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Epic video shoot in South Africa for the song Aliens from Marteria feat. Teutilla - directed by SPECTER BERLIN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

In South Africa, BITE MANAGEMENT Trio Benedikt HUGENDUBEL (2nd Unit DOP), Specter BERLIN (direction) and Armin FRANZEN (DOP) shot the unusually elaborate music video for Marteria's new single Aliens feat. Teutilla. The song Aliens is from the album Roswell which will be released on 26 May and is a hymn about being different – played on all radio stations all day. Underscoring Marteria's rap parts in the song is the voice of Beatsteak frontman Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß.

Art Director Specter from BITE MGMT developed, among other things, Sido’s famous skull mask and filmed several advertising clips after his Berlin-based record label AGGRO BERLIN closed shop. For the Aliens project, Specter and Marteria oriented their work on various sci-fi films – for instance Star Wars, District 9, ... for which the rapper performed in dusty picturesque townships, including spacecraft and the appropriate uniforms, one or two aliens – all surrounded by loads of cheerful extras. And if that is not enough for you: get a load of sexy Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß lost in space in desert wearing an astronaut suit. It was produced by Berlin's Doity Produktion GmbH.

About - Marteria. Marten Laciny (born 4 December, 1982), better known by his stage name Marteria, is an electronic/rap artist from Rostock, Germany. His stage name is derived from his first name, and also the Latin word 'materia' meaning 'matter' or 'substance'. Laciny was born to a teacher (mother) and a sailor (father), and spent his childhood in the district of Lichtenhagen in Rostock. A talented footballer, he played for the youth team of FC Hansa Rostock, that he still maintains a close relationship with. He played under Horst Hrubesch up in the U-17 squad of the German national football team. When he was discovered in 1999 during a trip to New York City by a model scout, he got model assignments all over the world. He worked for Diesel and Hugo Boss, among others, after which he discontinued his modeling and went back to Rostock to pursue his rap career. In 2003, he moved to Berlin. There he trained as an actor at a Drama School. He has one son, and now lives in Berlin's Kreuzberg
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'Just Some Motion DC' - Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT films the TIM dance video that not only has Italy getting down...

Why do people dance? Wikipedia says: “Dancing is a ritual, a custom, a performing art, a profession, a sport, a form of therapy, of social interaction or simply an expression of emotion.” And dancing is above all: lots of fun. For dancers and the audience alike. It has the same effect as laughing; it's contagious. Or as sunshine – it lifts the spirits. For Italian telecommunication service provider TIM, Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT filmed the captivating dance clip presented here on GoSee with references to perfect dance events and unforgettable dance classics. Interested? The autodidact's dance courses are right this way: Production: BlowUp Italy.
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'The Time I Met The Devil' from BRAVE GIANT - directed by Fergal COSTELLO c/o BITE MGMT

Irish Band BRAVE GIANT first performed their song 'The Time I Met The Devil' on the late show of Ryan Tubridy on Irish TV, and were apparently happy with the result. The next morning they posted: “The last 24 hours feel very surreal! We would like to thank everyone for all your kind messages and support. We had an unbelievable time making our debut on the RTÉ Late Late Show last night.” Since they can't appear live everywhere, they made a video for the song. Director of their date with the devil was young Fergal COSTELLO c/o BITE MGMT.

About - In December 2011, Guitarists and Vocalists Mark Prunty and Podge Gill formed a band called Dutch Courage. Their first gig was in their local bar, Dillon's Bar, at their friends 21st birthday. In the months following, the pair played several more gigs locally and started to build a reputation from the ground up. In March 2013, they were approached by Banjo and Mandolin player Ross McNerney who wanted to join the band. After a very short discussion, the two welcomed Ross into the group. Shortly after Ross joined, the band started to write their own material and develop their own unique sound. In August 2014, after filling in as drummer for their show in Drumlish Festival, Emmett Collum joined the band full time. The band decided to become a 5 piece in early 2015 after they were beginning to play to far bigger audiences in much bigger venues, and decided to take on bass player David Kilbride. Once the band had taken its final form, they decided to change the name to Brave Giant.
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