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Jeff Ludes stages the SUBARU WRX STI models on serpentines and against a backdrop of Californian landscapes for Designory

Commissioned by Designory, transportation specialist JEFF LUDES realized new works for SUBARU. Technical finesses have made Subaru what it is – an exciting vehicle. So it’s no surprise the brand new Subaru WRX STI boasts features including its unique all-wheel drive system, Symmetrical AWD. Creative Director Scott Izuhara was in charge of realizing the imagery, with art buying from the hands of Ines Soto.

The photographer on the shoot: “Late last year, I spent two very busy days in California with SUBARU’s muscular WRX and STI models. The team chose locations that offered a lot of variety, and by working fast, was able to cover many different looks each day. There was even a little time for some unplanned shots, some of which made the final selection, making both me and my client very happy. More Subaru work is coming soon – secret new cars that can’t be shared just yet..!”
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'Two friends, a canoe and a Jeep in the amazing landscapes of Banff' – the travel reportage defying the elements by Jeff Ludes in Canada

"Shoot what you love" is the motto of Jeff Ludes, who took on the the challenge of automotive photography after graduating with a degree in photography and who today shoots global campaigns for BMW, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Honda, Subaru, Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Kia or Mitsubishi, presents here on GoSee a personal project which he photographed in fall in the uninhabited forests of Canada. Jeff tells GoSee: "Toward the end of summer, I set out for Banff, Canada, to shoot a personal series in the most dramatic landscapes I could find. Over several days, I explored the region, shooting a simple story about two friends, a canoe, and a Jeep. The best moment of the shoot was when the storm began to clear, just as they reached an amazing vista on the mountain. It was a great reminder: don't look too closely at the weather reports – just go out and shoot!".
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Jeff Ludes photographs CHEVROLET COLORADO trucks in Thailand

Jeff Ludes realized yet another production for the global CHEVROLET team, which commissioned him this year with several transportation shoots. “This time, I worked with their Bangkok agency, producing a series for the Colorado truck. On a shoot spanning a week, we covered a variety of locations, from Bangkok to beaches. A highlight was splashing the truck through a river in a jungle teeming with swarms of butterflies. When it started to rain, the team realized their good luck!” We present the result here on GoSee, and more transportation projects are available directly on the website.
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