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Shop • Let yourself be swept away by Link Image’s marvelous traveling pictures! On the road with the Swedish image archive

25.04.2017 • “Don't miss the wide variety of amazing traveling images we have in our archive. From Stefan Andersson’s scenic photographs from Capri and the Italian coast, Felix Odell's beautifully, well-captured surroundings in Istanbul, poetic palm trees by Elisabeth Toll, Rowan Thornhill’s dramatic seascapes and so on. Take a look in our archive for more dreamy, adventurous traveling pictures.”

More inspiration? Love. All you need is love! (31 images). Take a dip - When summer is here and the sun is out, it’s time for a swim (25 images). Last summer night - When night becomes day - Pieces of life (23 images).

Since it was founded in 2000, Link Image AB has put together a portfolio of Sweden’s most well-known and best photographers. The blend of advertising, fashion and art photographers gives the archive a broad span of expressions and personalities, enabling us to offer a choice collection of images suitable for a wide range of publications. We prefer to offer a small collection of high quality photography rather than a large collection of generic stock images. Link Image is owned by...

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Styling • COX by GÖRTZ - the campaign shoot with young & light fashion feeling by stylist Marcell NAUBERT c/o BIGOUDI

19.04.2017 • Styling for the COX by GÖRTZ campaign shoot was taken care of by Marcell NAUBERT c/o BIGOUDI, which was photographed by Sarah KÜHL c/o GoSee member KLAUS STIEGEMEYER. Cox is the company brand of the famous shoe manufacturer from Hamburg. If you are looking for Cox shoes in the German stores of the company, you will find them mostly at Görtz 17, which are small and exclusive stores for a younger generation.

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Shop • 'Gentlemen's Choice' - bag stills for SMYTHSON by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE

10.04.2017 • Founded in 1887, SMYTHSON stands for more than 125 years of British luxury leather goods of the finest quality. The new motifs were staged by photographer Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE. A bit of interesting trivia which shows how important the company is: “We are honored to have been awarded the title Purveyor To The Court no less than three times, in 1964 by Her Majesty the Queen, in 1980 by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, and by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, in 2002. When Smythson was still the official court purveyor to Queen Elizabeth (until 2007), there were only eight companies worldwide to receive all four awards.” Go & See:

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Shop • Stills for AUSTRIAN WINE Marketing GmbH by Thomas Popinger c/o STILLSTARS

23.03.2017 • In cooperation with the agency Y&R, Thomas POPINGER c/o STILLSTARS photographed the new campaign motifs for AUSTRIAN WINE Marketing GmbH, which is based in Vienna, and is a national service body for the Austrian wine industry. The organization was founded in 1986 with the aim to strategically support, coordinate and maintain quality and sales. Its main goal for the domestic market is to strive for an increased market share of quality wine, along with the export of bottled quality wine with particular focus on a continual increase in

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23.03.2017 • Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS photographed sofas and lamps from Thonet for LA MAISON DU DANOISE, Paris. The deco came from Gamfratese & Gubi, with porcelain of course from Royal Copenhagen.

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Shop • HK LIVING motifs by photographer Jeroen VAN DER SPEK c/o STILLSTARS

23.03.2017 • "Known for their original, pure and modern designs, Dutch brand HK Living called upon our Jeroen van der Spek for their latest images." STILLSTARS tells GoSee. Styling: Cleo Scheulderman.

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Shop • The LE SILLA S/S 2017 campaign was photographed by Johan SANDBERG c/o LUNDLUND

22.03.2017 • "Light up your heart with new creations for Spring/Summer. Vintage and iper-feminine inspiration, lively and rebel soul of Cuban nights, a series with sandals by sinuous shapes up to chunky heels embellished with gems. Add ladylike ribbons and romantic crystal buds for modern women with timeless style." says LE SILLA about its own dreamlike footwear. The latest collection by designer and company founder Enio Silla was photographed by Johan SANDBERG c/o LUNDLUND.

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KIDS & ART PHOTOGRAPHY • GoSee loves… Achim Lippoth 'Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling' - children photography beyond all clishés between melancholy and enormous energy. Exhibition & monograph

15.03.2017 • Not just cute: children in a world of their own

Photographer Achim Lippoth (*1968 in Ilshofen) discovered his subject – childhood – while studying art. Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling presents a comprehensive view of Lippoth’s practice. The sensitivity of his photographs make it possible to understand the world of children, and their naturalness is touching, taking viewers back to their own childhood experiences. With great respect for their emotions, their frankness, and their dreams, Lippoth shifts the focus to his young protagonists. Here, adults take on the roles of extras, at most. Lippoth’s visual vocabulary does not include staging his photographs, nevertheless, the children’s poses anticipate their eventual arrival into the world of adulthood. Far from reinforcing clichéd roles or being patronizing, Lippoth’s photographs, through their careful use of light and captivating close-ups, tell stories of feeling carefree in childhood as well as the stories of the families and of belonging.

Achim Lippoth Geschichten über das Kindsein/Storytelling: Exhibition: 19...

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Shop • Modern everyday design with a Tradition. Die &TRADITION Kampagne 2017 - Fotos Sacha MARIC c/o BLINK

08.03.2017 • 'Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.' This is also true of the new 2017 campaign of Danish design institution &TRADITION, photographed by Sacha MARIC c/o BLINK. The company &tradition was founded in 2010 with the consciously chosen principle of 'tradition tied to innovation'. On the website we learn : “Our unique library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and comprises designs by internationally renowned designers.” And a quote from CEO Kornbek Hansen on the contemporary designers they represent: “All of our designers have a unique vision, and their designs have the capacity to reach people in their everyday lives.” Go & See:

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