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'Atomic Blonde' - David SCHEUNEMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT creates the production design for the hardcore top thriller with action star Charlize Theron - now in theaters, the preview for you on GoSee !

The impressive production design of the action thriller and blockbuster 'Atomic Blonde' is thanks to David SCHEUNEMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. Absolute star of the film is actress and Oscar winner Charlize Theron, on her side James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella, John Goodman and German jack-of-all-trades Til Schweiger. The plot: Imagine Berlin in 1989. Super top agent Lorraine Broughton has the mission of intercepting highly explosive information. But the divided city makes her take extreme measures – it is literally down to bare survival. With a good head, sex and longevity, the dangerous blonde unrelentingly comes closer and closer to her goal. Director: David Leitch.
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'Car or Confidence?' is asked in the OPEL 'New Insignia' spot by Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

Technology alone is not enough – you have to know how to handle it. Something main actor Chris seems to have no problem. Perfect timing, great manners and a pleasant appearance make this young man complete. The perfect man for almost everything, so to say. And he can get you coffee too. Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT and the OPEL Insignia skillfully poke fun at outdated role cliches. The slogan 'German technology for everyone.' with a Frankfurt license plate give the 45-second spot the necessary elegance.
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MONTBLANC relies on Hugh Jackman's perfect timing - DOP for the spot with the smart Australian was Jens MAASBOL c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

The greater the obstacle – the more we enjoy overcoming it. The spot for MONTBLANC is about the creative energy of winning. And according to Montblanc logic: Winners work at the limit – and what's required next to skill and talent is mainly one thing: precision. When one thousand of a second makes the difference – then you better be sure you are equipped with the best material you can get. In front of the camera of DOP Jens MAASBOL c/o BITE MANAGEMENT you see 'Wolverine' Hugh Jackman in the role he likes to play in real life: the kerosine crazy race car driver. Montblanc - crafted for new heights.
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