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Fashion • The spot for MARCELO BURLON / 'Kids of Milan' Fall/Winter 2016 – by Director Achim LIPPOTH

27.03.2017 • For the Label MARCELO BURLON officially at home in Milan, Director ACHIM LIPPOTH filmed the spot 'Kids of Milan' Fall/Winter 2016 with Creative Director Marcelo Burlon at his side. Why we emphasize 'officially'? Read the explanation which we found on the website of the label - and a little more: “Officially based in Milan but actually spending most of his time on planes, Marcelo trots around the globe as a much sought-after party organizer, DJ, creative director, photographer, nightlife wizard and much more. Just as he ignores geographical borders, Marcelo’s ebullient creativity keeps pushing boundaries. His oeuvre is an endlessly morphing monument to the power of contamination. And it really comes as no surprise for this wunderkind, who arrived in Italy from Patagonia and took over fashionable Milan, before setting off to conquer the whole world. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, Marcelo leaves a mark. He truly acts as the catalyst, liberating positive force of the situation. That is why everybody, from revered fashion houses to powerful brands, entrust their parties, show...

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Film • HERMÈS Maxi-twilly cut skate video by Alexander Basile, photographer and DOP/Director

27.03.2017 • Skating never looked so sophisticated! Recently, his skate video for the Parisian luxury label HERMÈS appeared, which presents the new Maxi-twilly cut collection. "Paris-based luxury label Hermès has crafted a skate mixtape-esque video to show off their new collection of Maxi-twilly cut scarves. Set in an isolated skatepark, the clip follows two models as they skate and frolic through the landscape. Making use of seamless or flowing transitions and motions throughout the video, the clip does well to represent the effortlessness of the scarves themselves," Highsnobiety reports on the film as we learn from Alexander. He realized the video with the agency WE OWN YOU which represents him.

And Alexander BASILE photographed a KID'S WEAR fashion spread.

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Agencies • NEW : THE SATISFACTION, creative agency, Brussels; 'Move Your LEE F/W 2016' campaign – real people and real moves, car surfing project with Downhill World Champion Decio Lurenco for PEUGEOT, METAXA explorer project with Mike Horn, LEE JEANS ASIA & EUROPE

24.03.2017 • We are delighted to welcome THE SATISFACTION as a new GoSee member. The creative agency based in Brussels works in the areas of brand identity & communication, brand solutions (strategy & development), creative concepts and crafts/production (print, film & VR) for global brands such as Rémy Cointreau, Bridgestone Europe, Lee Europe, Lee Asia, Eastpak, and Peugeot. Find out about further clients directly from THE SATISFACTION.

Over the past years, THE SATISFACTION has realized the look of LEE JEANS EUROPE and ASIA in communication and visuals. We bring you the highlights here on GoSee. “A new celebration of movement and style – is how THE SATISFACTION presented the look of LEE JEANS F/W 2015. “Everyone has their own way of moving. Lee, as a denim brand, provides an authentic and emotional outfit that will encourage people to get the best out of their moves. Physically & more. This is the Move Your Lee Fall/Winter 2015 campaign: A new celebration of movement and style that lives in everyone of us.”

With the hashtag #MOVEYOURLEE, THE SATISFACTION put on a dance battle for...

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STILL LIFE • Honey-inspired dishes for WOMEN'S HEALTH and SCHOOL LUNCH for Highline at Huffington Post by SAM KAPLAN c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY

23.03.2017 • Still-life virtuoso Sam KAPLAN staged honey-inspired delicacies in the shape of honeycombs and as artificial as usual for WOMEN'S HEALTH. He also interpreted the topic of SCHOOL LUNCH for Highline on Huffington Post with his signature style. We have the video and the photos here on GoSee, and the article to go with the great artwork is available on Huffington Post...

REVENGE OF THE LUNCH LADY by Jane Black by Jane Black... video & photos – Sam Kaplan
In the fall of 2009, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver arrived in Huntington, West Virginia, which had recently been named the unhealthiest city in America. Huntingtonians were suffering in record numbers from diabetes and heart disease. They were being destroyed by the mountains of burgers and fries and nuggets that filled their restaurants, schools, refrigerators and arteries. They were fulfilling the prophecy that this generation of children would be the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Oliver had come to save them – and to film a season of his new reality show, “Food Revolution.”

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Film • Element E presents 'Better safe than worry', a wonderfully catastrophic chain reaction for SOMFY with Director Bernd Faas and the commercial 'Typical Me!' for Kolle Rebbe

22.03.2017 • “ENJOY EXPLOSIVE ENTERTAINMENT” with ELEMENT E! Together with the agency Nordpol, the film production company with Director Bernd Faas as well as Nordpol Group affiliate Interpol-Studios staged the topic of the connected home in a wonderfully refreshing way.

“The idea is simple: The cat turns on the stove, the spray can rolls onto the stove, the spray can takes off like a rocket. The parrot flies away, gets caught speeding, Granny crashes into the house, bees swarm out, a crack in the earth opens up, a cigarette falls into it, boom, Godzilla. Get it? We had loads of fun filming this absurd brainstorm on the question of “What if” over the course of three days in South Africa. Bernd Faass hit the bull's eye by realizing the idea from Nordpol for the client Somfy,” as we learn from the ELEMENT E team.

ELEMENT E was in charge of production of the new commercial for the German Employment Agency with Director Strike Anywhere, DOP Peter Meyer and post production by Harvest Digital Agriculture. “A life-long member at the same club? That only works if it is the right one! In our...

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Film • 'The Female Bond' – a poetic short film on women sticking together for SHE'S MERCEDES with DOP Jalaludin TRAUTMANN c/o 1ST UNIT

22.03.2017 • For this year’s International Women’s Day, She’s Mercedes tells a story of feminine energy and female unity, envisioning a utopian community. In Los Angeles, Director Aldona Kwiatkowski teamed up with DOP Jalaludin TRAUTMANN to film Female Bond for MERCEDES BENZ. In the leading role is Yuna, a musician from L.A., who had her breakthrough after a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. She is a role model and style icon for young girls worldwide. The production was wrapped up by Freenjoy, Inc.

SHE'S MERCEDES explains: “Rather than following a clear-cut narrative, The Female Bond retraces a poem on modern womanhood and unity, filmed against the dream-like backdrop of Californian canyons and Asian hideouts. Rich in detail, yet structured loosely, it could be considered a whimsical narration, shaped by associations between the four protagonists: brought and held together by delicate actions and strong symbols. The dream sequence-like plot plays with our imagination and resembles, to some extent, a utopian prospect of matriarchy – or the occasional wish to create and intimate...

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Film • BITE Management : 'Don’t lose yourself' DKMS LIFE film for TBWA, 'Headphones' music video for DAN BLACK, EM EUKAL spot for FJR, TVC for private brewery STIEGL, and D,M&B, ENTERPRISE Rent-A-Car with Kolle Rebbe

22.03.2017 • Hope is something beautiful and strengthens from inside. The DKMS LIFE offers cosmetic workshops for female cancer patients throughout Germany. With the slogan "See Yourself", DKMS LIFE released a film along with their look-good-feel-better patient program. It is meant to make people deal with cancer more openly. The aim is to make the free-of-charge patient program more public and to generate donations. Finnish Director Pekka Hara produced a film with TBWA, the film production company e&p films and the Film & Video post production company Pirates ,N Paradise which convinces mainly with its authenticity and emotion. Additional information on the project is available under and, and on the director via BITE MANAGEMENT.

Taste in effect! A big concert, the audience is raging. Only, where is the singer? The new spot for the brand Em Eukal solves the riddle and reveals that the tasty, classic throat lozenge is far more than a sweet cough remedy. The new brand icon for Em Eukal, which FJR developed for the manufacturer Dr. C....

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Fashion • #MOVEYOURLEE - unchoreographed, unstyled & unexpected - the integrated campaign including a 90-sec. film presents real people & real moves, realized by THE SATISFACTION

22.03.2017 • With the hashtag #MOVEYOURLEE, THE SATISFACTION put on a dance battle for the LEE campaign: “Using real people and real moves, the new Move Your Lee® FW16 campaign has a fresh approach, dynamic concept, and – for the first time – a whole new way to connect with our consumer. In a 90-second film, nine mini movies, and a wealth of slick imagery, real dancers and models wearing the Lee® FW16 collection show us their moves. It’s unchoreographed, unstyled, and unexpected: each expresses themselves in their own way.

Diverse, young, and energetic, each short film is the ultimate selfie, a slow-motion capture of human creativity let loose. These mini movies will hit digital platforms, cinema spots, and digital billboards, along with a magazine and poster campaign on subways, trams and buses in handpicked locations across Europe. Getting people moving and sharing is exactly what Move Your Lee® is all about. This Fall/Winter ‘16 is about being true to yourself, celebrating your creativity, and moving in your own way.”

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Advertising • 'Don’t drink it, Explore it ' METAXA 12 STARS range launch in Europe and Russia - campaign with 'Explorer' and extreme sportsman Mike Horn by THE SATISFACTION

22.03.2017 • For the launch of METAXA 12 STAR, the premium brand of the spirit from Remy Cointreau, in Europe and Russia, THE SATISFACTION was commissioned with the campaign. The creatives got extreme sportsman and explorer Mike Horn in front of the camera (creative agency, photographer & film makers:, production & casting: Lagocon Hamburg, actor: Mike Horn Explorer, DOP: Sacha Wiernik, stylist: Allan Kennedy @ Jedroot, grooming: Alex Valverde @ Touch, location : Brussels). And the result is presented by THE SATISFACTION here on GoSee.

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Advertising • 'Facing the emotion of driving' - car surfing project with Downhill World Champion Decio Lurenco for PEUGEOT - conceived and produced by THE SATISFACTION

22.03.2017 • Brussels-based creative agency THE SATISFACTION realized a spectacular project for PEUGEOT, which they present here on GoSee. “Our creative objective was to translate this experience in a very unique way, rather than to literally show it. To do so, we invented a brand new discipline: car surfing. A real piloting mental connection between the man and the car. The movie has been executed without any tricks or cheap CGI. It’s a movie of love between a car and the South African Downhill Boarding World Champion Decio Lurenco: Decio Lurenco. The only production company that could make such a challenge possible was the Paris-based office of Cream. Enjoy the ride.”

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