A short film with DOP Torsten LIPPSTOCK c/o 1ST UNIT on GoSee

On a 30-day expedition, HYUNDAI succeeds in the first crossing of the coldest and driest continent on Earth with a passenger car. Patrick Bergel, great grandson of legendary polar researcher Sir Ernest Shackleton, drove the roughly 5,800 km from Union Camp to McMurdo and back in a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 Diesel. The long distances had to be driven at times on drifting ice floes and at minus 28 degrees Celsius. Since there were no roads, the team laid new tracks, where vehicles had never before driven. Hyundai summed up the adventurous trip of Patrick Bergel in a short film. On set as DOP was Torsten LIPPSTOCK c/o 1ST UNIT.

“Following his erstwhile aspiration of crossing Antarctica, Ernest Shackleton – full of joy and elation, returned home safely with his band of twenty-seven brave and fearless fellow explorers. One hundred years later, Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of Shackleton, along with Hyundai are taking on that same challenge of crossing Antarctica...” Get the whole story via HYUNDAI, and see further works by Torsten LIPPSTOCK on GoSee and 1ST UNIT.
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Financial investment of a new dimension: UNIVERS. The BANK AUSTRIA commercial with soccer player David Alaba, realized by Director Bode Brodmüller and DOP Michael MULTHOFF c/o 1ST UNIT with Tony Petersen Film

Michael MULTHOFF was the DOP for the new commercial with David Alaba, which was realized by Jung v Matt/365 with CD Michael Nagy for BANK AUSTRIA (CGI : Paul Schwabe Digital Production GmbH).
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