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Photo • MINK MGMT : #ZeroDye campaign for ADIDAS, Franzi in VOGUE Turkey, ADIDAS Original by MINI RHODINI campaign #3 and MARIE CLAIRE France

24.05.2017 • The ZERO DYE hoodies from ADIDAS rely on non-dye technology in order to help conserve the essential resource water – certainly an important and fair step in the direction of sustainable clothing production. The new collection was photographed by Joel RHODIN c/o MINK MGMT.

For the May 2017 issue of Turkish VOGUE, Jesse LAITINEN c/o MINK MGMT photographed model Franziska Frings for a romantically laced fashion editorial. Hair: Serkan Yıldırım, make-up: Gülüm Erzincan. We have the spread for you on GoSee.

All good things come in threes. ADIDAS cooperated once again with Swedish fashion label MINI RHODINI. The result are playful patterns and trend-conscious It pieces for super-cool kids – all photographed by Joel RHODIN c/o MINK MGMT.

Jip Boxstart and Maggie Maurer were photographed for a nostalgic fashion story in MARIE CLAIRE France on the French coast by Jesse LAITINEN c/o MINK MGMT. Styling: Julie Pailhas, hair: Stéphanie Farouze, make-up: Dariia Day.

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Director & DOP • FRÖHLICH Management : Spots for RIESEN, AUDI SPORT, CAR2GO, KNAPPSCHAFT, MERCEDES E Class, MIGROS as well as 'A Gentleman´s Journey', the HACKETT LONDON X ASTON MARTIN cooperation

24.05.2017 • 'Keep calm and Riesen' - Director Arun TAMM c/o FRÖHLICH Management shows you in a 15-sec. spot for STORCK how it looks when you keep your cool in every day relationship situations.

'Join the #LeagueOfPerformance' – for AUDI SPORT, the AUDI RS 5 Coupé did quite a convincing job – Director Laurentius EMMELMANN und DOP Tim BUCHHEISTER, both artists c/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT, two spots for you on GoSee.

CAR2GO conquers the world – the spot by Director Thomas WOMMELSDORF c/o FRÖHLICH Management and DOP Tim BUCHHEISTER for you on GoSee.

'We have the experts' for your health - the spot by Director Manuel WERNER c/o FRÖHLICH Management works up a sweat for

More intelligent on the road with the MERCEDES E Class – two spots by Director Laurentius EMMELMANN and DOP Tommy WILDNER, both c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT.

'A Gentleman´s Journey' in beautiful 90 seconds - Kai KLINKE c/o FRÖHLICH Management directed the elegant HACKETT LONDON X ASTON MARTIN cooperation.

Se yourself as they see you: the film 'Famigros' for the favorite mommy by Director Reggie PAK c/o FRÖHLICH...

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production • GLAMPR : Cover spreads with Lana Del Ray in ELLE UK, Twin Peaks Revival actress Laura Dern in INSTYLE US, campaign film and shoot for LUXURY REBEL, ADIDAS ADIZERO UBERSONIC, and ADIDAS STELLA MCCARTNEY BARRICADE, ...

24.05.2017 • With 'Lust for Life', the second single from the album of US singer Lana Del Ray was released on 19 April, 2017. The song was created in cooperation with Canadian R&B singer of the minute, The Weeknd. Good enough reason for ELLE UK to have GLAMPR produce a cover story in Los Angeles. Beautiful Lana Del Ray was photographed in the Here and Now by Thomas Whiteside (CD: Suzanne Sykes, styling: Alison Edmond, hair: Anna Cofonne, make-up: Pamela Cochrane).

Twin Peaks is an American TV Series from the years 1990 and 1991, which was developed by David Lynch and Mark Frost and is still absolutely iconic. The popular series is now experiencing a revival in the form of a third season. A total of 200 new characters were written for the third season, and one of them is played by the great Laura Dern. For INSTYLE US, the American actress stood in front of the camera of Horst DIEKGERDES c/o GoSee member SHOTVIEW of course in Los Angeles (styling: Sabine Schreder, hair: Danilo, make-up: Kelsey Deenihan). The spread was produced by the celeb experts from GlamPR.

What better place for a...

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Photo • KLEIN Photographen : FILA campaign, L’OFFICIEL Suisse, GQ Style South Africa, S.OLIVER campaign, HELENA RUBINSTEIN motif, DIOR cult bag, ...

24.05.2017 • Markenloft commissioned Florian BISON to shoot the FILA Training campaign. Art Director during the shoot was Kai Burkhard, and production support came from GoSee member FIRST PRODUCTIONS.

Dirk MESSNER photographed model Melissa Tammerijn for the diving editorial 'La Grande Bleue' in L’OFFICIEL Suisse. The beautiful Dutch model was casted by Tape Creative, with post production support from GoSee member ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Maxwell Annor, Jermaine Downer and Samuel Mukhuwana for GQ Style South Africa in front of the camera of Neil KIRK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and we have the somewhat different fashion spread for you on GoSee...

S.OLIVER campaign shoot by Nadia VON SCOTTI c/o KLEIN Photographen, styling by Bettina Markievicz; we have six sunny motifs for you on GoSee.

Florian SOMMET c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed a beauty ad motif with the beautiful Evgeniya Gabidulina for American cosmetics company HELENA RUBINSTEIN. Styling: Jana Sommet and make-up: Vincent de Moro.

'Lady Dior' – Christian SCHOPPE c/o KLEIN Photographen shoots the DIOR cult bag literally 'all...

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Model • LOUISA MODELS : Julia Stegner on the cover of UNCONDITIONAL mag, 'Your best summer ever' in FASHION mag, Fashion Icon S/S 2017, VIRGINIA MACARI BEACHWEAR COUTURE, HARPER'S BAZAAR WEDDING, HARPER'S BAZAAR Australia, ...

24.05.2017 • From women for women and with German dream girl Julia STEGNER c/o LOUISA MODELS on the cover: UNCONDITIONAL magazine S/S 2017; the photographer was Alexandra Nataf.

'Your best summer ever' is the promise made by FASHION Mag Canada – and that very convincingly with super model Heather MARKS c/o LOUISA MODELS in the cover spread, photographed by Javier Lovera.

Brazilian beauty Cindy MELLO c/o LOUISA MODELS in uber-hot swimwear for VIRGINIA MACARI BEACHWEAR COUTURE, photos by Jayden Fa.

Vintage sports fashion spread for the June 2017 issue of HELLO FASHION mag with sweet model KARINA c/o LOUISA MODELS, photos: Andreas de Lara.

The Incredible Elle MACPHERSON c/o LOUISA MODELS on the 'The Luxury' title issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR Australia June/July 2017, photographed by Nick Leary.

Cover shoot for Turkish HARPER'S BAZAAR WEDDING with the enchanting Karolina GORZALA c/o LOUISA MODELS, naturally completely in innocent blossom white.

Male model Sean HARJU c/o LOUISA MODELS in the GQ Russia 'Fashion Icon' issue S/S 2017, photographed by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca, two motifs for you...

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Model • VIVA MODELS : Cosima AUERMANN in the title spread of ICON magazine and VANITY FAIR France, plus Tes LINNENKOPER in GRAZIA France

23.05.2017 • Ciao Bella! Famous for her feel-good and wonderfully colorful photo spreads – internationally acclaimed fashion photographer ESTHER HAASE photographed model Cosima AUERMANN c/o VIVA MODELS BERLIN for the May issue of ICON magazine on the dream island of Capri. Styling of the lively shooting star who is never ever shy came from Silja Lange, with hair & make-up by Violetta Kampf.

Model Tes LINNENKOPER c/o VIVA MODELS Berlin in GRAZIA France, photographed by Sigurd Grünberger.

VANITY FAIR France celebrates in May the 'Génération XXL' – a motif with model Cosima AUERMANN c/o VIVA MODELS BERLIN for you on GoSee, photo: Ward Ivan Rafik, styling: Belen Casadevall.

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photo • EMEIS DEUBEL : ZALANDO, GROHE magazine, visually stunning NIKON campaign in Chile, BETTE bath interior campaign, accessories for MADAME, an Iris von Arnim portrait for L'OFFICIEL, and ADC Award for the Hornbach campaign

23.05.2017 • Özgür ALBAYRAK traveled to Chile on commission for Jung von Matt/ Spree to photograph impressive motifs for the client NIKON.

Benne OCHS realized a humorous handbag special for MADAME, portrayed designer Iris von Arnim for L'OFFICIEL, and for the Evangelical Church of Germany and Scholz & Friends, Benne photographed testimonials in search of young professionals to become priests.

Stills expert Attila HARTWIG c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographed for the client ZALANDO together with set designer Tina Reisinger. Plus, he realized two productions for GROHE magazine. Art direction for it was taken care of by Christian Küpker, and Harald Erath was in charge of set design.

Plus the HORNBACH campaign 'You are alive - remember' photographed by Atilla received several awards at the ADC Festival. GoSee and the representation are both delighted about the Silver Nail Award in the category Photography and congratulates him here.

Christoph SAGEL once again photographed motifs for the client BETTE: high-quality wellness oases and concepts for your own home with exclusive...

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Stock, Backplates & CGI • MAGROUND : MERCEDES-BENZ ad motif for the S Class, VW Amarok for VW Turkey, and VDL BUS & COACH, three transportation topics on GoSee

23.05.2017 • “The high data quality of MAGROUND background images allow seamless combination of several images to create the perfect location.” says MAGROUND enthusiastically about yet another successful realization for the client MERCEDES-BENZ.

VW Turkey searched for the ideal spot to park the 224 PS strong VW Amarok in a striking pose on a mountain – and found the perfect location at MAGROUND. Several more great landscapes and backdrops are available under:

Need a coach for the night? The core activities of VDL BUS & COACH consist of the development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of a wide range of buses, coaches and chassis modules, the conversion or extension of mini & midi buses and the purchase and sales of second-hand buses. VDL Bus & Coach consists of multiple bus companies that operate cooperatively in the global market. Manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands and Belgium. VDL Bus & Coach places aspects such as quality, safety, durability, comfort, the environment, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs in high regard. MAGROUND had the perfect...

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Photo • KATRIN NEHLSEN : Architect and designer Vincent van Duysen in ELLE Decoration Italy, image brochure for PANATTONI EUROPE and fashion motifs for GÖRTZ

23.05.2017 • For Italian ELLE Decoration, Mark SEELEN portrayed the successful Belgian architect and designer Vincent van Duysen in his new 'Project' in Antwerp. The Belgian architect is known for his rigorous, robust design, which retains a feeling of life. Van Duysen embodies these emotional aspects of architecture such as art de vivre. Vincent Van Duysen was born in 1962 in Lokeren, Belgium and graduated with a degree in architecture from the Architecture Institute of the University Sint-Lucas in Gent. Between 1986 and 1987 Van Duysen worked with the Aldo Cibic - Sottsass Associati in Milan. After that, in the year 1990, he founded his own architecture studio in Antwerp, where he specializes in architecture and interior design.

Steven HABERLAND c/o KATRIN NEHLSEN took it to Düsseldorf and Hamburg to photograph an image brochure for PANATTONI EUROPE, a full-service project developer for industry and logistics real estate.

About - Panattoni Europe is the European branch of one of the world’s largest industrial developers, the Panattoni Development Company,...

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Agencies • NERGER M&O : VW Arteon for Grabarz & Partner, Audi A5 Sportback, Trystan Pütter for INTERSECTION MAG, ADIDAS Originals XBYO campaign

23.05.2017 • Tobias HABERMANN photographed in Lisbon at the shoot for the new VW Arteon. Several of the motifs were also used for the teaser phase of the world premiere of the VW Arteon to crank up the anticipation and excitement about its new design a bit. The agency was Grabarz & Partner with Art Director Svein Olsen and Indra Hohns in art buying.

The Audi A5 Sportback offers sporty avant-garde finesse paired with the excellent legroom of a sedan. Jan VAN ENDERT photographed a modern spread with the vehicle, which we present you here on GoSee.

With his role as rock'n' roller Freddy in Ku'damm 56, Trystan Pütter (35) danced his way into the league of top German actors. Heiko RICHARD photographed him for INTERSECTION MAGAZINE.

Lina ZANGERS photographed the ADIDAS Originals XBYO campaign with Swedish model Cajsa Wessberg. The photos already appeared in the March issue of L'OFFICIEL Germany. Styling: Sophia Schwan, make-up: Mel Goldmann, set design: Studio Tina Reisinger.

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