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Eight '(Out of) Office Looks' for the IRIS VON ARNIM online shop - hair & make-up by Violetta KAMPF c/o BIGOUDI, photographed by André Hemstedt and Tine Reimer

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The CONLEYS campaign was styled by Leonie GERNER c/o BIGOUDI, with photos by Jaan Eric Fischer; we have two motifs for you on GoSee

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WINDSOR campaign Made in Barcelona - hair & make-up by Gregor MAKRIS c/o BIGOUDI

'Special features need special attention.' Reason enough for Gregor MAKRIS, hair und make-up c/o BIGOUDI, to come to the set. For the client WINDSOR, Tina LUTHER c/o BIRGIT STÖVER photographed the campaign presented on GoSee in Barcelona.
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