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Prominent illustrator new entry at Munich-based representation ART ACT: Welcome aboard Jan RIECKHOFF !

Jan Rieckhoff, born 1950 in Hamburg, is a German photographer, painter, illustrator and cartoonist. He works and lives in Hamburg. From 1977 to 1981, he worked as press photographer for different daily German newspapers, mainly for Hamburger Abendblatt as well as for magazines such as Spiegel, Stern and Quick. After a half-year work stay in Pantasina in 1981 (Liguria, Italy) and in New York in 1984/85, he changed to illustration.

He worked in the area of illustration for most of the larger German magazines (including Cosmopolitan, FAZ, Focus, Merian, Playboy, Rowohlt, and TransAtlantic) and as a title illustrator for the Spiegel from 1991 to 1992 as well as for Stern in 1993. Ten years followed during which he devoted himself exclusively to free art. In 2008, he returned to illustration which he is still pursuing today and added cartoons to his portfolio. His work is published in Süddeutsche Zeitung and by Lappan Publishing.

Jan Rieckhoff was a founding member of the Hamburg-based textile forge and taught illustration in 2005/06 at the Institute for Design IN.D in Hamburg. We bring you a first selection of works by the ART ACT new entry on GoSee.
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Who or what is the reason for the worldwide success of SIXT? The illustrated video with all the answers for the global players or drivers by Christian and Knut ECKERT c/o ART ACT on GoSee

GoSee tells the secret of their success: meet the SIXT super heroes in the lovingly animated explanatory video. For the globally operating car rental and leasing specialists from SIXT with their base in Munich in beautiful Bavaria, Christian and Knut ECKERT illustrated and animated the spot presented on GoSee.
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'Park space not parking space' - Chris Menke c/o ART ACT illustrates the future scenario for SIEMENS and 'Pictures of the Future', the magazine for research and innovation

'Zero emissions, zero car noise, zero traffic jams, but instead lots of parks and public spaces...' On the topic of SIEMENS- 'Smart Cities', Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT illustrated a scenario for the year 2060: 'Park Space Instead of Parking Spaces' is the name of the title. Ways are shown to make optimum use of the limited space in the city. You can read the whole article here.
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