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Marcus Philipp SAUER photographs the SUV campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ SUV and BBDO in China

Commissioned by the agency BBDO, Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team photographed the elaborate SUV campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ SUV in China. The vehicles were elaborately staged and photographed at a small airport a three-hour drive away from Beijing. For the shoot, a water basin was built, for example, in which the cars were jacked up, in order to make the desired river passage as realistic as possible. The underwater part was photographed in Thailand by Herny Gan. We have the high-gloss result and exciting making-of photos straight from the side of the basin exclusively for you on GoSee.
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LUXURY EVOLVED. Extreme, fine in black & white! Marcus Philipp SAUER photographs sport sedans GENESIS G80 / G90S for INNOCEAN USA

LUXURY EVOLVED. Through heart-stopping design and performance rivaled only by its first-class experience, Genesis is evolving luxury... On commission for the agency Innocean USA, Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team photographed the high-quality black & white campaign for Genesis G80 and G90S, the sport sedan of the Hyundai luxury brand. “When you photograph automotive campaigns in B&W, you suddenly notice how important little helpers like colors can be in when it comes to creating depth, mood and feeling. If there are no colors, you have to play with the gray shades a lot more so you can bring out the right mood in the photo. That is why the post production by Zerone was so important and required delicate handling this time to create a B&W fine print of sorts in the end. We have the high-gloss result and exciting making-of photos directly from behind the scenes exclusively for you here on GoSee.”
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Marcus Philipp Sauer photographs the new TOYOTA 86 for Saatchi & Saatchi Design London & Berlin

Transportation photographer Marcus Philipp Sauer was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Design London to stage the new TOYOTA GT 86 for the client TOYOTA in Berlin. He shed the perfect light on the dynamic design of the vehicle at an empty factory hall. Support for the production at the agency came from AD Will Charles Louis Butler. Responsible for CGI and post production was 3DEXCITE, Munich and Brussels.
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