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TEJEN Jewellery staged with class by still life photographer Dimitri TOLSTOI c/o AVOCADO ARTISTS

TEJEN Jewellery is a line founded by Isabel Encinas and fashion designer Mark Kroeker. Dimitri TOLSTOI photographed the fine gold items against a black liquid backdrop.

About - TEJEN Jewellery: Convinced that luxury should naturally contribute to preserving the beauty and rarity of our planet, TEJEN strives to use the highest quality, ethical and sustainable materials while employing responsible production and distribution practices under humane conditions.
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Fruity & fresh – Dimitri TOLSTOI c/o AVOCADO ARTISTS shoots the KUSMI TEA campaign Tetris style

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'Brahma Kamal' - Fashion editorial in HUF mag by photographer Maurice SINCLAIR c/o AVOCADO ARTISTS

'Brahma Kamal' is a mystical white lotus which only blossoms once a year at night and is said to bring good fortune. Photographer Maurice SINCLAIR staged the editorial of the same name for HUF magazine. (make-up: Jehan Radwan. hair: Gabriel de Fries. styling: Pereira, clothing from the Tserkov Store, Zurich. model: Katarina Gradalska).
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