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Holger Wild stages Lamborghini in Los Angeles and presents with ANALOGPIXEL the oscillation of shapes and colors with the new Daimler CLA

After the job is before the job – which is why HOLGER WILD added on a couple of days after his last visit to LA and rented a Lamborghini together with model Chris and took a guerrilla spin around town. Finally, the post production company Wagnerchic with Manuel Wagner personally put on the final touches...

In his project ANALOGPIXEL, HOLGER WILD captures in photos what happens when shapes and colors oscillate around one another and start to seemingly disintegrate. That this personal work is actually about the new CLA from Daimler doesn't seem that important anymore.
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So dry. So hot. So what? - the print campaign for AUDI QUATTRO by thjnk and photographer Holger WILD

Photographer HOLGER WILD was on the road in Spain with his camera and the agency thjnk for AUDI QUATTRO. The message of the print campaign is: 'Weather doesn't matter when you're driving the all-wheel drive Quattro', ... which is why mud, snow and lots of water were part of the action during the shoot. Entire streets full of water were constructed as well as artificial mountains of snow to capture the perfect shots with maximum action. It was all made possible with a top speed production and the rig from Move 'n Shoot. And the special effects ensured the perfect mood – not lastly thanks to AD Sabrina Mairinger and CD Roman Geoffrey Lukowski.
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Photographer Holger WILD rocks the MERCEDES CLA for the agency Antoni in the glitter capital LA

Transportation expert HOLGER WILD photographed his debut for the new Berlin-based agency ANTONI and staged the MERCEDES CLA glamorously. The trip took him to shimmering Los Angeles with its one-of-a-kind park decks. Nothing could have stopped photographer and CD Tilman Gossner from setting up a 5 x 15 meter large LED wall on set, which conjured up great reflections on the vehicles in the big city night. The underscore the theme 'Rock Star', the light wall displayed colors and patterns. Wide production ensured smooth organization, and post production was in the hands of Peter Rubenian from Digitales Leben, with art buying by Marjorie Jorrot.
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