07.03.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


'Mobilo - and carry on.' The MERCEDES-BENZ 'LumaMania' spot with actor Antonio LALLO c/o BRODYBOOKINGS


Mercedes-Benz LumaMania

Director: Simon Rost
Production: blubb.media GmbH
Location: Platzverweis
Model: Antonio LALLO c/o Brodybookings
Model2: Liam (Kids)
Model3: Luke (Kids)

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Rear-end collision? Vandalism? Flat tire? Actor Antonio LALLO experiences a few funny moments during his hotel stay in the pool, which remind him of a few less happy situations on the road. But, thanks to the super-cool Mobilo Service by MERCEDES-BENZ, he knows how to sweeten up his waiting time until repairs are done. Simon Rost directed the spot, and production was handled by Blubb.Media. Further actors in the MERCEDES-BENZ LumaMania spot were Aris Christopoulos, Franziska H. and Liam & Luke (kids). Location: Platzverweis. Mercedes-benz.com/////Mercedes-benz-mobilo