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Photographers • 'Constructed Clearness' - MAX VON TREU photographs the new OPUS 2017 campaign and presents you the exhibition 'Unknown Quantity' on GoSee

26.06.2017 • For the fashion label OPUS, MAX VON TREU photographed model Agne for the 'Constructed Clearness' campaign. Art direction was in the hands of StudioStrada, Munich, and the perfect digital support came from GoSee member BLINK IMAGING. Hair & make-up: Uli Wissel, styling: Leonie Heutmekers. Max is represented by the Munich-based agency Kathrin Hohberg.

The exhibition 'Unknown Quantity' presented the collaboration between artist Oskar Rink and photographer MAX VON TREU. The exhibition took place at circleculturegallery in Hamburg. For all of you who missed it, here are is a selection of motifs on GoSee.

About - The solo exhibition 'Unbekannte Größe' is comprised of paintings, installations and photographs from the current works by artist Oskar Rink. Growing up in her father Arno Rink’s studio, she learned the fundamentals of painting early on. Based on the artistic impulse to build and construct, she developed her own language, which is characterized by a constant alternation between the two- and the three-dimensional. By way of translating various...

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Photographers • Toni Garrn, Michael Michalsky & Roberto Blanco - GoSee presents you an update on photographer Frank Lübke's Stern magazine column 'Beloved Me'

25.06.2017 • For the Stern magazine column “Beloved Me”, FRANK LÜBKE portrayed top model Toni Garrn, fashion designer Michael Michalsky and German schlager icon Roberto Blanco. In the portrait series, Toni Garrn reveals that she is not an unapproachable model, who takes herself too seriously... Mr. Michalsky wanted to sit on his own lap for a change... And Roberto Blanco encounters his fighting nature in a photo. And for all three, the shoot was followed by the very special selfie with 'Little Frank' – the 'Mini-Me' of photographer Frank Lübke. Little Frank has his own site on the net BTW and is looking forward to your visit at: LITTLE FRANK PROJECT.

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Photographers • NEW : Tim Petersen, fashion, beauty & celebrity photographer & director, New York; presents an insight into his work, his latest editorials and several examples of his new main focus: fashion film

22.06.2017 • We are delighted to welcome TIM PETERSEN at GoSee. The native of Hamburg, fashion, beauty & celebrity photographer has been working in NY for more than 20 years and is now living in hipster town Brooklyn, which inspires him for his editorials for international magazines such as VOGUE, Vanity Fair, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar as well as for countless fashion clients.

In front of his lens were celebrities including Sharon Stone or Dita von Teese, and he has also worked with a couple of Victoria Secret angels. With his own studio in New York, the Beaver Studio, he is strategically located in the Financial District not far from Wall Street and the One World Center where Condé Nast and lots of other publishing houses are based. Being right around the corner turns out to be the key to faster studio productions.

Alongside classical photography, Tim has become more and more specialized in fashion films over the past few years. He works on completely new visual languages, in which fashion photography and the moving image melt with one another. It is important for Tim to operate the film...

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Photographers • ANDREAS ORTNER : LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris 'Soleil' campaign, top model, successful actress and Lindbergh Muse Magali Amadei for HARPER'S BAZAAR Turkey & HARPER’S BAZAAR CZ 07/17

22.06.2017 • Munich-based fashion & beauty photographer ANDREAS ORTNER shot American top model Samantha Gradoville for the new Summer campaign 'Soleil' by LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris on the sun-drenched Canary Islands. Hair & make-up: Steffen Zoll, and the Art Director for the summer sunshine shoot was Dellerue Roppel.

ANDREAS ORTNER photographed French top model, successful actress and Lindbergh muse Magali Amadei on a Hawaiian beach for HARPER'S BAZAAR Turkey. Topic of the spread with the radiant beauty born in Nice - pun very much intended - was 'Beach Beauty Over 30'. No way that top model is already 42.

Beachcomber ANDREAS ORTNER hopped over to the island of Sylt where he photographed model maiden Eva Klimkova for the July issue of HARPER’S BAZAAR Czech Republic. Production was in the hands of Mayuree Kotton, with hair & make-up by Helge Brandscheidt, and on the isle for the fresh summer style was our GoSee girlfriend Hannah Godde.

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Photographers • ROBERT WESTRICH : Key visuals and image film for BMW Motorcycle Concept Link, photo project 'Paparatrucks', and gliding into the sunset in Franschhoek

20.06.2017 • At the legendary Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este 2017 on Lake Comer, the BMW Group presented with the BMW Motorcycle concept Link their understanding of new urban mobility. With the emission-free, electrically driven concept vehicle, BMW Motorcycle presents a visionary outlook for a new age in which vehicles are used for both transportation and communication.

ROBERT WESTRICH was commissioned to create the key visuals for it as well as a 30-second image film on Location for BMW. IN order to stick to the tight timeline til Villa d`Este, post production was already begun on set. Responsible for the shoot from BMW was Karima Djeddi, and smooth production before and after the shoot was ensured by PEAK Productions GmbH. Post production of the motifs came from GoSee member recom Group GmbH & Co. KG. The film to go with it was realized by recom Film with Adrian Langenbach as DoP.

About - The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is perhaps the most significant of all events celebrating the mystique of historic cars. It is undoubtedly the most traditional event and was held for the...

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Photographers • BERND VOGEL photographs the ZEISS Vision campaign for the advertising agency Panama and portraits for EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES and Ashfield Healthcare Communications

20.06.2017 • BERND VOGEL photographed two models for the EnergizeMe campaign of ZEISS Vision in Stuttgart for the advertising agency Panama. The brief was to create photos for the slogan 'Time to Refresh Your Tired Eyes'. Advertised are lenses specially developed for contact lens wearers who have a refreshing and regenerating effect after they are worn. In parallel to the photo production, cameraman Sebastian Tischler realized video sequences under the direction of Christian Mosselmann.

For the company Edwards Lifesciences, Bernd photographed intensive portraits. The campaign is targeted at the physicians with the claim "Please listen to my heart" and is supposed to raise awareness of the danger of aortic stenoses. The British agency Ashfield Healthcare Communications was responsible for the campaign. Short video sequences complement the photos created and were realized by Kamil Hertwig.

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Photographers • Stills for ELLE UK and interior spread for WALLPAPER by Oliver SCHWARZWALD c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

20.06.2017 • For ELLE UK, still life virtuoso Oliver SCHWARZWALD staged an exclusive, golden accessory on a sculpture. He also staged top-class furniture for WALLPAPER MAGAZINE.

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perso • The animated photo project 'Paparatrucks' by ROBERT WESTRICH aka Ritze and Nippes aka Thorsten Jasper Weese

20.06.2017 • Once again, ROBERT WESTRICH (aka Ritze) and Thorsten Jasper Weese (aka Nippes) took some time during a mutual production for a personal project. This time the two were inspired by the pulsating, morning traffic in Portland in the northwest of the US. Go & See!

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perso • Gliding into the sunset in Franschhoek - ROBERT WESTRICH presents you his personal spread on GoSee

20.06.2017 • While ROBERT WESTRICH was on the beautiful streets all around South Africa's Franschhoek for a production, he created the personal spread presented here on GoSee. Franschhoek is located east of Cape Town at the end of a long stretch of valley, where there is a relatively mild climate due to the surrounding Drakenstein mountain range. The region is one of the most important wine growing regions of South Africa and has a magnificent landscape.

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