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NEWS // 26.08.2014 // AIGNER kicks off the cold season with colours – winter campaign hairstyling by Hauke KRAUSE
// Hair specialist Hauke KRAUSE teamed up with Berlin fashion photographer Markus JANS c/o ADAMSKY to shoot the AIGNER Autumn/Winter 2014/15 campaign. The shoot took place in a nostalgic workshop setting – the agency was GoSee Member JANVIER BURGER & STASCH.
NEWS // 06.08.2014 // Pure Mountain lifestyle made in Kitzbühel. Janvier Burger & Stasch produce SPORTALM MEN Ski Collection
// For the second time Janvier Burger & Satsch teamed up with photographer Laurens Rossner to work on the SPORTALM MEN Ski Collection for Autumn/Winter 2014/15. This time the shoot took place in Kitzbühel, the heritage brand’s home. Christoph Oberschneider shot the ski action pictures.
NEWS // 28.05.2014 // A smartphone to rock this world. Janvier Burger & Stasch and Häberlein & Mauerer for SONY XPERIA Z2
// It makes you want to dance. It provides the soundtrack to every adventure. It is in tune with the rhythm of your life - Janvier Burger & Stasch introduce the new SONY Xperia Z2. The latest model has a strong sound, HD camera and super sharp video recording function. Detlef Schneider photographed the sporty images and Markus Zecher was in charge of art direction. Dancer and choreographer Kalliopi Tarasidou and extreme sports pro and flying steps dancer Rauf Yasit (RubberLegz) showed off t…
NEWS // 31.03.2014 // Janvier Burger Stasch : SONY designs limited bicycle edition and sends cyclist heroes off on a tour from Berlin to Barcelona with SmartBand SWR10
// SONY joined forces with city bike pioneer Stilrad to design a limited bicycle edition and sent cycling heroes on an unforgettable tour from Berlin to Barcelona. And there all the way: the SmartBand SWR10, which documents each second in real time. Connected to the new Xperia Z2 via Bluetooth, the SWR10 connects to the Life Log app with the Smartphone, letting you keep track of everything you do - your movements, activities, time, music and pictures. The ‘Soundtrack of Life’ function c…
NEWS // 13.02.2014 // Welcome to our Garden of Happiness! CODELLO Spring/Summer 2014 campaign by Janvier Burger Stasch plus film on GoSee
// The new CODELLO Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is inspired by the idea of a fantastic garden that is constantly changing and opening up new worlds. A perfect setting for this coming season’s trends. Floral, animal and ethnic themed prints on silk scarves, shawls and bags tell a variety of stories – all equally irresistible and tailor-made for a season full of surprises. Annemarieke van Drimmelen captured this creative concept with Milou & Will in a wild, sunny garden in the south…
NEWS // 13.02.2014 // The new colourful SONY XPERIA Z1 COMPACT, staged by Wolf-Dieter BÖTTCHER c/o STILLSTARS, commissioned by Janvier Burger Stasch
// JB&S, in collaboration with Häberlein & Mauere agency, give colour a voice. SONY XPERIA Z1 Compact is available in four different waterproof colours – the options are lime, apple, blackberry and coconut: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact’s refreshingly fruity shades are simply mouth-watering. And the inner quality is just as delightful. The production was the designs literally being immersed in their colours - Wolf-Dieter BÖTTCHER c/o STILLSTARS created the perfect images. …
NEWS // 05.09.2013 // GoSee QUEST : Nick Stasch, CEO Janvier, Burger & Stasch and SCREENings 2013 judge on creative fulfilment, researching photographers and campaign development
// Be it campaigns, lookbooks or image videos for clients such as AIGNER, COMMA, HALLHUBER, CAMPUS, CODELLO and SPORTALM: Janvier Burger & Stasch agency exudes competence in everything relating to fashion and lifestyle. This year we welcome Nick Stasch, the agency’s partner & director, as a member of the SCREENings panel of judges as well as an UPDATE 13 guest on 25 October at Ritz Carlton Berlin. And even though JB&S has been a GoSee member for many years, we are more than happy …
NEWS // 13.02.2014 // AIGNER SPRING/SUMMER 2014 by Janvier Burger Stasch with Victoria TUAZ c/o MUNICH MODELS and Ivan Noda, photographed by Markus JANS c/o ADAMSKY in the Tarifa’s dunes
// The AIGNER summer campaign was shot in Tarifa’s dunes. Bags in various summer colours are the centre of attention: glowing pink, yellow, orange and green notes juxtaposed with gold, terra and nude accents. The brand’s love of leather is also reflected in the luxury bags high end details, such as zips, studs and sophisticated fastenings. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection combines craftsmanship with contemporary elements and bold colour blocking. Markus JANS c/o ADAMSKY photographed…
NEWS // 22.01.2014 // AIGNER S/S 2014 handbag collection - model Victoria TUAZ
// Luxury label AIGNER booked Lille born Frenchwoman Victoria TUAZ (Elle, Biba, Collezioni, Grazia, Myself, ....) for their Spring/Summer 2014 handbag collection campaign.
NEWS // 04.11.2013 // SCREENINGS13 winners announced – we congratulate Bara Prasilova, Daan Brand and Elisaveta Porodina and thank our star-studded jury. Photos of the grand finale on GoSee
// The photography award that is purely judged on the creativity of online portfolios, open to international entries and likewise established on an international scale, took place again in 2013. 1,000 photographers worldwide took part, with around 80 making it into the first round, which were then screened in good old tradition by the star-studded jury (see below). The jury then discussed the 20 finalists in great lengths in the final meeting on 25 October during UPDATE13 at the Ritz-Carlton. To…