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New celebrity portraits by Jole STAMENKOVIS c/o ART ACT

Jole STAMENKOVIS c/o ART ACTS illustrated new portraits of different actors – all of which signed by them – including Sky du Mont or Dina Meyer. Details about the illustrations are available directly from his agency ART ACTS.
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'Does he have to call it?' - Jacqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT illustrates neo-retro style strikingly for 11 FREUNDE magazine

For 11 FREUNDE magazine, Jacqueline URBAN c/o ART ACT illustrated in neo-retro style on the decisive topic of 'Does he have to call it?' Or, in which situations is the referee required to intervene and which are not so mandatory. Because rules are always rules in the end... We rather like to concentrate on the beautiful illustrations – Go & See !
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Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz meets Emil Forstberg from RB Leipzig - two illustrations by Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT for you on GoSee

For RED BULL magazine, Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT illustrated Swedish soccer player Emil Forstberg, now under contract with RB Leipzig, on the topic of 'Training in Winter'. And for ZEIT mag, he staged Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz – prepared to fight and on horseback. The German politician has been a member of the SPD since he was in secondary school, and since 2011, has been Mayor of the proud hanseatic city of Hamburg and an outspoken opponent of the German political party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), an acronym which translates to the misleading claim 'Alternative for Germany'.
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