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Photographers • Still life photographer Michael Himpel presents 'Clean Ocean' – translucent objets trouvé flushed out from the depths of the ocean

29.03.2017 • His eye for details, shapes and structures was the starting point for a special project of the still life photographer. Objects made of plastic which end up in the ocean out of carelessness, washed around and ground by waves and sand, become artificial objets trouvé in the hands of Michael Himpel. In changing nuances of color, in the blue and gray tones of the ocean, the found objects are reminiscent of the foam of breaking waves, of ephemeral cloud shadows reflected by the ocean surface. GoSee presents 'Clean Ocean' by Michael Himpel.

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Photographers • Dominik Mentzos : People shoot for MERCEDES BENZ LEASING and Jung von Matt Elbe

29.03.2017 • Dominik MENTZOS c/o SEVERIN WENDELER presents 10 motifs from his people shoot for Mercedes Benz Leasing GmbH . “The motifs were realized in and around Hamburg. The brief was to stage them with superior sporty, stylish flair full of emotion. The focus was not so much on the details of the vehicles but on making the various Mercedes Benz Rent topics emotionally accessible,” the photographer tells GoSee. Production was in the hands of NU PROJECTS.

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INDUSTRY REPORTAGE • Wolfram Schroll on the road at the factory halls of the AIRBUS long-haul fleet in France – in search of exciting motifs, details and work processes during production

29.03.2017 • You've got to be a good walker in a factory for long-haul aircraft. Wolfram Schroll was once again on the road for Airbus. His job: Airbus in Nantes/France. The photographer tells us : “In Nantes, parts for the A 350 are manufactured and later assembled in Toulouse. Factories like that are really big, and you can certainly chalk up the kilometers walking there. I enjoy walking around in unfamiliar plants in search of exciting motifs. Always on a short schedule, always slightly tense, since the possible time window is very small. I would have no problem at all staying there a whole week. I would keep on constantly discovering new motifs. But that is an illusion, the time given to photographers is measured in hours and not in days. Production at Airbus is always at full speed. Then it is part of the job to synchronize the wishes of marketing, your own photo ideas, and the limited time on site and make everybody happy." We present you the results of his search here on GoSee.

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Photographers • Tom Grammerstorf photographs the relaunch of the VW CRAFTER for Grabarz & Partner

24.03.2017 • Tom Grammerstorf teamed up with Grabarz & Partner to stage the relaunch of the Crafter for Volkswagen Utility Vehicles. The focus of the project is on the new Crafter: 100% new. 100% Innovation. Creative responsibility from the agency was in the hands of Daniela Kern (CD) and Sertan Oy (AD) with art buying by Garnet Matthiesen. Art management was taken care of by akku. Art production, WIDE Production service with Daniela Witting, post production by Zerone and CGI by Zerone & BRAIN CGI.

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KIDS FASHION • Lifestyle & kids shoot for kids clothing company PEEK by Stephanie Rausser c/o SARAH LAIRD & GOOD COMPANY

23.03.2017 • “We believe kids are not just kids. They’re unique. They’re genuine. They’re authentic. They’re themselves. They have twinkles in their eyes, scrapes on their knees, and hearts on their sleeves. Every day is full of real experiences...” That's PEEK's approach to the collection for kids, which is perfectly made-to-measure for the needs of the little ones. Stephanie RAUSSER just photographed for kids label PEEK. Further works from the areas of KIDS and LIFESTYLE are available directly via Sarah Laird.

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Photographers • Robert Westrich : Automotive project ChapmansBenz by Ritze & Nippes in South Africa, Landrover Defender 110 adventure on the island of Sardinia and the transportation, landscape & people photographer is now with Kelly Kellerhoff

22.03.2017 • GoSee member Robert WESTRICH kicked off the new year at the side of Kelly Kellerhoff. Kelly, based in Berlin and Hamburg, represents Robert with his works from the areas of transportation, landscape & people. “The year started out very exciting, and I am really looking forward to working with Kelly and to many wonderful, mutual projects,” says Robert. As an introduction along with a small overview of Robert’s works, we have two new beautiful spreads by him.

While Robert Westrich (aka Ritze) and Thorsten Jasper Weese (aka Nippes) were on the road together in January for a production in the area surrounding Cape Town and took time out for a beautiful Benz-Lady and produced the series "ChapmansBenz" at Chapman's Peak. The artwork was also in the hands of Thorsten Jasper Weese/RECOM GROUP.

The Landrover Defender is a classic, and ever since production of the off-road legend was discontinued and no further models of the 90, 110 or 130 series will come off the line, it has been an absolutely iconic vehicle. Robert took a joyride with a 110 for a little adventure in Sardinia’s...

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Photographers • Michael Berger : Men's fashion specialist ANSON'S S/S campaign and an editorial with Charlene Högger

22.03.2017 • Michael Berger photographed the S/S campaign for ANSON´S, Germany's biggest specialist for menswear. On the team too were AD Mimi Hoch, and Iva Sesto Blaschke c/o Kult Artists styled the various looks. H&M artist Sven Ohlsen c/o Bigoudi gave it the final touch.

Since its foundation in 1989, ANSON’S Herrenhaus KG has advanced to become Germany's biggest specialist when it comes to menswear. Meanwhile, ANSON’S has 20 stores in 16 locations throughout Germany and has great competency in its selection of fashion from trendy to classic with a multifaceted assortment from international brands and designers.

With Charlene Högger c/o model agency NoToys, MICHAEL BERGER realized a black & white editorial. Reflective and translucent materials were used by stylist Mine Uludag and rounded off by Nadine Thoma c/o Nina Klein with hair & make-up.

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