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'Vincent' - personal work with model Vincent Littlehat by Matthias Wehofsky c/o JULIA WALDMANN

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Welcome Gian Paul LOZZA! The people, sport & landscape photographer is now represented by Julia Waldmann for Germany

From now on, JULIA WALDMANN represents Swiss photographer Gian Paul LOZZA, who is based in London and Zurich, for Germany. Gian Paul LOZZA works in the areas of people & portrait, sport & landscape. His clients include ADIDAS, NIKE, VOLVO, SAMSUNG, IKEA, HEAD and others.

Gian Paul Lozza is a Swiss Photographer, based in London and Zurich. His imagery results from a clear and precise vision. A sense of power, intensity and restraint transcends everything he shoots. Famous for his heroic Sports Photography, today Gian Paul is also regarded for his portraits and landscapes worldwide. With a bold, graphic style he finds depth in his use of light. He captures the human form with the same sculptural rigour that he applies to his landscape work.

MONOGRAPHS : Homeland (2014), Hakuin Verlag Zurich
Nature of Snowboarding (2007), Rupa Publishing Munich

2015 The Terrex Collection, Goldberg Studios, Munich
2014 Somnium, Bildhalle, Zurich
2014 Homeland, TheTrace Gallery, Zurich

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Food stills for REWE magazine Frisch & Gut, McDonald's for Leo's Thjnk Tank and IMPRESSIONEN for the agency schmidtlike - photographed by Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN

The hors d'oeuvres which Stefan THURMANN captured for REWE magazine attract with bright colors. Leo's Thjnk Tank commissioned him with a production for MC DONALD'S.

Stefan THURMANN photographed at the LUK Location, an old farm in the vicinity of Hamburg, for IMPRESSIONEN. The location has a total of four sceneries from new buildings to lofts under a single roof. We have the result for you here on GoSee.
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