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7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS produce for ELLESSE in Monaco with brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez

The producers from 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS with Head Office in Antibes were once again on the job right at your doorstep: For Italian sports label ELLESSE, founded in 1959, it was off to neighboring Monaco. The celebrity shoot took the team to various locations throughout the beautiful little country – and in front of the camera stood two pro tennis players and brand ambassadors Tommy Haas and Feliciano Lopez, who were both styled to perfection by Bjorn Kirschker in the ELLESSE looks of the season. The motifs were photographed by Neil Bedford, represented by Go See member MAKING PICTURES.
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7 Seas Productions arouses winter feelings for fashion from GEORGE, produced in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc

After carefully considering the pros and cons, the decision was clear for 7 SEAS: Production would take place in Chamonix, on Mont-Blanc, in the French Alps. The landscape with its snow-capped mountain peaks is simply the perfect background for a winter production in the middle of August. And SFX mastermind, Pitt Rotter, did his best to transport the winter spirit into the photos. The snow simulation more than successful - and transforms the beautiful chalets typical of the region into the perfect winter idyll.

In front of the camera of Tomas Falmer, by the way, stood alongside locally casted little heroes also one or two 7 SEAS kids. Who's? You'll have to ask them yourselves. and
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From Uruguay to Argentina. Productions by the Latin America specialists 7 Seas Productions in 2015 for BONPRIX, ZURICH INSURANCES, HSBC, BREUNINGER, and GLAMOUR France on GoSee

7 Seas Productions has Latin America covered with offices in Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay. From the exotic Caribbean wildlife and clear waters in the North, to the charming towns and winter landscapes of the South, it’s no mystery this wonderland attracts clients from all over the world – and knows just how to seduce them.

7 Seas have been busy in Uruguay with client Bonprix, shooting in Montevideo and just off the coast of Punta del Este, while their client Zürich Insurances chose a cruise ship as the site for the production.

Central to the mix is Argentina with its distinct European atmosphere and vibrant local culture being one of the main draw cards. Thus 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS just recently found in the cosmopolitan city Buenos Aires a school location there for a client of theirs, HSBC, who used a huge cast of over 100 talents.

For fashion client Breuninger, productions were based in La Pampa, which is the fertile flat region in the south of Buenos Aires. 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS scouted a great location for them at an Estancia featuring a tango space and a famous rowing club.

In the remote Northwest of Argentina, Glamour France magazine shot in the Jujuy Province against the iconic, multicolored Cerro de los Siete Colores’ rocky slopes. The mountain with its diverse colors is typical for the pastel hews of the almost barren mountain ranges of the Puna region.

We have photos from the Latin American productions for you on GoSee.
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