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In the May 2017 issue of WIENERIN mag you'll find the spread 'Everything Flows' - photographed in South Africa by Anja BOXAMMER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS

'Everything Flows' – for the May 2017 issue of the magazine WIENERIN, photographer Anja BOXAMMER c/o HILLE realized a fashion spread with a blond buzz cut beauty. Styling came from Valerie Zehethofer, and production was taken care of by GoSee member FIRST PRODUCTIONS CAPETOWN..
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'St. Pauline' - fashion editorial for ONE online magazine, photographed by Johannes GRAF c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS

Johannes GRAF c/o HILLE realized for ONE online magazine the fashion spread 'St. Pauline' with model Paulina. Valentina MILAKOVIC took care of styling, and Alex LEXA was in charge of hair & make-up, both artists c/o GoSee member FAME AGENCY. Responsible for post production was GoSee member RAMONA REUTER.
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'Gipsy' fashion story and the BRIGITTE fashion editorial ’Amish’ photographed by Blasius ERLINGER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS

The fashion story 'Gipsy' with model Caroline Schroedl was photographed by Blasius ERLINGER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS in the studio. The motifs were used by BURDA STYLE in the fashion editorial 'Gipsy Glamour' (styling: Sabine Maulen, hair & make-up: Sabine Oberhuber).

Plus, the photographer romantically staged the fashion editorial 'Amish' for BRIGITTE magazine in unspoiled nature (styling: Margret Mueller, hair & make-up: Alexander Hofmann).
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