GoSee Issue 07/17 ILLUSTRATION by is brought to you by the following members:

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L // Stockholm
C // Illustration Agency, Photo Agency, Photo Prod
Stockholm-based Agent Molly & Co was founded in 2002 by Molly Karlberg and Sara Sinnby. Right from the start our guiding principles have been focus, ambition and commitment. We enjoy great success representing some of Sweden’s most innovative photographers, illustrators and stylists, working within both the Swedish and international...

# Illustrated ads for Singapore Airlines by MADS BERG c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

Sågargatan 4
SE-116 36 Stockholm gosee.us/agentmolly


L // München
C // Illustration Agency
Nach über 30 Jahren am Markt, wird aus der Illustratorenrepäsentanz c/o Claudia Schönhals die Agentur Art Act. Mit der Umfirmierung geht auch eine neue Leitung einher. Künftig wird Claudia Schönhals' ehemalige Mitarbeiterin Eva Witt-Braedt die Geschäfte führen.

# Cool slogans and great lettering by Viktoria CICHON c/o ART ACT for THALIA burlap bags

# Stage pictures by Cornelia VON SEIDLEIN c/o ART ACT for the 100th Anniversary of DADA - a very sophisticated Operetta in Munich

Wilhelmstraße 14
DE-80801 München gosee.us/art-act


L // London
C // Advertising, Agent, CGI
JSR ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER, ILLUSTRATOR, DIRECTOR AND CGI ARTIST MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION AGENCY. Our people are select, we represent them because they prize their craft and excel at what they do; together we are a team capable of delivering across all platforms, formats and budgets. We put into each job the kind of heartfelt energy...

# From London nonstop to Peru! British Airways campaign by illustrator Carla Lucena c/o JSR AGENCY for BBH London

# JSR Agency welcomes the two illustrators Assa Ariyoshi (vector illustration & character design) and Alex Pasquarella (character design & infographics)

# London-based representation JSR AGENCY is pleased to welcome NEW entry Paper Artist Diana BELTRAN HERRERA; we have a first portfolio for you on GoSee

# "The strongest weapon against hateful speech..." illustrator Eleanor SHAKESPEARE's c/o JSR AGENCY beautiful statement; two motifs for you on GoSee

Unit 3, 4 Lever Street
GB-EC1V 3QU London gosee.us/jsragency


L // Hamburg
C // Agent, Photo Agency
SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN is a photographer agency based in Hamburg. SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN represents Arthur Mebius, Christian Kerber, Karsten Wegener, Lena Burmann, Lorenz Richard, Neumann & Rodtmann, Ruud Baan, Stefan Thurmann, Tobias Gromatzki and Volker Wenzlawski.

# An homage to illustrator Ivan Bilibin was photographed by Karsten WEGENER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN together with stylist Hendrikje Bernhoeft; we have four personal motifs for you on GoSee

Rosenhofstr. 26
DE-20357 Hamburg gosee.us/solarundfotografen