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Just too easy! MAGROUND delivers the background for the visual statement from state-of-the-art carmaker ALFA ROMEO

“The consistent quality of MAGROUND’s high-resolution background images allows creatives to change a visual statement with predictable results! There’s no chance for error at such high levels of production. Check out this great example by Alfa Romeo – Hairpin turns and winding roads at their finest.” MAGROUND says excitedly about the cooperation with the classic ALFA ROMEO; we have two motifs for you on GoSee.
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Stranded in the desert or not entirely? MAGROUND delivers the perfect backdrop for the MERCEDES-BENZ GLA desert motif

MERCEDES-BENZ was challenged to bring its new GLA to the desert! Through the time crunch, MAGROUND supported the creative team with amazing shots of the dry abandoned desert. The best thing about it – the team didn’t even break a sweat while doing so! Do you need extraordinary roads and landscapes for your next campaign? Search or ask them for help and they will send you a selection within a moment’s notice.
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'Shine' – gigantic Megan Fox in the new LOTUS campaign with bridge support from MAGROUND, and while we're at it: New York backdrops en miniature on GoSee

LOTUS and actress Megan Fox are on time with a bright New York bridge backdrop from MAGROUND! A beautiful model needs a great stage to be an eye-catcher, and there’s nothing left to be added with these two together. Need help with image research? Contact MAGROUND today to get your own NYC bridge image.
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