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Damien KRISL : From the Garnier Opera to the Fondation Louis Vuitton, from Jardin des Tuileries to Place Vendôme – the elegant commercial for CHAUMET PARIS takes us on a flirt tour through Paris

Between past and present, nature and culture, from the tropical garden in tribute to our timeless muse Josephine to the Garnier Opera, the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the Jardin des Tuileries, and of course, the 12 Place Vendôme, follow this young couple in love on their playful stroll through Paris. At dawn or at midnight, whether wrapped in mist or dazzled by sunshine, Chaumet’s collections accompany life’s most precious moments...

Damien KRISL, beauty & fashion photographer Director based in Paris, presents the als director's cut of his new film for jewelry label CHAUMET PARIS exclusively here on GoSee. It was produced with Cadence Paris, with Producer Romain Nougaret and Artistic Director/Consultant Spela Le Narcic. The couple in love was played by Mathilde Brandi (Next Models, Paris), and Hugo Sauzay (Success Models). The ballet dancers came from the Garnier Opera, and in charge of the beauty look were hairstylist Damien Boissinot and make-up artist Maria Olsson.

From these wonderful locations – the historical Malmaison Palace where Napoleon and the Empiror's wife Joséphine once lived, to the modern Fondation Louis Vuitton by architect Frank Gehry – CHAUMET presents its own jewelry line: GARDEN COLLCTION Chaumet’s gardens blossom in a tropical greenhouse reminiscent of the muse Josephine’s childhood island where the Abeilles gather nectar from a luxuriant nature. …

A sparkling pinnacle of art, the Garnier Opera sets the scene for ethereal elegance, magnified by the Joséphine Rondes de nuit creations, when the tiara crowns beauty with a gracious hal… JOSEPHINE COLLECTION

With the fluidity of a silk ribbon, Liens interweaves, crosses and uncrosses to celebrate tender affection and love. The Fondation Louis Vuitton’s artistic haven inspires a romantic hide-and-seek. …LIONS COLLECTION
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Incantation Dior Resort 2017 for Vogue Ukraine by Director and Fashion Photographer DAMIEN KRISL

For his new work titled 'Incantation' for VOGUE UKRAINE, the director and fashion photographer perfectly combined his two passions – film & fashion photography. He found inspiration in Indian culture and its sacred sites, from magical places where incantations take place. Then Damien and his team unexpectedly stumbled over this special place. “After an extensive round of casting with Oliver Ress, our choice was, besides Paula Schinschel, upcoming model Iris Landstra with her unconventional, nature-loving expression. Production turned out to be quite difficult since we only had limited access to the location. In advance, to or three scouting tours were necessary in addition to the logistical challenge of coordinating team members from Switzerland, Paris, Germany, and the Netherlands.” Damien tells GoSee.

The DIOR Resort 2017 collection was the prefect match for this mystical place, which was exclusively selected by stylist Sarah Cazeneuve.

Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux from the Christian Dior Creative Team describe the Resort 2017 collection as follows: “The inspiration was not only post-war high society’s wardrobes, but also the restlessness and wanderlust that characterized the period: the urge to travel, to discover the new. English country life is expressed via the tradition of the hunt – its reflection in the decorative arts, rather than its reality. Shots of red are evocative of the hunting pink, rustic tweeds and crisp poplin of country attire, while nineteenth-century equestrian scenes are knitted into intricate pictorial jacquards or fused into English country florals...”
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NEW : Damien Krisl, Beauty director & photographer, based in Paris & Switzerland; we present his art film IGNITED and a first photo portfolio for you on GoSee

New at GoSee is director and photographer DAMIEN KRISL who resides in Switzerland and in Paris. Damien is known for his confidently stylish and sensual way of staging. Opulence and reduction are not contradictory in his work, but mindfully-dosed style tools which are used with perfect timing in his spots. We are delighted to present you his art film IGNITED once again as an opener and to give you a little idea. What's special about the film – the entire concept stems from the hand of the young director. The film was shot by Damien Krisl in cooperation with Director Lucian Bor. In front of the camera stood Sibui Nazarenko and male model Christopher MICHAUT c/o GoSee member VIVA MODELS c/o GoSee member VIVA MODELS, Berlin. Damien Krisl is also a very talented photographer, by the way, which is obvious when you see the photos presented here on GoSee. That makes him the perfect choice for a two-for-one deal when it comes to directing and photography. We look forward to the wonderful news to come and extend a warm GoSee welcome dear Damien!
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