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'The moment when a person changes into an image...' the classic sibling portraits by Finish photo poet Nelli Palomäki - as an exhibition at Gallery Taik Persons and in a preview on GoSee

Gallery Taik Persons presents the exhibition 'Shared' by Nelli Palomäki, successful graduate of the Helsinki School and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. 'Shared' explores the complex theme of siblinghood, in its manifestations of human relationships and familial bonds. The portraits focus on children and young adults as subjects, who are shown solemnly engaged in situations and constellations. Once friend, once foe; closest allies, most rivaled competitors – the subtle hierarchies of power between siblings are continuously shifting. A heartfelt embrace can turn into a heated wrestle within seconds: This is the shared life of siblings.

Through her portraits, Palomäki aspires to capture these facets of shared siblinghood in all its physical, psychological, and emotional complexity. Though nearly every portrait is carefully planned and staged beforehand, an element of the accidental is always retained, thus animating the work with unforeseen results and revelations, and carrying a magic life of its own. Here, the act of posing presents a crucial moment, in Palomäki’s words, being “the moment when a person changes into an image.” The way the sitters perceive and present themselves – as autonomous individuals as well as in direct rapport, literally entwined, with one another – determines which stories are told through their portraits, whether intentionally or not.

“I deal with growth and our problematic way of seeing ourselves. I’m very much focused on the act of posing and on the moment when a person changes into an image. However there is a certain melancholy in my work, and I guess this is born from the miserable idea of time passing and us not being able to really go back to the moment. Through photography this becomes very concrete,” as she shared with Sony Awards in an interview.

Nelli Palomäki - Shared
Opening: 30 June, 2017, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition: 1 July – 9 September, 2017
Gallery Taik Persons
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GoSee loves ... Jim Jocoy 'Order of Appearance' - Casemore Kirkeby presents a photographic documentary of the San Francisco Punk Club scene from 1977-1980 and as an illustrated book at TBW Books

The gallery Casemore Kirkeby specializing in photography and based in San Francisco has discovered a very special photographic treasure – an exciting documentary of the punk scene of yesteryear in today’s tech metropolis near Silicon Valley... The opening took place on 16 June, and on 15 July, an artist talk will be held between Jim Jocoy and historian Sam Lefebvre at Casemore Kirkeby. And for everyone who can’t make it to the Bay Area – we have the photos here on GoSee, and the same titled book was published recently by TBW Books.

“In 1976 at the start of the San Francisco punk scene, Jocoy became a student at UC Santa Cruz. By 1977, he had dropped out of school and turned his attention to the club scene. Jocoy obsessively photographed what was in front of him – in bedrooms, bathrooms, strip clubs, at punk shows at Mabuhay Gardens, alleyways and bars. Jocoy found outlets for showcasing his photos in his own punk/art zine, Windows and Orphans, as well as in seminal SF zines Search and Destroy, Research, and Punk Globe.

During this time Jocoy’s photos were shown in public only twice, the first, a show held at San Francisco State University featuring the Xerox color prints he’d produce during off hours at the photocopy shop where he worked, and later as a slide show presented at William Burroughs’ 70th birthday party in 1984. It wasn’t until many years later, through a series of serendipitous events, that Sonic Youth frontman, Thurston Moore, and fashion designer Mark Jacobs collaborated to produce what would become Jocoy’s first and highly praised book, We’re Desperate (Powerhouse, 2002), widely regarded as a celebration of the scene’s influential fashion.

Unknowingly foreshadowing the AIDS epidemic that would grip underground communities throughout the country, Jocoy’s photographs evoke an intimacy not unlike that felt when viewing the work by Nan Goldin, combined with the underground compulsion and clout found in the photos of Katsumi Watanabe and Karlheinz Weinberger. In the main gallery, Casemore Kirkeby will share Jocoy’s rarely glimpsed view of the punk scene, illuminated quiet and intimate moments of barely post-pubescent youth applying makeup, readying themselves for an evening out, diving full stop into the dark of night.

Born in 1952 in South Korea to his Korean mother and a U.S. Army solider, Jocoy was given two names: an American name, Edward Monfette, and a Korean name, Hyoung Su Lee. After divorcing, his mother married another soldier, Robert E. Jocoy, and at age six he was given a new name, Jimmy Jocoy. In 1969 the family settled in Sunnyvale, California. Jim Jocoy still resides in the Bay Area after a career working in UCSF’s Therapy Department. He maintains friendships with many of the subjects he photographed 40 years ago...."

Jim Jocoy - Order of Appearance

16 June – 29 July, 2017
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GoSee Book Tip : 28MM Edition I Manhattan - TOMASO BALDESSARINI presents adventure, encounters and stories from his stay in New York as a visual self-portrait and homage to the poetry of everyday life

Berlin-based TOMASO BALDESSARINI captured his experiences in New York in the photo book titled 28MM Edition I Manhattan. The book was curated in cooperation with Bianca Winter, art producer and co-owner of SOLOMON WINTER. It was released in May, and a release party in Berlin is expected to take place in summer.

For photographer Tomaso Baldessarini, 28MM is a very personal project, for which he had to face his own fears on his photographic journey: He was confronted with a feeling of strangeness and reticence.

“My wonderful curator Bianca Winter taught me visual order. She has over 21 years experience as an art buyer and has worked with colleagues we all know. For example, Lindbergh or Richardson. A merciless eye precedes her, and I appreciate that very much. Her experience made the book something very special. When you meet someone who understands a vision without a lot of words, that is an incredibly beneficial situation. We had a selection of 10,000 photos, 400 km of walks and unbelievable pain are in this book. But I have also learned to work with just a camera and a lens, I've learned to move like a deer between masses of people. It does not have that much to do with the typical New York experience you see in movies, it's the real unfiltered New York. 317 photos had to be placed in the layout by me, just as I did the photo editing completely by myself.”

Landscape format 19cm x 30 cm, 352 pages, in color, 150 g/mÇ Condat matt Pèrigord Paper, cloth-bound cover, book jacket, sewn binding, color finish (black on the pages), embossment (red), weight: 1.9kg, Edition 28MM strictly limited to 900 units.
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