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Advertising • 'Don’t drink it, Explore it ' METAXA 12 STARS range launch in Europe and Russia - campaign with 'Explorer' and extreme sportsman Mike Horn by THE SATISFACTION

22.03.2017 • For the launch of METAXA 12 STAR, the premium brand of the spirit from Remy Cointreau, in Europe and Russia, THE SATISFACTION was commissioned with the campaign. The creatives got extreme sportsman and explorer Mike Horn in front of the camera (creative agency, photographer & film makers:, production & casting: Lagocon Hamburg, actor: Mike Horn Explorer, DOP: Sacha Wiernik, stylist: Allan Kennedy @ Jedroot, grooming: Alex Valverde @ Touch, location : Brussels). And the result is presented by THE SATISFACTION here on GoSee.

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Advertising • 'Facing the emotion of driving' - car surfing project with Downhill World Champion Decio Lurenco for PEUGEOT - conceived and produced by THE SATISFACTION

22.03.2017 • Brussels-based creative agency THE SATISFACTION realized a spectacular project for PEUGEOT, which they present here on GoSee. “Our creative objective was to translate this experience in a very unique way, rather than to literally show it. To do so, we invented a brand new discipline: car surfing. A real piloting mental connection between the man and the car. The movie has been executed without any tricks or cheap CGI. It’s a movie of love between a car and the South African Downhill Boarding World Champion Decio Lurenco: Decio Lurenco. The only production company that could make such a challenge possible was the Paris-based office of Cream. Enjoy the ride.”

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Advertising • Typical ME! The new commercial for the German Employment Agency by Kolle Rebbe, produced by Element E is on the air

22.03.2017 • ELEMENT E was in charge of production of the new commercial for the German Employment Agency with Director Strike Anywhere, DOP Peter Meyer and post production by Harvest Digital Agriculture. “A life-long member at the same club? That only works if it is the right one! In our first collaboration with Strike Anywhere, Justin Barber shows us a happy life at work in the boatbuilding industry, from training to retirement. Sensitively staged, the spot is #typicalme, and the idea came from Kolle Rebbe for the client German Employment Agency, which was shot by a real boat builder in Helmstorf over the course of two days.”

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Advertising • Element E presents 'Better safe than worry' a catastrophic chain reaction for SOMFY with Director Bernd Faas on GoSee

22.03.2017 • “ENJOY EXPLOSIVE ENTERTAINMENT” with ELEMENT E! Together with the agency Nordpol, the film production company with Director Bernd Faas as well as Nordpol Group affiliate Interpol-Studios staged the topic of the connected home in a wonderfully refreshing way.

“The idea is simple: The cat turns on the stove, the spray can rolls onto the stove, the spray can takes off like a rocket. The parrot flies away, gets caught speeding, Granny crashes into the house, bees swarm out, a crack in the earth opens up, a cigarette falls into it, boom, Godzilla. Get it? We had loads of fun filming this absurd brainstorm on the question of “What if” over the course of three days in South Africa. Bernd Faass hit the bull's eye by realizing the idea from Nordpol for the client Somfy,” as we learn from the ELEMENT E team.

“With this film, we want to express our company slogan 'Your partner for peace of mind' with lots of humor and insight.” says Jürgen Fitting, Head of Strategic Marketing at Somfy. The company specializes in drive and control technology for roller shutters has a special offer on a...

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COMMERCIAL • 'Create your own story' - Director HELVETICA c/o BITE MANAGEMENT films the HELLO BANK commercial for Publicis Brussels

21.03.2017 • Hello bank!, The mobile bank of BNP Paribas Fortis, commissioned Publicis Brussels to sharpen up their image among the target group aged 18 to 35. Since young people like to do things their own way, don't want to waste time and like to get things done as soon as possible, Publicis had the exact same idea. Hello bank! Fulfills all of the above, “Create your own story, Hello bank! is ready for you.” Together with Director HELVETICA c/o BITE MGMT, the commercial was realized which is all about creating your own story. The shoot took place in several locations in Sofia. We have the video here on GoSee, and further works by HELVETICA are available via BITE MGMT.

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Advertising • 'Good Feeling Included' - DOP Andreas BERGER c/o BITE MANAGEMENT and Kolle Rebbe film the first ENTERPRISE Rent-A-Car spot for Germany

21.03.2017 • The world's largest rental car company ENTERPRISE has started its first large-scale advertising campaign for ENTERPRISE Rent-A-Car in Germany. With the slogan 'Good Feeling Included', the consumer campaign is dedicated to the excellent customer service… And so, a slowpoke white van turns into an off-road tour bus with a little imagination… As the recurring motif of the campaign, Kolle Rebbe staged British singing legend Leo Sayer with his world hit "When I Need You" in a humorous way. Andreas BERGER c/o BITE MANAGEMNT was the DOP on set with the rockers for the first commercial.

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