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Santa Claus shows you what's up, Russian style... the controversial 5-minute spot by Director Charley STADLER c/o BITE MANAGEMENT makes waves on the Net


MCB XMas Tale


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The title of the DAILY MAIL goes: “Is this the most terrifying Christmas advert ever?” And continues: “Russian TV ad showing Santa ABDUCTING a busy single mother and dragging her by a rope sparks rage”... What's up with the Moskovsky Kreditny Bank on Christmas? The bank just sent out its 2016er Christmas message, packed in a banging 5-minute spot by Director Charley STADLER c/o BITE MANAMGEMENT.

What is the clip about? It's about a little girl who has enough. Enough luxury, enough presents, enough lifestyle. What she misses is her mother. And since sometimes only drastic measures seem to be fruitful, she writes, or rather paints, to the Big Boss of week no. 54, Santa Claus, who has the say in the last week of the year, on all continents. That Santa seems to be a little more melancholic in Russia than in the West – doesn't surprise anyone. That he takes the concerns of kids he cares for more seriously than some at Daily Mail might like, ... How can the director, how can the bank, how can we help it?

Daily Mail doesn't let up and asks on behalf of every real woman out there: "One feminist slammed the advert and asked: 'Where is the father?' – and like 99% of real women every day, we think to ourselves: Who cares? Would the spot be any better if the father were dragged around and demeaned, would the plot have been similarly dramatic? The answer, of course, is no. Women can simply do more. More work, more kids, more kilometers, more high heels, and can even take more. And a man getting dragged around by another man in Russia today? Seriously, too gay. You just can't do certain things anymore in Putin's Russia in 2016.

Charley Stadler's agency, represented by Bernadette Graf, Co-founder of BITE MGMT, sees it more calmly. In a nutshell: “It is never too late to rethink your life, to make fundamental changes and then be rewarded with the love of your family. Sometimes it hurts to get your nose stuck into your behavior, so the film is harsh and rough .”

And, of course, we asked Charley personally about his spot. Here is his official comment on the film for you on GoSee: “My goal was to simply create a modern Christmas fairy tale that included a strong and confident working mother, played by American actress Nikolett Barabas, who had achieved much financial success but also lost her way in the most important aspect of her life. Most fairy tales use a powerful female mother figure, which is why we chose the same. Although the story houses a dark undertone (especially early on like most fairy tales), it ends with an uplifting message of love and what’s truly important in life: spending more time with your children. As a filmmaker I decided to shoot the film in a realistic tone set against a fairy-tale backdrop. It’s apparent that some people couldn't separate this from the actually fictitious storytelling. Even the track “Wishes” specifically written for the film by London-based band Von Seefeld highlights a theme of unification.

Yes, the journey to get there is dirty, unsettling and ugly, but so is life at times. I believe many of us need to be led through the “mud” in order to open our eyes. I chose the image of Santa pulling the Mother by a rope as a metaphor for this, and of course, it represents a safety line as they are walking through rough nature. Once they reach the top and are out of danger, Santa cuts her loose. Symbolically and figuratively, she went through a journey of her inner self-crisis, an internal story of transformation. As the famous Xmas song says “He knows if you’ve been naughty. He knows if you’ve been nice. He knows if you’ve been bad or good…” Well, our Santa knows about the mother, so you better watch out. Santa Claus is coming to town.

I personally detest violence and would never promote anything negative or violent towards women. As I stated earlier, I am a married man and father of a young daughter. At no time in the film is Santa violent or physical with the Mother. It’s a story to become a better person and to spend precious time with your children. That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about.”

The tirade by Daily Mail can be found here : dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4040444/Christmas-TV-advert-slammed-feminists-showing-Santa-abducting-single-mother, and we end 2016 with a quote from our GoSee heroine Lily Allen : “It's hard, it's hard, it's hard out here for a bitch/It's hard, for a bitch (For a bitch)/For a bitch, it's hard/It's hard out here for a bitch…” youtube.com