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MARIE CLAIRE Enfants Italia April 17 cover plus the spread 'L'air du temps' for the same issue of the magazine – photos by Achim LIPPOTH

La, La, La Liberta .... we read on the cover of MARIE CLAIRE Enfants Italia April 17. The cover photo on the newly gained Spring & Summer freedom came from kids specialist ACHIM LIPPOTH. Likewise, the 32-page-strong spread 'L'air du Temps' with flowers, children, fashion and an innocent white rabbit without the right hat.
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The spot for MARCELO BURLON / 'Kids of Milan' Fall/Winter 2016 – by Director Achim LIPPOTH

For the Label MARCELO BURLON officially at home in Milan, Director ACHIM LIPPOTH filmed the spot 'Kids of Milan' Fall/Winter 2016 with Creative Director Marcelo Burlon at his side. Why we emphasize 'officially'? Read the explanation which we found on the website of the label - and a little more: “Officially based in Milan but actually spending most of his time on planes, Marcelo trots around the globe as a much sought-after party organizer, DJ, creative director, photographer, nightlife wizard and much more. Just as he ignores geographical borders, Marcelo’s ebullient creativity keeps pushing boundaries. His oeuvre is an endlessly morphing monument to the power of contamination. And it really comes as no surprise for this wunderkind, who arrived in Italy from Patagonia and took over fashionable Milan, before setting off to conquer the whole world. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, Marcelo leaves a mark. He truly acts as the catalyst, liberating the positive force of the situation. That is why everybody, from revered fashion houses to powerful brands, entrust their parties, show soundtracks and everything social in his capable hands.” DOP for the spot was GoSee member ALEXANDER BASILE. Go & See wunderkind :
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TOM TAILOR KIDS Fashion - laid-back and staged with loads of fun by Achim LIPPOTH

Achim LIPPOTH realized the new kid's collections from TOM TAILOR. That the little actors had loads of fun in front of his camera is proven in the photos we bring you. The TOM TAILOR TEENS appear particularly stylish and grown up in autumn. On the GIRLS, influence form the 70s cannot be overseen. Flight jackets in college style meet tight jeans with destroyed effects and hip sneakers. The TOM TAILOR MINIS convince with classics and cool styling. Playful prints and appliqués give the TOM TAILOR BABYS collection what it takes.
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