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Michael SCHNABEL c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS photographs the sport coupe Lexus LC500 and the key visual for the FORD test drive initiative 2017

For FORD, Michael SCHNABEL realized the new key visual for the test drive initiative 2017 at the beginning of the year, because a drive says more than 1000 words. The agency was GTB Germany with Creative Director Oliver Micklitz. Post production came from RECOM Stuttgart.

For LEXUS, Michael SCHNABEL staged the new sport coupe Lexus LC500 under the creative direction of Yoshinori Nishimura. The agency was Delphys with support from AD Ayumu Uchida from Nippon Design Center (NDC). It was all produced in California, with support from Yuki Matsumoto from Shuffle. Post production was wrapped up in house by Johannes Hartig as well as by NDC for the Japanese market.
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Black Sale campaign for MERCEDES, photographed by Jonathan SCHULE c/o Marion Enste-Jaspers for Drehmoment

The agency for creative marketing, Drehmoment, commissioned Jonathan Schule with a new MERCEDES BENZ campaign: “Black Sale - Offers That Hit the Bull's Eye”. With this slogan, the manufacturer directs attention to the two-day offer in print, on posters and in dealerships. The campaign is a continuation of its predecessor “Mercedes to Go” and was inspired by the Black Friday shopping event in the US. CD was David Preuss, and AD was Kristin Barber. Post & CGI support came from Tony Rosjat/Mackevision from Stuttgart.
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'Coffee Break' - personal motif by Per SCHORN c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS

Photographer Per SCHORN made use of a coffee break immediately after UPDATE16, the salon for photography, illustration and film in Berlin, for a new lifestyle motif with his model friend Julia von Castin.
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