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Let's go crazy! The spot about autocredit of ING DIBA by DOP Thomas KÜRZL c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT

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'Whoever starts the day early has to be able to rely on their diaper' - Director Anna TARRIN c/o FRÖHLICH Management films the PIXIES commercial

Together with DOP Fabian Hothan c/o 1st Unit, young Director & kids specialist Anna TARRIN c/o FRÖHLICH Management shot a charming diaper spot. Production was in the hands of Markenfilm.
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SENNHEISER presents electro band HONNE - 'Behind the Facade'. DOP for the Momentum spot was Peter BENDER c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT

'Honne' is Japanese and translates roughly to 'true feelings hidden behind a facade'. And these are exactly the feelings London band HONNE writes about in their songs. Their latest title "perfect sound for making babies" underscores the cool Sennheiser testimonial spot with the two stylish Brits in the lead roles. FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT DOP Peter BENDER teamed up with the advertising agency Philipp und Keuntje GmbH to realize the spot for the equally stylish MOMENTUM headphones. Find out more about the band under:

About - Sennheiser's mission is to develop era-defining audio solutions. Be it headphones, microphones or integrated sound systems - with German engineering, decades of experience, and innovative science Sennheiser creates unsurpassed audio experiences that push the boundaries of today's technologies.
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