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Shop • Staud Studios : classic, British, chic – successful automotive photographer René Staud presents 'The Aston Martin Book', now re-issued in a smaller edition at teNeues

11.02.2017 • René Staud and his STAUD STUDIOS realize global campaigns and image films for clients from the area of automotive. Over the past five years, the studio has developed to become a holistic communications service provider, who produces everything starting with the strategy through conception down to realization for all media platforms. “30 years of experience with the biggest and most demanding automotive brands have built and shaped our work to achieve the same level of performance we find today in the industry we serve. We know as much about cars as we do about communication. We think cars, we speak cars, we are cars,” says the family business. They also elegantly stage modern vehicles, classic cars or old-timers for magazines and books. Now published by teNeues Verlag is a Staud Studios classic in a smaller edition. These allows readers to absorb the aura of a true British classic.

For the fiftieth anniversary of James Bond in 2012, two icons came together who jointly epitomize the very essence of British coolness. In Skyfall, Daniel Craig, as agent 007, powered across the...

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Shop • The 'WAVES PACK' for the NAKED X ADIDAS CONSORTIUM coop photographed and filmed by Henrik SORENSEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

11.02.2017 • NAKED from Copenhagen's store concentrates completely on sneakers for women. They are now advertising their Ultra Boost and Samba models, created as turquoise colorways by the name of 'WAVES PACK' in cooperation with the ADIDAS CONSORTIUM and inspired by wonderful water worlds. What's special about 'Naked Ultra Boost' is the cage of textile. The Samba of the Naked x Adidas Consortium Waves Pack comes in classic leather with a rubber sole. The campaign motifs were photographed under water by Henrik SORENSEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER – and the campaign film, too, was shot by him in aqueous weightlessness.

The agency HEBERGER tells GoSee about the campaign: “Henrik Sorensen showed again how wonderful underwater pictures can look. The Naked x adidas Consortium "Waves Pack" brings you two diverse styles for Naked's first collaboration with adidas. Consisting of a Samba and an ultraBOOST in light aqueous tones, Naked steers back to its roots with its signature color palette, inspired by the ocean that surrounds us. The Samba gets a refreshing update, featuring an upper of turquoise...

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Shop • Sibylle – Magazine for Fashion and Culture in the GDR. The 'Eastern Vogue' as an illustrated book at Hartmann Projects and an exhibition at Kunsthalle Rostock

09.02.2017 • Publisher Ute Mahler and Kunsthalle Rostock conceived a large review for the magazine SIBYLLE, Magazine for Fashion and Culture in the GDR. It was first published by the Fashion Modeinstitut Berlin (Fashion Institute) and later by Verlag für die Frau. The magazine, which was also known as Eastern Vogue because of the quality of its content, appeared in six issues per year in a limited printrun of 200,000 copies due to the restrictions of the state-directed economy in the GDR and was always sold out quickly due to popular demand.

It was created by fashion designers, photographers and journalists with high standards of quality and content. The visual language of Sibylle was trendsetting for the GDR and other magazines in the Communist world. Sibylle was not a pure women's or fashion magazine. The editors instead were also always interested in dealing with current sociocultural themes.

A book was published for the exhibition by Hartmann Projects, which showcases the most important photographers and their works for Sibylle throughout the entire period of publication from...

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Shop • BURGTHEATER - an illustrated book photographed by Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW

08.02.2017 • A very special illustrated book: The book by photographer Peter RIGAUD for the Vienna BURGTHEATER presents the world-famous house including its actors from original perspectives. Each member of the actor group of 70 had their portrait taken at the location of their choice. The Vienna native put his heart and soul into the project, which combines art, theater, architecture and remarkable personalities in unique photographs. The book was published at Echomedia Verlag (ISBN 978-3-903113-09-1).

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Shop • BREE campaign shoot S/S 2017 for the agency Gley Rissom Thieme & Co, photographed by Nicole NEUMANN c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS

01.02.2017 • BREE - True Bags, True Love. Nicole NEUMANN c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS staged the campaign for the BREE Bag Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The executive agency was Gley Rissom Thieme & Co., and in charge of production was Die Kameradinnen from Hamburg. GILDA c/o GoSee member LIGANORD took care of styling, and Karin GADE c/o GoSee member CLOSEUP AGENCY was responsible for hair & make-up.

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Shop • Hartmann Books presents with 'Claudius Schulze. State of Nature' picturesque landscapes and the impact of humans on them

01.02.2017 • Claudius Schulze (*1984), reportage and documentary photographer from Hamburg, set out to document the natural state of nature in Europe. "I bought an old cherry picker, packed my cat and a 4x5-inch large-format camera and crisscrossed the continent, traveling about 50,000 km to expose the extent to which disaster management became part of our landscape. I photographed dikes, dunes, and groins at the North Sea and on the Atlantic coast, snow sheds, rock fall barriers, and dams in the Alps and Pyrenees, and levees along the big streams. My photos are a visual inquiry into how these bulwarks against climate change and impeding disaster have become inseparable from idyllic European landscapes," says the photographer, who has now published his project in a book together with HARTMANN BOOKS.

The book release is planned for April, 2017, and you can be a part of it with his crowd funding project. “I do not claim to delineate the border between “artificial” and “natural”. On the contrary, the defenses are the prerequisite to these landscapes: the sunshine sparkles on the surface of...

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Shop • 'World-class chefs visiting Ikarus' - HELGE KIRCHBERGER photographed the new issue of the HANGAR-7 cookbook for Benevento Publishing, Red Bull Media House

30.01.2017 • The best chefs from all over the globe some together at Ikarus restaurant in Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport. The famous guest chefs come from renowned gourmet oases but also from the Faroe islands, the creative hotspot San Francisco or from the richly traditional and equally modern city of Moscow. All three places are developing their very own, regionally-inspired top cuisine. And original ingredients used by the guest chefs are flown in directly to Hangar-7 if need be...

The new volume is a collection of the 62 best dishes of the year: a challenge for pros or die-hard hobby cooks alike and is eye-candy for all fine food lovers. GoSee member HELGE KIRCHBERGER realized the food motifs and portraits of the world cuisine as well as architectural photos of HANGAR-7 for the book: 'Cuisine of the World Visits Ikarus - Volume 3'. We have a few appetizers on GoSee, and a review awaits you here. Even more delicious food & drink photos are available directly from Helge Kirchberger.

Hangar-7 cookbook - Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs: "62 exceptional recipes and international...

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Shop • 'Rediscover yourself' - Young Director & DoP Myong HUN OH c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT films a commercial for organic superfood manufacturer GOODME

30.01.2017 • Young Director & DoP Myong HUN OH c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT filmed a 'healthy' commercial for GOODME. The company develops products from controlled organic superfood which can easily be integrated into your active and modern everyday life, - all processed and tested in Germany. goodme is the Hessian expert for natural health products Dr. Förster and actress Ursula Karven. Production of the spot was in the hands of It's us Media GmbH from Berlin.

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Shop • GoSee loves... Attila Szüc's 'Specters and Experiments' - surrealistic scenarios and melancholic dream sequences in oil

18.01.2017 • Hatje Cantz presents with Attila Szüc's 'Specters and Experiments' the extensive oeuvre of the Hungarian master of the uncanny (*1967 in Miskolc). Szűcs, who is among Hungary's most important contemporary painters, works with old newspaper clippings, postcards, photographs, and film stills, adding new meaning to these traces of the collective memory in his works.

Besides issues concerning the culture of remembrance and memory research, the tendencies of East and Central European painting and the artist’s early experiences with totalitarianism have influenced his art. The incursion of the uncanny into the familiar manifests in the large oil paintings: ghostly, absent protagonists; peculiar furniture; and everyday objects stand isolated in deserted spaces, melancholic in their lack of relationship to anything else. The masterful use of light and shadow, in combination with unexpectedly harsh colors, reinforces the surrealistic impression of these scenes. Dream and memory dissolve into each other, creating a fascinating state of suspension in Szűcs' s visual...

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