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GoSee Book Tip : Retracing Our Steps Fukushima Exclusion Zone 2011 – 2016 by Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression – the in-depth documentary on the epic disaster in an illustrated book published by KEHRER

These unusual photos stimulate contemplation about the consequences of an nuclear disaster of this magnitude. What remains of an area where 80,000 inhabitants had to be evacuated from one day to the next? What do former inhabitants think about returning to their ghost towns? For the latest series, titled 'Retracing our Steps', the photographers asked former residents to return to their shops or schools and re-open the doors of their buildings which were once so routine. They were invited to behave like normal in front of the camera – as if nothing had happened. These surreal and yet plausible photos are both a mix of what is normal and strange in the aftermath of a historically significant nuclear incident.

“This photographic work is our contribution to the narrative of a historic disaster. The accident is far from over, both at the power station and among the nuclear refugees. And we hope to continue to testify to this sad but multifaceted chapter in the history of the Fukushima region,” as it says in the introduction by Carlos Ayesta und Guillaume Bression

Carlos Aytesta wurde 1985 was born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1985. Today, he is a freelance photographer specialized in architectural photography. A graduate of the ISAE and IFP School, Guillaume Bression dedicated his work completely to photography after his studies. In 2009, he founded a photography collective with Carlos Ayestafocusing on subjects related to Fukushima. Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression have collaborated on several artistic and documentary projects. Their work has been exhibited in several galleries and festivals.

Half-cloth hardcover 23 x 23 cm, 152 pages, 102 color illustrations, English, French, Japanese, Available ISBN 978-3-86828-738-7 2016
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'Buzzing at the Sill' – a book about America in the shadow of wars by reportage photographer Peter van Agtmael as an illustrated book at Kehrer Publishing and as a book tip for you on GoSee

“Buzzing at the Sill is Peter van Agtmael's (*1981) work about coming home from years of covering war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to understand his experiences and his country. A student of history at Yale during the September 11 attacks and the invasion of Iraq, his sheltered life was uprooted by the realization that he needed to cover the wars. The work is a stew of reflections on war, memory, militarism, identity, race, class, family, surrealism and the landscape. It is both about the limitations of photography and an homage to its power,” is how Kehrer Publishing describes its publication, which we are delighted to introduce on GoSee.

Only one week after it was released, Buzzing at the Sill made it onto TIME magazine's list of the best photography books in 2016. It is a sequel to Disco Night Sept. 11, van Agtmael's previous book on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that was shortlisted for the Paris Photo/Aperture Book Award and was named a Book of the Year by The New York Times Magazine, Time, Vogue and American Photo.

Peter van Agtmael was born in Washington DC in 1981. He studied history at Yale. His work largely concentrates on America, looking at issues of conflict, identity, power, race and class. He also works extensively on the Israel/Palestine conflict and throughout the Middle East. He has won the W. Eugene Smith Grant, the ICP Infinity Award for Young Photographer, the Lumix Freelens Award, the Aaron Siskind Grant, a Magnum Foundation Grant as well as awards from World Press Photo, American Photography Annual, POYi, The Pulitzer Center, The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, FOAM and Photo District News. He is a founder and partner in Red Hook Editions. Peter joined Magnum Photos in 2008 and became a member in 2013

'Buzzing at the Sill', hardcover with 32 page booklet 17 x 22.4 cm 160 pages 72 color illustrations English, available ISBN 978-3-86828-736-3 2016, Artist: Peter van Agtmael, texts: Peter van Agtmael, Design: Peter van Agtmael, Kehrer Design (Katharina Stumpf)
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GoSee tip: 'Since I was a child, my father took me to the waters... ' Sense of Water, the first book by Susanna Majuri is planned to be published by KEHRER, a call for crowdsourcing on GoSee

Photographer Susanna Majuri has been working with water for the past 14 years. She uses water as if it were paint. It merges people and landscapes together, blurs the dimensions and adds a metaphorical depth to her photography. “In her images, Majuri composes multiple psychological and symbolically charged scenarios to mirror her innermost feelings,” KEHRER Publishing tells us about the photographer.

Sense of Water is Susanna Majuri’s first book. The book takes the spectator on a visual and emotional journey. KEHRER continues: “The untold stories, the fear of losing someone you love, profound loneliness. The images will be paired with writings from four Nordic writers Vigdís Grímsdóttir, Monica Fagerholm, Tua Forsström, and for the first time, Susanna Majuri herself. She hands the reader a map into this other, secret world and unveils the enormous narrative potential that hides outside of the frames.”

To finance the project, the Finnish photographer is calling upon you to support her in realizing the book : “In October 2015 the book dummy was presented in the Aarhus Photobook Week in Copenhagen, and the book got very positive feedback. Kehrer Publishing has promised to publish the book in September 2016. Up until now, the project has been completely self-funded by me, but now I'm launching a crowdsourcing campaign to provide the core funding to pay for the design and printing of the book.” On GoSee, we bring you a preview, and you can find out more about the project on Susana's website. And on INDIGOGO , you can easily support her project and receive a signed edition including a print or perhaps even an underwater shoot in Helsinki?

Since I was a child, my father took me to the waters, lakes, ponds and rivers.
We were smiling while looking for the treasures.
Sure, we were, so sure, they will be there.
Father. Weather. Forest. Leaves on the trees, feather.
Sense is blue. Sense it takes my body. So I can be with you and you and you.

Sense of water. Here I can do the things I cannot do. The alter egos. The androgyne him, the childlike woman, we.
You leave your weight to the water. To come back again.
You see, it shines, it shines, it’s you.
Touch my water. It’s all around you.

Susanna Majuri - Sense Of Water . Texts by Susanna Majuri, Vigdís Grímsdóttir, Monika Fagerholm and Tua Forsström . Designed by: Elina Patjas . Format: Hardcover . Trim size: 20 x 25 cm . Page Count: 154 pages . Illustrations: 64 color ills. Language: English . Publisher: Kehrer Verlag . Release Date: 2 September, 2016 .
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