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'Leading a new era of luxury mobility' - Patrick Curtet photographs the launch campaign for Californian LUCID AIR

Californian electric car start-up LUCID MOTORS just revealed its first model, the Lucid Air. Transportation photographer PATRICK CURTET had the honor of producing the campaign photos which truly reflect the spirit of the vehicle.

Derek Jenkins, Vice President of Design promises future drivers and owners a luxury interior combined with a sporty driving feeling. Production of the vehicle will already start in 2018. The Lucid Air target group are fans of the luxury sedan segment. Lucid Motors identifies four core competences of their approach: electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity as well as ride sharing.

The Lucid Air has been developed by the engineers with precisely these capabilities in mind, which will “Lead in a new era of luxury mobility,” as the claim of the young company goes. The campaign presented on GoSee was developed by Patrick Curtet in close cooperation with Derek Jenkins, and support from, as Patrick puts it, a “great” team.

LUCID AIR on Lucid Air: “As a group of passionate engineers, designers and other professionals, we are putting the Lucid philosophy to work. With the guiding principles of user-focused design, advanced technology and premium craftsmanship, we are fully utilizing the unique performance and packaging benefits of an electric vehicle. The result is an experience that is effortless, intelligent, and personalized. An experience unlike any other on the road.”
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Patrick Curtet photographs the PORSCHE 911 plus backplates in Chicago

“Car advertising photography is a world undergoing constant transition. For various reasons: transportation costs, inaccessible locations or code-red models – photographers and agencies need to find a new way and new area of shooting. In response to these new demands, I traveled to Chicago to capture backplates and worked with Curve Digital studio in England to demonstrate their skills in working with CGI models. Enjoy the ride!” We have the spread by the automotive specialist with the stylish 911 here on GoSee.

Patrick Curtet has been shooting professionally for over 20 years, and after concentrating on sports and reportage photography, where he traveled to more than 60 different countries, he shifted his attention to automotive work. He is really keen on proper technique and has expertise in controlling the lighting, effects and/or other elements in order to be in command of the scene. But he keeps these elements hidden and out of sight... as if they were not even there.
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Patrick Curtet : photographs the global VOLVO V60 Cross Country campaign with a modern lifestyle look for Grey New York

Whether on asphalt streets or unpaved roads – the Volvo V60 CROSS COUNTRY masters both with grandeur. Four-wheel drive tech, higher ground clearance and its muscular design make it the perfect vehicle for an active lifestyle. 'Live Life as Exciting as You Can' was the name of the game for the shoot: After the successful launch of the first series, PATRICK CURTET and his team were booked for the sequel of the global campaign. On-set support came from Art Director Neal Maclean, who was responsible for the creative lifestyle look of the production.
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