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Launch night of Candid Magazine

Candid Magazine launches its fifteenth issue, The Luxury Issue, hosted by cover star, Danny Jones on a roof terrace in Soho.

Fun reunion with the actor Milton Welsh who I got to photograph for this issue.

NEW: Toni Garrn, Michael Michalsky & Roberto Blanco portrayed by Frank Lübke for the German „Stern“ Magazine.

Frank Lübke portrayed the top model Toni Garrn, fashion designer Roberto Blanco and the showbusiness icon Roberto Blanco for the German „Stern“ magazine column "My beloved me“.
In the portrait series, Toni Garrn shows, that she is not an unapproachable model, that takes too seriously, Mr. Michalsky wanted to put himself on the lap and Roberto Blanco met his fighting ego. After the shooting, the celebrities did a selfie with "Little Frank" - the "Mini-Me" of photographer Frank Lübke.

LITTLE FRANK PROJECT: (https://its-me-little-frank.tumblr.com)
FRANK LÜBKE PHOTOGRAPHY (http://www.frank-luebke-photography.com)


With I AM E-WASTE, Iman Rezai, an artist known for his dramatic work has chosen to tackle an issue of global relevance. Under cover of the fake smokescreen of recycling - 50 million tonnes of electronic waste leave industrialised countries every year and are illegally deposited in disposal sites in Asia and Africa where they poison people and the environment. The artist aims to raise awareness about this route.

For I AM E-WASTE, Rezai will travel to the final destinations where the waste products of our technologised consumer society end up. On location, he will create a multi medial series of works, the result of which will be far removed from any previous documentation on this topic.
In the conceptualising of his three-dimensional work, Iman Rezai creates a connection between the countries of origin and the electronic waste landfill sites. The artist will fill resealable glass bottles with E-waste from the landfill sites as well as adding reflective glitter fragments and the I AM E-WASTE logo. This message in a bottle will then be sent on a journey back to the E-waste's...

Enjoy the work by our director Jeremy CHARBIT for LE CAB

Do you always, always know the way? Enjoy the work by our director Jeremy CHARBIT for LE CAB.
Along the sweet cover of Bill Withers "Lovely Day", Jeremy Charbit invites us to a beautiful parisian journey throughout the day (and night) in this 1 minute choreographed, virtuoso long shot... an artistic and technical challenge Jeremy and Les Tribuns enjoyed taking up.
We wish you a lovely day from Paris !
LE CAB that is: 'Abordable, tout confort et sans surprise ! L’alternative aux services de taxis.' lecab.fr

Client: Le Cab
Agency: La Force
Production house: Les Tribuns
Director: Jeremy Charbit
Director’s rep: To the moon and back

Swedish artist duo creates egg shaped sauna for Riksbyggen and Kiruna

Riksbyggen is commemorating the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation project by opening SOLAR EGG, a public sauna art installation by prizewinning artistic duo Bigert & Bergström, to the city and its inhabitants. Locals and visitors to Kiruna will this spring be able to enjoy a unique sauna experience in the form of SOLAR EGG, an art installation inspired by the contrasting and dynamic surroundings of Kiruna’s iron ore fields.

SOLAR EGG is an oval sauna created by the internationally renowned artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström. It draws inspiration from Kiruna’s Arctic climate, where light conditions change with the seasons from 24-hour winter darkness to round-the- clock midsummer sun. The egg shape seeks to symbolise rebirth and new opportunities at the start of Kiruna’s urban transformation, a project that involves the relocation of entire city districts in response to ground subsidence caused by decades of iron ore mining.

Mathias Sandberg, Riksbyggen sales and marketing director, says: “As an urban developer, Riksbyggen takes an innovative approach to...

UPDATE 1 7 BERLIN - coming soon !

Just another fabulous day with friends. So please save the date : 06 October 2017, Berlin. We hope to see you there ! up-date.ws


Our fabulous GoSeeAWARDS2017 are open for entries. All you have to do is upload your amazing artwork on GoSee and submit it via the banner link in your LOGIN-Profile. We cannot wait to Go & See ! The winners will be announced on 6 OCT 2017 in Berlin at up-date.ws. Deadline: 01/SEP/2017. Don't let us wait too long :-) !!

LAKENLAND luxury organic bedding launches on Kickstarter

This Kickstarter Campaign Makes Luxury Organic Bedding at Affordable Prices
The Organic Cotton Bedding by Lakenland is available now for pre-orders on Kickstarter. Production kicks off when pre-orders reach € 26,000.

Organic cotton bedding is great. It’s softer and more comfortable than your regular cotton bedding. It’s also more durable, breathable, and better for the environment.

It’s also hugely overpriced.

In traditional retail, organic bedding is marked up at least 10x by the time it reaches the consumer. The costs are associated with wholesaling, storefronts and designer licensing but have no bearing on the actual quality. Thread counts advertised in excess of 400 are often misrepresented by manufacturers in order to trick customers – so they can tack on even more markup.
And once a product is called “organic”, the price increases again.

The founder couple Pierre Steyn and Shalaine Steyn Schamrel from Salzburg, Austria, have dedicated themselves to the production and distribution of pure and comfortable bed linen made of natural materials. Lakenland is a...