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Da Vinci Code - ROOK + ERATH c/o EMEIS DEUBEL develops a shop window concept for HERMÈS Germany

ROOK + ERATH were once again on a mission for the client HERMÈS and developed the concept for the design of all German Hermès shops. They were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's machines and children's toys. Take a look at the successful results here on GoSee.
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'Flower up' - ROSENTHAL vases & scarves campaign photographed by Attila HARTWIG c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

Still life specialist Attila HARTWIG photographed for ROSENTHAL vases and acarves together with opulent flower arrangements designed by Australian-born, Berlin-resident Ruby Barber. Hamburg-based creative consultant Olaf Borchard wrapped up production. Further campaign motifs & information are available here, and further works from Attila are available directly via EMEIS DEUBEL.
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'A steel bathtub wrapped in fabric' - Christoph SAGEL c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographs the new haute couture collection from bath designer BETTE

Christoph SAGEL photographed the entire new brand identity of BETTE, a traditional German company specialized in the manufacture of high-quality architectural bath elements made of titanium steel since 1952. The products have been staged at several spectacular locations including E-Werk in Berlin. Location scouting and production were in the hands of GoSee member CLAAS CROPP.
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