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Advertising • We want to see you at UPDATE17BERLIN ! Here is the direct link to exhibitor information plus a GoSee appetizer for the event

24.06.2017 • UPDATE – is and always has been both the day for classic creative trade fair contacts and for an unconventional networking experience. Why? Because our exhibitors are not your run of the mill photo agents – year for year, we present a colorful cosmos of experts from the areas of CGI, hair, make-up, styling, photography, film as well as a wide variety of suppliers – from pre-print, post production, location scouts, props, set construction, wigmakers, celebrity management, to animal trainers, paper artists and even animation whiz kids. UPDATE provides the perfect platform for everyone to let their talents shine for a whole day. Update is where we can meet up for a coffee, take time off for a glass of champagne, mingle elegantly with creatives, indulge in industry gossip, get first-hand information, showcase your work... So come and impress us and everyone else at UPDATE17BERLIN... As a visitor or an exhibitor.

If you want to find out how to promote your business together with us – at our UPDATE event or via our GoSee PR office – just drop us a line. We’re used to getting lots...

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Advertising • Model Samantha Gradoville in the LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris 'Soleil' Summer 2017 campaign - with photos by top photographer ANDREAS ORTNER

22.06.2017 • Munich-based fashion & beauty photographer ANDREAS ORTNER shot American top model Samantha Gradoville for the new Summer campaign 'Soleil' by LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris on the sun-drenched Canary Islands. Hair & make-up: Steffen Zoll, and the Art Director for the summer sunshine shoot was Dellerue Roppel.

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20.06.2017 • GoSee JOBS from THE SCOPE Hamburg, LIGAWEST Düsseldorf, ECHOPARK Essen, HOTEL MAISON MARSIL Cologne, WE LOVE ART BUYING Hamburg, CONDE NAST Munich, PEAK PRODUCTIONS Munich, INTERACTIVE TOOLS Berlin, APERTO Berlin, ORENDT STUDIOS Hamburg, ECHOPARK Essen, CRUISE VISION TV, ROBA PRESS Hamburg, MEDIA CONSULTA Berlin, LEOS THJNK TANK Munich, ORENDT Studios Düsseldorf, CONDE NAST Munich, THE SCOPE Hamburg, TRACK Hamburg, ... Find more exciting jobs on the completely free-of-charge GoSee JOB MARKET. And don't forget: Spread the good NEWS!

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Advertising • Olaf HEINE c/o KLAUS STIGEMEYER photographs 'The Speedproject' reportage for LFI, movie theater posters for the RAMMSTEIN film 'Paris' and 'Be Berlin' for the agency Dan Pearlman

20.06.2017 • Now for the third time, the 'The Speedproject' took place in this spring, an hyper-relay race in which more than 100 runners from 20 countries covered the 550-kilometer-long distance from the Pacific in Santa Monica through the desert to Las Vegas in just under 40 hours. As a sports fan, Olaf Heine accompanied the teams and photographed a reportage for LEICA FORUM INTERNATIONAL (LFI magazine), the LFI blog and an exhibition, which will be presented later in the Leica galleries.

What's more, Olaf has been working with the globally successful Berlin band 'Rammstein' for more than 20 years. So Heine also photographed their feature film 'Paris', the DVD release and the campaign. The project was broadcast in 46 countries, and the DVD went straight to the pole position of the German music charts in the first week.

Olaf is also the director and photographer responsible for the new capital campaign in Berlin. Created for the agency Dan Pearlman and the creatives from Spring Brand Ideas were print motifs and spots. The continuation of the Be Berlin campaign puts the focus on...

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Advertising • AUDI follow-up guarantee for PuK and MINI 'Hyde Park' for Serviceplan Suisse, photographed by Frederic STREICHER c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

20.06.2017 • The AUDI follow-up guarantee motif was photographed by Frederic STREICHER for Philipp und Keuntje with art buying by Karen Schwarzer. Jeannette JOHANSSON c/o KSTIEGEMEYER was responsible for hair & make-up (Art Direction: Sue Bosse, production: Ivo Boderke c/o Production Department, post production: Trey).

Plus, the transport specialist staged the model 'Hyde Park' for MINI and Serviceplan Suisse. All In Production took care of production.

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Advertising • 'Time to Refresh Your Tired Eyes' - BERND VOGEL photographs the EnergizeMe campaign for ZEISS Vision for the advertising agency Panama

20.06.2017 • BERND VOGEL photographed two models for the EnergizeMe campaign of ZEISS Vision in Stuttgart for the advertising agency Panama. The brief was to create photos for the slogan 'Time to Refresh Your Tired Eyes'. Advertised are lenses specially developed for contact lens wearers who have a refreshing and regenerating effect after they are worn. In parallel to the photo production, cameraman Sebastian Tischler realized video sequences under the direction of Christian Mosselmann.

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Advertising • 'Experience What Connects' - campaign motifs for TELEKOM for DDB Hamburg by Jan KOPETZKY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

20.06.2017 • The TELEKOM campaign titled 'Experience What Connects' was photographed by Jan KOPETZKY. The agency was DDB Hamburg with art buyers Martina Hansen and Kimberly Bianchi. We have three motifs for you on GoSee.

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