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'A love stronger than steel', the HYUNDAI spot celebrates the Robo-Dance - Director Alex & Steffen, DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

Imagine, Nosovice, Czech Republic, around 2016. The large gate opens and the love of your life glides very slowly towards you. Your big yellow eye shines, Your big yellow heart leaps... And you hope the force is with you – for you are not alone in this game. Thanks for the romantic "A love stronger than steel" spot for HYUNDAI go to the director team Alex & Steffen and DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. The automobile and transmission manufacturer Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. has been manufacturing in Nošovice, Czech Republic, since 2008, where the four models ix20, i30, i30 wagon and Tucson from the South Korean HYUNDAI Group are produced with lots of love.
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The dreamlike caleidoscope AUDI spot featuring actor Clemens Schick - DOP Peter MATJASKO c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

Red, blue or gray? Swimming with dolphins? Beach time? Dancing with Snow White or rather with all seven dwarves? Carefree, speechless, just get in... Take a smile, black, white or a little blue? And anyway, do you time for a dream? Clemens Schick's magnetic voice leads you through the AUDI spot, DOP was Peter MATJASKO c/o BITE MANAGEMENT.
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'Time flies when you are having fun!', the VW Rally 'Time Flies' spot says thanks for the four great seasons 13-16 - DOP Maher MALEH c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

World Rally Championship, WRC for short – the rally world championship is a rally series organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The Rally World Championship is the highest ranking rally series organized by the FIA. It is known as the royal class of rallying since it claims to place the highest technical, driving, and financial requirements of all rally series on drivers and designers. The sad news first: To concentrate more on customer sport, VW decided to leave the WRC in 2017. All we can do now is thank Volkswagen for four great years in the Rally World Championship. Time flies when you are having fun! - DOP was Maher MALEH c/o BITE MANAGEMENT.
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