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Celebrity • JIMMY CHOO Spring/Summer 2017 collection, presents Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, photographed by Lauren DUKOFF c/o GIANT ARTISTS

20.04.2017 • In the blossoming botanical garden in Los Angeles, Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning presented her favorite items from the Spring/Summer collection 2017 from JIMMY CHOO. After 17 years in the film industry, Dakota is used to walking the red carpet. She knows exactly which accessories and shoes she likes. She was photographed by Lauren DUKOFF c/o GIANT ARTISTS.

“There are so many things I would still like to do,” she laughs during the Jimmy Choo photo shoot. “I will soon film my first TV series, and I am so excited. I watch TV often and was very inspired by the topic of the series. It is such a great chance for me to develop a character role over a long period of time. Theater is also something I have never done, but absolutely have to do. I am aware that theater would be a particular challenge for me.”

The complete interview and more impressions from the shoot are available from JIMMY CHOO, and more from Lauren DUKOFF is available on GoSee and via GIANT ARTISTS.

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Celebrity • Hollywood's new pin-up girl! 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz in HARPER’S BAZAAR - a sexy portrait by Lauren DUKOFF c/o GIANT ARTISTS

20.04.2017 • LAUREN DUKOFF had actress CHRISSY METZ in front of the camera for HARPER’S BAZAAR CHRISSY METZ. We have the photos from the fashion shoot here on GoSee, and a get a peek behind the scenes at Harper's Bazaar: “I used to be Kate,” admits Chrissy Metz, referring to her wounded but determined character on the break-out NBC family drama, This Is Us. There's a hint of relief in her voice when she adds, “but now, I'm so far removed from that.” Sitting in a make-up chair at her BAZAAR.com photo shoot, Metz is early-morning vamping for her pin-up-inspired portraits. Every time the hairstylist brings over a hairpiece – a set of Betty Page bangs, a swirl of jet-black pin curls – Metz's cat-green eyes fire up; the middle child who loved to entertain her hard-working mom comes out to play. She giggles, pouting her lips duck-style for full goofball glamour. “God, I would've died for these bangs in high school,” she says of a razor-straight fringe pinned to her natural hair. “The Florida humidity just ruined me.”

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Celebrity • 'Women Without Borders' - a portrait of founder Dr. Edit Schlaffer on the cover of D LA REPUBBLICA magazine, photographed by Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW

19.04.2017 • The amazing Austrian social scientist and feminist Dr. Edit Schlaffer was portrayed by Peter RIGAUD for the magazine D LA REPUBBLICA. We learn from the web about her: “Dr. Edit Schlaffer is a social scientist, writer, activist based in Vienna, Austria. In 2002, she founded Women without Borders, an international research-based NGO, encouraging women to take the lead in their personal and public lives. Her research and activities focus on women as agents of change and as driving forces to stabilize an insecure world’. Find out more about her and her work under: women-without-borders.org

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Celebrity • 'Grow Up' - the image campaign for MERCEDES BENZ including rapper A$AP Rocky - styling by Niki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

19.04.2017 • Niki PAULS c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN styles American rapper and influencer A$AP Rocky for the MERCEDES BENZ campaign 'Grow Up'. SHOTVIEW BERLIN on the extraordinary international campaign to GoSee: “The uber-cool car brand is taking a new approach to marketing communications with the most extensive content creation in its history. Producing over 90 lifestyle and product images as well as a series of short films, the campaign explores the stories of the new generation. It tells the tale of those caught between the coolness of adolescence and the squareness of adulthood, but attempt to maintain an attitude to life in their new compacts.” Production: Iconoclast, CD was Veit Moeller c/o DDB Tribal, and it was photographed by Alice Moitie c/o seven six.

About - Rakim Mayers (born October 3, 1988), better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky (stylized as A$AP Rocky), is an American rapper, record producer, director, actor and model from the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. He is a member of the hip hop group A$AP Mob, from which he adopted his moniker. asvpxrocky.com

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Celebrity • 'Just Call Me God' - JOHN MALKOVICH portrait in STERN by Markus BURKE c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

19.04.2017 • American actor John Malkovich performed at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie as a dictator in the play 'Just Call Me God' and also that, designed a new fashion collection and a jacket named after the African dictator Mobutu. Photographer Markus BURKE portrayed the versatile actor for STERN in Munich.

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Celebrity • GQ STYLE cover story with Conor McGregor, photographed by Thomas Whiteside and produced by GlamPR

19.04.2017 • Conor Anthony McGregor, Irish MMA fighter at the UFC, stood in front of the camera of Thomas Whiteside for GQ STYLE. GLAMPR was the production company responsible for the shoot: “GlamPR had the honor of working with celebrity shooter Thomas Whiteside/Eiger Agency, capturing Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor for the spring issue of GQ Style. Produced on one of downtown LA's artsy rooftops, Conor had fun with fashion and his cars. The 28-year-old fighter oozes confidence, but where does it come from? “It’s all in the nutsack,” he reveals. “…I just have confidence that comes from my big ball sack, and I know when I smack you, you’re going down. And that’s it.”

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Celebrity • Ski star Lara Gut is the crispy brand ambassador for RAGUSA - the delicious portrait photos by Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

19.04.2017 • Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES portrayed Swiss skier Lara Gut for Swiss chocolate brand RAGUSA. Lara Gut has won to date five medals at world championships (three Silver and two Bronze) and a Bronze medal at the 2014 Olympic Winter games. In the Alpine Ski World cup, she was the overal leader of season 2015/16. In 2008, she was the youngest winner of a Super-G World Cup race to date at the age of 17. And the good RAGUSA, which celebrated its 75th birthday in 2017, is just as crisp as ever. And asks: Cann you keep up? Take the character test under: ragusa.win

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Celebrity • Portrait of actress LILITH STANGENBERG - hair & make-up by Thorsten WEISS c/o BIGOUDI

19.04.2017 • At the photo shoot with beautiful German actress LILITH STANGENBERG, since 2012 part of the ensemble of the Volksbühne theater at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, Thorsten WEISS c/o BIGOUDI took care of hair & make-up. The award-winning theater and film actress was photographed by Roman GOEBEL c/o GoSee Member KLAUS STIEGEMEYER. In 2016, Lilith appeared in the feature film 'Wild', where she vividly falls in love with a wolf – with everything that comes with it. Director of this delicacy was Nicolette Krebitz, a highly acclaimed actress herself.

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