06.03.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


COLONIUS KÖLSCH production for NETTO - Jörg KRITZER c/o PAM realizes and homage to the Cologne Catherdral; we have the motif on GoSee

COLONIUS KÖLSCH is the new Kölsch on the market. Since the beginning of the year, it is on the shelves at the chains Trinkgut and Netto and is brewed in the kettles of the renowned SÜNNER Brewery. Of all people, a man from Düsseldorf, still life and liquid photographer Jörg KRITZER was chosen to stage the new brew. In cooperation with the agency Jung von Matt, a dream come true for many Cologners was realized: pearly Kölsch in bottles in the shape of the Cologne Cathedral. Suenner-brauerei.de