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'Nest Here With Me' cover story for Scandinavia S/S/F/W by Philip Messmann c/o CAMERALINK

Philip Messmann sends his protagonists on a poetic journey for the cover spread in the magazine Scandinavia S/S/F/W, with a yellow bird to boot.
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'My Indigo Heart' INDISKA fashion film and campaign by Magnus Magnusson c/o CAMERALINK

Magnus MAGNUSSON realized the new collection from INDISKA, a trade chain specialized in fashion, accessories and interior based in Sweden. At INDISKA, the topic of sustainability is of particular importance. True to the ideal of Mathilda Hamilton, who founded the label in 1901, several products are still manufactured in India. The company sees to fair working conditions, ecological aspects in the production process and ensures the school education of the employees and their children. More information about INDISKA and more from Magnus is available via CAMERALINK.
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Sporty shoot for NK STIL magazine by Andreas KOCK c/o CAMERALINK

For NK STIL – the self-proclaimed 'Scandinavian leading high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine' – Andreas KOCK c/o CAMERALINK staged functionwear and sportswear.
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