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Dreamlike sedan spot for the new ALFA ROMEO Giulia by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

Out of the city and into the sunshine, getting together with friends again and soaking up the sun... that is what the ALFA ROMEO dream looks like. The beautiful photos for the dream spot came from DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. The shoot for the 'meccanica delle emozioni' from ALFA ROMEO took place in Los Angeles with Director Rob Groenwold. Production: George Films.
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'Jump' - surreal commercial for Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT and Director Matthias Zentner

For the Mexican hotel chain CAMINO REAL, Director Matthias Zentner filmed the spot 'Jump' in Mexico City. The jump into the paradise of the CAMINO REAL Hotels was supported by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT. Production of the spot was in the hands of Bikini Film.

"The unique location of the iconic Camino Real Group hotel Polanco in Mexico by architect Ricardo Legoretta set a milestone of Mexican architecture and was envisioned as reminiscent of Preshispanic pyramids in the style of the great modernist architect Louis Barragan. Visually and architecturally, it was far …
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ABDUL SAMAD AL QURASHI Fragrances with the '1000 Arabian Nights' feel by DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT for Mi7 Cairo

"He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men." Süskind - Perfume... This quote comes to mind when you watch the new commercial for ABDUL SAMAD AL QURASHI Fragrances. Together with Director Tarek Montasser, 1ST UNIT DOP Stefan BORBELY realized the spot with powerful imagery... The shoot took place in Cairo and India (Second Unit Andre Segone, Post Velvet Munich, Soundtrack Ahmed Nazmi). The perhaps most famous perfume maker on the Arabian Peninsula looks back on a 150-year history, and the oriental scents are sold today in more than 500 stores worldwide.
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'Make Every Drop Amazing' NBA Star Stephen Curry in the new BRITA water filter commercial - DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT

DDB San Francisco commissioned director Matthias Zentner and 1ST UNIT DOP Stefan BORBELY to realize a commercial for BRITA water filters. NBA player Stephen Curry stood in front of the camera as the testimonial during the shoot in Los Angeles (Production: Harvestfilms, Santa Monica USA, Executive Producer Bonnie Goldfarb & Senior Producer Ron Mohrhoff).

“Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle,” the athlete says. “Water is my drink. I like the way Brita makes tap water taste so good, you don’t need to spend money or waste plastic with …
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The new PORSCHE models 911 Turbo S and Turbo Coupé, spectacularly staged by DOP Stefan BORBELY

580 PS, 330km/h top speed. In spectacular landscapes, at every imaginable speed in a gust of wind, 1st Unit DOP Stefan BORBELY staged the new PORSCHE 911 Turbo S Convertible, as well as the Turbo Coupé. The 2-minute spot was shot on the streets of Italy with Director Peter Refle. Price: starting at 215,962.00, including sales tax
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The fine art of FORD MONDEO in the film by Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT for JWT Shanghai

Director Andreas Link accentuated the most important features of the newest technological innovations in the new FORD MONDEO 2 – always on his side: DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o GoSee member 1ST UNIT. Together with velvet’s post production, 3D & VFX experts he created the new Ford world for the Chinese market. Let them take you on a journey through the exhibition of class and style in a unique art installation, where sophistication meets the love for detail. The car's architecture, mechanics and the automotive energy elegantly feature the smart technology of Ford and invite for a …
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Men and their beer. DOP Stefan BORBELY celebrates 70 years of TECATE. We have the spot for you on GoSee

The new TECATE spot celebrates 70 years of lager beer and illustrates masculine virtues – the power to relentlessly pursue a personal vision alone and against all odds. These can be the desert, sand storms, raging rivers, aggressive eagles, mountains, hot and bothered women... all of which are no match for a cold refreshing beer. We have DOP Stefan BORBELY c/o 1ST UNIT to thank for the perfect looks. And it is quite okay to become friends with the eagle, an equally lonesome predator, in the end. It will hardly try and take the beer away from our young hero. After all is said and done, …
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Stefan von BORBELY, Director of Photography, with two new commercials for FORD and Team Detroit

Team Detroit commissioned director Matthias Zentner and DOP Stefan Borbely c/o 1st Unit for two new FORD commercials for the American market. The focus is on the vehicles’ high-class functionality. Actress Helen Hunt performs the voice-over. Creative directors Dan Weber and Todd Ruthvan, were part of the team, production by Harvest Films.
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"Drink more water, filtered by BRITA" DOP STEFAN VON BORBELY shoots in sugar man city

Water filter specialist BRITA’s new commercial draws attention to how much sugar we consume. DOP Stefan von BORBELY shot the commercial in Hollywood together with director Matthias Zentner. Mark Revels and Brendan Jamison, who created the city sculpture using sugar cubes to represent the sugar intake of a person in their lifetime, supported the team. A total of 221,314 sugar cubes were used in three weeks to build the city. The sculptors presented a section of the sugar city in their sugar cube exhibition. BRITA and Harvest …
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From the forest to the future of sensors – the new FORD spot by DOP Stefan BORBELY

Whatever you may cross, the new FORD with sensor active trunk helps you bring it home. Decadent landscapes between forest and sunny expanses feature in the new FORD car spot, captured perfectly by DOP Stefan BORBELY and director Matthias Zentner. Production by Harvest Film in Los Angeles.
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NIKON ‘Moments’ – impressive commercial by DOP Stefan von BORBELY for McCann

‘At the heart of the image’: capturing the perfect picture in the right moment – that’s what the new NIKON commercial is all about. Stefan von Borbley c/o 1ST UNIT was the Director of Photography on set for the camera manufacturer. McCann USA commissioned the epic pictorial journey ‘Moments’ with director Matthias Zentner. Be it in untamed nature of a busy metropolis – you always have the right equipment with NIKON. Harvest Films carried out the production and Jorge Bache was the art director of choice for the advertising film.
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The new MAZDA Atenza in the commercial by DOP Stefan BORBELY

 DOP Stefan BORBELY produced the new MAZDA commercial in China. This commercial for the Mazda6 is for the Japanese market, where it is also called Mazda Atenza (from Italian ‘Attenzione' – attention). The passenger car first launched in 2001 and was the first car that was connected with the ‘Zoom-Zoom’ slogan. Diego Pernia directed the advertising film and Glow Films Shanghai ensure a smooth production process.
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