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Production • JPPS, Paris : produces the 2017 SUMMERSTYLE campaign on the Canary Islands for MANOR – and meet JPPS at UPDATE17BERLIN

28.06.2017 • For producer Jacqueline Pusch and JPPS’ loyal client MANOR, it was off to the Canary Islands for a fun shoot on the beach. The marvelously colorful beach- & summerwear campaign is now shown on billboards throughout Switzerland. Manor AG operates 64 Swiss departments stores, is the largest Swiss chain and is headquartered in Basel. Photos were shot by Rocco Bizzarri, styling: Martina Riebeck, set design: Andrea Maurer, hair & make-up: Monica Marmo... And meet JPPS at UPDATE17BERLIN – they look forward to seeing you at their booth. 06 October, 2017 – Save the Date!

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Agencies • Cameralink : 'British Designer Faye Toogood' special in Wall Street Journal magazine, WEEKDAY SWIMWEAR 2017, Swedish Gems in CURIEUX MAG, editorials for CAFE, ICON MAG, and THE FORUMIST

28.06.2017 • Felix ODELL made a visit to the studio of British furniture designer Faye Toogood for the WALL STREET JOURNAL... The result: an intimate mix of details, interior and portraits.

“IN AN OLD PHOTO of Faye Toogood from 2012, she is gazing rather sternly into the camera, sporting platinum-blond hair and a leopard-print minidress. She had just collaborated with Opening Ceremony, creating furniture and interiors for the fashion brand’s London pop-up. Some five years later, Toogood is sitting in a chair of her own design, on the second floor of her new atelier, a Victorian townhouse in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood, wearing shades of beige: tan, flat-soled boots, sturdy cream trousers and a cream felt coat. Her hair is now its natural brown, and her expressions are softer. “I’ve created many identities,” says Toogood, who turned 40 this January. “There have been multiple haircuts, multiple wardrobes and multiple versions of me. I tend to step into whatever world it is that I am making at the time, and I very much inhabit that construct.”...

Fashion photographer Jimmy BACKIUS...

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Post • Mainworks : OPEL INSIGNIA GRAND SPORT & SPORTS TOURER SHOOT IN LA FOR SCHOLZ & FRIENDS, post production & color grading for a cool New York story, and magique, magnifique & fantastique – the Summer promotion for Geramont

28.06.2017 • “After the first motifs of the new Opel Insignia have already been published as a teaser, here is the main part of the shoot now by GoSee member Frithjof Ohm, which impressively demonstrates the continuity of the light & shadow concept,” says the MAINWORKS post production team enthusiastically. The concept for the breathtaking photos by Frithjof Ohm came from Scholz & Friends – and Mainworks was responsible for the congenial post production. We have a selection of the more than 30 motifs for you on GoSee. The red Insignia Exclusive was realized by Mainworks in CGI.

New York, the breathtaking city, a classic of the automotive industry, a 65 Rambler Marlin, and Martin Loos. Martin, studio musician and songwriter and Per Schorn met up by chance in New York. Since they both appreciate the other's work, they spontaneously decided to shoot a photo spread together. It was photographed in Williamsburg between brick architecture, Bedford Avenue, and a Rambler Marlin discovered by Per in the midday sun of New York in May. The color grading developed by Mainworks inspired by gangster...

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Hair, Make-up & Styling • LOUISA ARTISTS : Top model Sofia Resing in HARPER'S BAZAAR Hong Kong, Elyse Taylor in the June issue of ELLE Bulgaria, and a double dose of HIA magazine

27.06.2017 • Picture-perfect Brazilian babe Sofia Resing in HARPER'S BAZAAR Hong Kong - with photos by Cintia Alexander Barroso and hair & make-up by Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS.

Beauty fashion story in HIA magazine, photographed by Robert Astley Sparke – with hair & make-up by Desmond VAN STADEN c/o LOUISA ARTISTS.

In the desert surrounding Dubai, 'Lady in Red' Elyse Taylor was photographed by Stefan Mimielski for a fashion editorial in the Junie issue of ELLE Bulgaria. Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS was on the sandy set for the hair & make-up part of the spread.

Model Dasha Khlynova as Frida Karlo in Arabian HIA magazine 05/17 - make-up by Desmond VON STADEN c/o LOUISA ARTISTS, photos: Jenny Brough.

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Agencies • Claudia Bitzer : 'Know-it-all' campaign for TELE.RING and Serviceplan Austria, Jeep action in the desert of Dubai, and on a trip to Coney Island

27.06.2017 • 'Know-it-all is the name of the campaign which CLEMENS ASCHER photographed for the second-largest Austrian mobile service provider TELE.RING. The focus is on the customers of the company. Production took place in Zagreb and Prague.

It has consequences when you drive into the desert with a two-wheel-drive. JOHANNES KUEHN found out the hard way when he left the paved roads and got stranded in the sand. All's well that ends well: Two guys with a Jeep lent him a helping hand to dig his car out and drove a couple of rounds for his camera to boot. The result is an unexpected story about helpfulness, the desert and the right vehicle.

The amusement park Coney Island near New York has seen better times, and visitors catch on to the mood pretty quick. The opposite of a bright blue sky inspired MATTHIAS BUCHHOLZ for this personal spread.

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Director & DOP • FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT : 'Are you ready for something new?' NEFFOS asks, 'keep calm and Riesen' for STORCK RIESEN and short moments of delight for LC1 c/o NESTLÉ

26.06.2017 • Smartphone brand 'Neffos', the specialist when it comes to Connected Home and the world's market leader in the WLAN segment, TP Link, continues to expand and develops high-quality products for the smart lifestyle. At the moment, it asks you in the spot by Director and DOP Laurentius EMMELMANN c/o FRÖHLICHMANAGEMENT: 'Are you ready for something new?'

'Babies' - Director Arun TAMM c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT films the 15-second spot on the topic of 'keep calm and Riesen' for the chocolate and caramel pros from STORCK RIESEN. Production: Markenfilm.

Four short moments of delight for LC1 c/o NESTLÉ and the agency Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Frankfurt – Director & DOP: Peter BENDER c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT.

Personal lifestyle & people spread by photographer Peter BENDER c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT.

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Post Prod • RETUSH Creative Retouching : DOUGLAS campaigns in June 2017, the #beatyesterday-campaign for GARMIN and the INSTYLE editorial 'Back to the Future'

26.06.2017 • Cool soft drinks and poolside fun, ... No question at all, summer is here. Post production of the new DOUGLAS June campaigns was taken care of by RETUSH Creative Retouching. Appearing in the main motifs are models Maya Stepper and Maddie Kulicka clad in beautiful summer sets. Photos were taken by Michele Di Dio on the dream island of Ibiza.

The latest GARMIN campaign with the catchy slogan #beatyesterday was post produced by RETUSH Creative Retouching. The photos came from GARY ENGEL C/O GoSee member HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS (GoSee reported). The Europe-wide campaign was supported by the agency with Art Director Lorenz Wittmann. On the website you will find exciting content in the five categories lifestyle, health, running, fit & active and bike – all made to measure for the interests of the GARMIN target audience. The content covers everything from fitness trends and expert interviews to nutritional tips, portraits of celebrities, viral videos or event tips.

About - GARMIN. We make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the...

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Model • LOUISA MODELS : Backstage with Deutsch VOGUE, double feature in GRAZIA Mexico, SPECTR magazine with Fashion photographer Sacha Höchstetter, IMUTE webitorial and coverstory PARIS CAPITALE

22.06.2017 • In 'Backstage Poetry – the magic behind the scenes', fashion photographer Arton SEFA c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL stages model JULIA S. c/o LOUISA MODELS for Deutsch VOGUE.

'Sweet Olive' – Philippe Arlt photographs the webitorial with uber-sweet MARIJANA c/o LOUISA MODELS for IMUTE on location in Cape Town.

Roller Girl Lee SIMON c/o LOUISA MODELS sporty in SPECTR magazine, with photos by fashion photographer Sacha Höchstetter.

'Le Grand Luxe' – model Gabriela ILIESCU c/o LOUISA MODELS in the cover story of PARIS CAPITALE, photos: Vincent Alvarez.

Black & white retro-type double feature in GRAZIA Mexico with LOUISA Models KRISTINA and VERONIKA, photographed by Ivan Aguirre.

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illustration • KOMBINATROTWEISS : New entries Giulia NERI, Andre LEVY aka ZHION and Fabia MATVEEV, ESSAY, ATLAS, BÄM mag, Institute for Standardization, BUNDESLIGA mag, TOYOTA mag, live drawing at FOSSIL and several personal works

22.06.2017 • A colorful bouquet of new and fresh illustrations by Andrea DE SANTIS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS - among others for and PREVENTION magazine, Go & See !

Mountain worlds for ESSAY and profession portraits for client magazine ATLAS from the logistics company Gebrüder Weiss and the agency GROOTHUIS – with illustrations by Anne MAIR c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS.

Monsters and characters are the passion of Annika METZE c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS. For the Junior Club magazine BÄM from McDonald’s, Annika METZE created cheerful little monsters, who tell stories and experience adventures.

In Germany, many things are standardized. You need to stretch here and there a bit if you want to be up to par with the stipulated standard – as you can see. For the German Institute for Standardization Astrid SCHULZ c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated several motifs fit for a cabinet of wonders. BTW, anyone can apply for the creation of standard. Standards are established by the committees at DIN, European standardization organizations CEN/CENELEC or international standardization organizations ISO/IEC...

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Photo • LUNDLUND : 'Nomad Life' in ELLE Sweden, Aneta Pajak in ELLE France, Frida Westerlund in D magazine, editorials for GLAMOUR Paris, PLAZA MAG, LULA and DIOR magazine

22.06.2017 • For the June issue of ELLE Sweden, Signe Veiteberg was presented by Johnny KANGASNIEMI as a modern nomad in a romantically barren backdrop. The desert story was supported by the LUNDLUND team made up of Lisa LINDQWISTER (styling) and Kalle EKLUND (hair). The editorial was produced by L1 Producions.

The French Atlantic coast between Bordeaux and Biarritz is every surfer's dream. And that it is also the perfect place to realize fashion spreads was demonstrated by a LUNDLUND team made up of Frida MARKLUND and Viktoria SÖRENSDOTTER in French GLAMOUR and here on GoSee.

All Things White' - Frida MARKLUND c/o LUNDLUND photographs the new and timeless trend for H&M; we have two motifs on GoSee.

'Encryption' now in PIBE magazine – with photos by Gustav ALMESTÅL c/o LUNDLUND and set designer Andreas FRIENHOLT for you on GoSee.

'The Day After' – the spread by fashion photographer Johan SANDBERG c/o LUNDLUND in DIOR magazine.

A sensitive portrait spread in LULA magazine by photographer Benjamin VNUK c/o LUNDLUND.

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