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'Watch my tattoos' is the title of LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE issue Nr.11 of the watch special, photographed by Ragnar SCHMUCK (production: Olaf Borchard, watch styling: Jörn Kengelbach, props: Uli Dexheimer, tattoos: Vadersdye).

He also staged the powerful sports car JAGUAR F-TYPE SVR in two motifs, and in the ROBBREPORT Germany editorial 'Schwarzweissgold', he accentuated Germany’s 25 best luxury brands with his high-class still photography (styling: Thomas Rook).

Plus, Ragnar photographed 'Pieces of Art' of a very special kind for NO.1 COLLECTOR’S EDITION, and he captured 'Good Spirits' with his camera for BARBARA magazine in the lifestyle spread (styling: Cris Wiegandt).
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Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O with an artist portrait of Fiete Stolte and Shannon Bool for ARTSY, art scene Athens special in LUFTHANSA MAG, FRIEDER BURDA FOUNDATION portrait...

For American art portal ARTSY, Wolfgang STAHR portrayed artists Fiete Stolte and Shannon Bool who live in Berlin. Also in the newest iisue of LUFTHANSA MAGZINE is a travel report by the photographer about the art scene in Athens.

Patricia Kamp, the new Director of the Frieder Burda Museum in Baden Baden and its subsidiary in Berlin, was portrayed by Wolfgang STAHR for the FRIEDER BURDA FOUNDATION. He also photographed Swiss businesswoman Bea Knecht (founder of the streaming provider Zattoo and transgender activist) for the newest issue of SALON during a Berlin salon evening.
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All about AUDI - Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O stages the AUDI G-TRON for thjnk, the AUDI used car campaign plus the AUDI sports book by Tom Kristensen

Alternative drive systems with the AUDI G-TRON. The vehicle can drive on the climate-friendly Audi E-Gas in addition to natural gas and biomethane… Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O photographed the AUDI G-TRON in parallel to the film shoot, as commissioned by thjnk in Barcelona. Plus, he photographed the Audi used car campaign and provided the photos for the AUDI sports book of nine-time Le-Mans winner and long-year Audi factory driver Tom Kristensen. We have the motifs for you here on GoSee.
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