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Snow room, shark slide, cold flame... that's a vacation in Las Vegas. Illustrator Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY has a few surprises up his sleeve in the animated campaign for BRITISH AIRWAYS

Illustrator Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY LONDON created both the map of Las Vegas and the 10 beautiful illustrations for the animated film for BRITISH AIRWAYS. The film promotes in partnership with Visit the USA and Visit Las Vegas the route for the airline – and has a few surprises in store. You thought Las Vegas was only for gamblers? Think again. The city has several highlights which have never been on a map like this before: e.g. the snow room, the cold flame or the great shark slide. Watch the film on the website of the airline, on various social media channels – and here on GoSee!

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'Where there's Fab, there's fun' - CARIOCA STUDIO c/o JSR AGENCY realizes the triple dose of fun for the 50th Anniversary campaign for the NESTLÉ FAB Ice Lolly

The renowned and award-winning CARIOCA STUDIO c/o JSR AGENCY is behind the creation of the new NESTLÉ FAB campaign. As usual, they delivered photography and CGI from a single source. Elaborated to underscore the slogan 'Where there's Fab, there's fun' were three subjects - sharks, cannibals and quicksand. They are used both in print and online. CARIOCA was commissioned by Isobel Creative, the London-based agency which is responsible for letting the entire world know about the 50th Anniversary of the Fab Ice Lolly.

About - The brand Fab is an ice lolly on a stick in United Kingdom, introduced by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. who launched the product in 1967. The brand 'FAB' was brought out in order to take advantage of the popularity of Gerry Anderson's new television series Thunderbirds that regularly used the phrase "F-A-B" as an equivalent to "Roger"...
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'Buttilicious' - Steve RYAN and YIPPIEHEY, both artists c/o JSR AGENCY London realize the ATL ad campaign for the sauce classics from ENCONA

JSR artists Steve RYAN and YIPPIEHEY were commissioned with the ATL campaign, aka the Above the Line campaign, for the sauce classics from ENCONA UK. The brief was to pick people up right where they do their cooking – using the sauce of course: #StartWithEncona. JSR AGENCY tells GoSee about the campaign: “Food photographer Steve worked with a home economist and foodstylist team to create the images, and Yippiehey created the CGI typography and animated the adverts for digital. The fully integrated campaign, launching this month, will include outdoor, digital, social, PR, and in-store activity, designed to showcase the brand’s versatility as both a cooking ingredient and table sauce. Impactful creative will position Encona as a key ingredient to boost flavor in classic dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese, chicken salad and vegetable stir fry." We say Bon Appetit! 

About - Encona Sauces is the UK's Number 1 best selling range of authentic, versatile, hot and spicy sauces from around the world. ‘Encona’, the brand, was first registered by parent company Enco Products Ltd. Soon after the company was incorporated in December 1946 and during the 1950s and 1960s, when West Indians first began to arrive in the UK, the company sold Caribbean grocery products such as peas, beans and pounded yam. It was not until 1975 that we first introduced our Hot Pepper Sauce range under the ‘Encona’ name...and we haven’t looked back since!
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