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'The Silence of the Lambs' - photographed by Andreas Larsson c/o ADAMSKY for Buffalo Zine

The latest edition of London's BUFFALO ZINE presents, among others, 'The Silence of the Lambs' spread by Andreas Larsson with styling by Tati Cotliar. It is reminiscent of the psycho-thriller of the same name with Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, in which the murderer kidnaps corpulent women, lets them go hungry for a while, only to ultimately assassinate them and remove their skin. From their skin he sews himself a dress because he longs to be a woman... Anyway, the creative duo managed to transfer the dark mood of the film excellently to the fashion spread.
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Zara Larsson x H&M 2017 - a fierce and feminine collection! The pop singer presents her own H&M collection - campaign & film by Arvida Byström c/o ADAMSKY

H&M presents a joint collection together with singer Zara Larsson. It was visualized by Arvida Byström c/o ADAMSKY, who directed the spot and shot the photos in the selfie look.

The Capsule collection is inspired by the style of the Swedish pop sensation and is marked by strong prints and cool streetwear items. Zara was part of the entire process – from the design stage, to the choice of colors and pattern making, she had a word in every step of the way. The color pink was chosen because in her opinion it “stands for femininity and strength and looks good on anyone.”

“Zara is an inspiration for fashion and music lovers all over the world. Their energy is so positive and sincere that it was very easy for us to translate them into the designs,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design and Creative Director of H&M. We bring you campaign and film on GoSee. An interview with the singer for the collection is available at H&M, and several more works by Arvida at ADAMSKY.
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A lazy day ... editorial by Andreas Karlsson c/o ADAMSKY for Fannytastes Magazine

Andreas Karlsson photographed a spread for FANNYTASTES MAG, which we bring you here on GoSee. More work by the fashion & portrait photographer is available via ADAMSKY.

“We are a magazine, fueled by the desire to create meaningful presence for brands, younger designers and people within our network. Launched in 2015, funnytastes magazine magazine has built a reputation for being a consistent source of inspiration for everyone involved in fashion culture. Today is changing and evolving. And so are we. What we’ll be tomorrow depends on the intersections we find ourselves at as we journey forward on our quest to celebrate rock culture in its many inspiring forms...”
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