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Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch photograph the new BMW 4 Series – Coupé, Grand Coupé and Convertible for Serviceplan – sportiness combined with breathtaking aesthetics

Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch were commissioned by Serviceplan with the realization of the complete international artwork for the BMW 4 Series Coupé, Grand Coupé and Convertible. “Three weeks, 5000 km of travel from Barcelona via Valencia to the French Pyrenees, 3 secret cars, a great client, cool creatives, a hard working team and finally a bunch of good looking pictures...,” the photographer team tells GoSee.

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé and the new Convertible are impressive representatives of the dynamic BMW 4 Series. The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé complements the models of the series perfectly with its convincing natural elegance... Also on the team were Creative Director Sébastien Stabenau, Art Director Georg Verhasselt, and post production came from TREY Digital Studio.
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Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch : MERCEDES BENZ C-Class Europe campaign for the agency Antoni and 'one minute with Carla' in LA

One car. Endless possibilities. A pure campaign concept reduced to authentic cars and a natural light... The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class ready and waiting. The Europa-wide campaign was photographed by GoSee member Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch. Creative Director was Tilman Gossner, Art Director David Scherer and Bernd Claussen. In charge of art buying was Valerie Opitz.

A spread with Brazilian model Carla Salomao was also produced in downtown LA. "A moment of peace on the side of our latest massive car production in California. Have fun & feel the sun," says Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch.
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Frithjof Ohm + Pretzsch : CG lifestyle transportation projects for PORSCHE PANAMERA and the MAN TGE launch, plus an atmospheric personal project

“Courage Changes Everything” – with this claim for the launch of the new PORSCHE PANAMERA, Porsche released a web special and a coffee table book. “For this project, we already produced various testimonial stories this year. The series tell the stories of courageous makers and show parallels to entrepreneurial spirit, courage and innovation of the people and in the development of the new Panamera,” says Frithjof Ohm.

The new series was created in St. Petersburg and portrays Russian star chef and owner of several restaurants in Russia, London and Berlin, Aram Mnatsakanov. Since the vehicles were not available for the shoot on site, they were all integrated with CG.

“It´s not a VAN, it´s a MAN” – with this statement and a truly courageous, authentic concept, truck expert man launched its first Van, under the creative executive of Jung von Matt in Hamburg. “We had the wonderful challenge and pleasure to translate this concept into photos for the launch campaign and the first catalog. We scouted, casted and produced mainly on the lively streets of the Berlin Mitte district, and in contrast to that, in the enchanted forests of the German-Czech borderlands and in brute quarries. All vehicle shots were integrated and illuminated per CGI in collaboration with JvM Craft,” Frithjof Ohm tells GoSee.

“36degrees emptiness” : Scouting, an extremely hot day, downtown, somehow deserted streets and then this beautiful vehicle. This personal series just had to be realized...
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