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Steffen Jahn photographs for Porsche Engineering - endurance runners in Nardo

At southern Italy's test track in Nardo, the endurance runners drive round after round for 25 hours - in cars doomed to wear before their time. Day and night they race down the text circuit in order to indicate weaknesses, and Steffen supported the team from Porsche Engineering and a Boxster 718 during the trial.
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Always follow the sun with the RENAULT MEGANE, Publicis Paris and photographer Steffen Jahn

On the coast of southern France, Steffen JAHN's team drift along – and the RENAULT MEGANE with them. There was everything from landscape motifs to modern architecture – with Megane derivatives staged beforehand. Creative Director Denis Auriac (Publicis Paris) kept a confident overview of the various different layouts – the Prodigious team accomplished succeeded in this mission impossible, and digital fine-tuning by Zerone Düsseldorf rounded it all off.
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Steffen Jahn : with the hypercar AMG GT-R in the Thai jungle for DRIVING PERFORMANCE and a pit stop with the FORD GT for RAMP MAG

Adventures are part of transportation specialist STEFFEN JAHN's job description, ... But poisonous snakes and 30cm millipedes in the Thai jungle do clearly up the ante. For the hypercar AMG GT-R, a race car made for the streets, Steffen was in the 'green hell' and photographed the chic monster for AMG customer magazine "Driving Performance".

In 42°C heat and what felt like 200% humidity, an extensive team was busy preparing the circuit, while the last of the death-wish driven insects were still being scraped off the car. The big highlight at the closing party were also the roasted grasshoppers served with cold beer. “Unforgettable – is so many ways and in every regard. Considerably safer was the job of Zerone Personal in post production – in Düsseldorf.” Steffen Jahn tells GoSee cheerfully.

And: A fine, limited special edition of RAMP – about 2000 copies with the honest, rough story on the FORD GT. The story by STEFFEN JAHN in the middle of it all – pit stop with GT in Le Mans. Crispy photos of the prototype of the hypercar at the legendary circuit for the 24-hour race. Go & See!
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