Sze Tsung Leong 'Horizons'

Artist Quartier Latin, Paris, 2008 © Sze Tsung Leong, Courtesy Polka Galerie
Usage Mar 18, 2017 — May 06, 2017

Polka Gallery Paris presents 'Reverb' by photographer and musician Nicolas Comment and 'Horizons' by landscape photographer Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong

To kick off the spring season, POLKA GALLERY on Rue Saint Gilles in Paris presents two exciting exhibitions which invite to dream and linger. 'Reverb' shows works by photographer and songwriter Nicolas Comment, which conduct a dialogue between literature, poetry and an illustrated book as an art project. “I was filming a lot back then. My montage practice also inspired the layout of these books. Sometimes I feel like they are the still...

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