07.03.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


From the desert to the Arctic Ocean - transportation photographer Emir Haveric shoots with SONDA Productions for AUDI Q5

SONDA Productions was once again hired by EMIR HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and this time for the new AUDI Q5. "The SONDA team was delighted to provide its production services with the usual dedication and experience in a selection of new and interesting photography locations," says the SONDA team.

Responsible for communication of the brand were THJNK with Creative Director Roman Lukowski and KOLLE REBBE with Creative Director Benjamin Allwardt. The photo locations delivered by SONDA took the team from the desert in the middle of Spain to Andalusia and Valencia, Paris and La Camargue in France to even the island group Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. In Svalbard, the team led by Emir Haveric worked all night, because the sun does not go down there this time of year. Five snowmobiles were required plus equipment for temperatures below zero so the team could work there. "Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to see a single polar bear, but the beauty of the landscape and the commitment of each individual more than made up for it and gave us unforgettable moments."