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Art • Camilla Åkrans 'Selected works 2005–2014' - sensual women - and beauty photos, timeless floral arrangements, presented by Fotografiska & CFHILL in Stockholm

09.02.2017 • The renowned photography museum Fotografiska and the gallery CFHILL in Stockholm presents selected works by Camilla AKRANS. The focus of the exhibition is on her sensual photos of women and flowers. She produces commercial and editorial fashion and beauty photos which due to their timelessness have become icons of photography.

Born and raised in Sweden, Camilla AKRANS moved from Europe to the US in 2003. She has lived in the fashion capitals New York, Paris and Milan where she photographed for Missoni, Hermès, Chloé, Jil Sander, Diane von Furstenberg or Blumarine. She publishes her editorials in VOGUE ITALIA, VOGUE JAPAN, VOGUE US, HARPER'S BAZAAR... And in front of her camera she already had Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Nicole Kidman.

The photographs presented here are available directly from CFHILL, and several more beautiful photos by Camilla via the GoSee IMAGE SEARCH, and further news here. Send commercial inquiries directly to GoSee member LUNDLUND.

Norrlandsgatan 24, 2 tr
111 43 Stockholm, SWEDEN

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Art • GoSee Tip : Richard Gordon, Loved photography too much - Gitterman Gallery presents vintage memories and creative perspectives from New York and the West Coast

09.02.2017 • Gitterman Gallery New York takes us on a visual trip to the USA of the 70s with vintage photos by Richard Gordon (1945-2012)... "With the ubiquity of the photographic medium today, Richard Gordon’s work reminds us just how compelling an informed and creative perspective can be. Often his images are witty and quirky and evoke his dry sense of humor. The work in this exhibition was taken primarily in the 1970’s in New York City and along the West Coast.

Gordon frequently examined the role of photography and its relationship with reality, playfully challenging notions of truth and representation, while exploring the exotic of the everyday. This is evidenced in his 1978 book, Meta Photographs. Gordon’s early images depict his time in New York City, exploring the city and hamming around with his good friends, including Kenny Raider, whom he later devoted a book to: One More for the Road: The Autobiography of a Friendship 1966-1996. Some of Gordon's road trip images call to mind New Topographics in their commentary on how societal changes have altered the aesthetic of the...

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Art • 'All The Pleasure And All The Pain' – welcome to the tragicomical cosmos of Paul Pretzer. An exhibition at FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph in Berlin, a book at Kerber Verlag and a preview on GoSee

05.02.2017 • Just like some photos stick with you, paintings can also burn themselves into the memory. Paul Pretzer's (born 1981 in Paide, Estonia, lives and works in Berlin) surreal worlds and dreamlike figures seduce in a very subtle way. Which makes taking a closer look at the exhibition “All The Pleasure And All The Pain” so worthwhile, with which FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph kicked off its art year 2017. “Paul Pretzer paints large-to-small-format scenes depicting fabulous creatures engrossed in absurd acts – all arranged like allegorical still lifes. With painting titles such as “Megadeath” or “The Swarm,” the artist uses language to add an additional layer to his pictorial symbolism, often introducing a ridiculous element to the seemingly heroic and tragic,” the gallery tells us about the exhibition, for which a monograph was published by Kerber Verlag that documents the last ten years of the artist’s work.

“They also reveal many stylistic connections to late medieval paintings such as those by Hieronymus Bosch and also to the comic-horror style exemplified by Tim Burton – last but not...

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Art • Pieter Hugo commemorates with his kids project '1994' the past unrests in Rwanda and once again depicts African society – an exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery & as a book at Prestel

02.02.2017 • Most of South African photographer Pieter Hugo's works document structures of power between human beings and animals, industrial countries and the third world. The Yossi Milo Gallery in New York now presents with '1994' the new series by the photographer, which was also released as a book (Prestel). At first look, less sensational than his hyena fighters, cleaner than ''Permanent Errors' and the waste management problems in Ghana, more realistic than 'Nollywood', Nigerias film industry, but not less political than 'Kin' on the failed colonial politics of South Africa.

'1994' commemorates an important year in the history of Rwanda and South Africa. While during the first democratic elections in South Africa Nelson Mandela was elected President, taking place that same year was the devastating genocide between the ethnic groups, Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda. Hugo processed these events in retrospect with porträts of children and youths from the two countries. What's special about them: They were all born after 1994 and are thus less shaped and burdened by the political upheavals...

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Art • 'Give Me Yesterday,' curated by Francesco Zanot, inaugurates the program in Osservatorio, Fondazione Prada’s new exhibition space in Milan

26.01.2017 • The exhibition “Give Me Yesterday,” curated by Francesco Zanot, will inaugurate the program of Osservatorio, Fondazione Prada’s new exhibition space located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan and dedicated to photography and visual languages. The show includes works by 14 Italian and international artists (Melanie Bonajo, Kenta Cobayashi, Tomé Duarte, Irene Fenara, Lebohang Kganye, Vendula Knopova, Leigh Ledare, Wen Ling, Ryan McGinley, Izumi Miyazaki, Joanna Piotrowska, Greg Reynolds, Antonio Rovaldi, Maurice van Es), and explores the use of photography as a personal diary over a period of time ranging from the early 2000s through today.

From the website, we learn: “In a context characterized by the pervasive presence of photography devices and an uninterrupted circulation of images produced and shared through digital platforms, a generation of young artists has transformed the photographic diary into an instrument to focus on their own daily lives and intimate, personal rituals. Familiar with work by artists such as Nan Goldin and Larry Clark in the United States, or...

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Art • modern mix of art, photography, celebrities, painting, and high fashion as a preview on GoSee

26.01.2017 • On display at Daelim Museum in Seoul through the end of March is ‘NICK KNIGHT: IMAGE’, Korea's first exhibition with more than 100 works by the artist. He is among the first generation of photographers to experiment with digital technologies and graphics. To create his works, Nick Knight utilizes every type of medium – from documentary photography to fashion productions, painting and digital imaging for fashion designers such as John Galliano, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen... “I must trust myself, and I must believe in what I do. It may be an arrogant belief, but I can’t look to anyone else to show me the way. I think nobody should play their life by other people’s rules,” Nick Knight on his works. We present you here the great trailer for the exhibition, and further information about the artistic oeuvre is available from SHOWSTUDIO.

‘NICK KNGHT: IMAGE’ provides a comprehensive overview of the oeuvre of an artist who has repeatedly reinvented himself through images ranging from documentary photos to fashion campaigns carrying social messages for ethnic...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Harley Weir - Boundaries - modern photography as a visual poem. The modern controversial work by the British photographer at Foam Museum Amsterdam

19.01.2017 • FOAM Photo Museum in Amsterdam has a knack for new talents and exciting artists. In its young and fresh program, FOAM presents through 19 February British photographer Harley Weir. Here on GoSee, we have a peek at the exhibition and further infos on the successful photographer. Lots more exciting works of hers – including a film about African wresters – are available on her website.

“Foam presents the first solo exhibition of Harley Weir (b. 1988, London). With a remarkable eye for detail, she finds beauty in the mundane. Close to the skin of her objects, Weir’s intimate approach is what marks her work in any context, be it a border zone in a politically charged area, or in a room with a model. The title of this exhibition refers to what is ultimately dissolved in the work of Harley Weir. But even as she crosses the lines of what usually holds people apart, on personal as well as political levels she is not out to make any statements. The exhibition therefore reads as a visual poem, open to interpretation.”

ABOUT HARLEY WEIR : Harley Weir graduated in 2010 from Central...

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Art • RAW BLACK presents 'A Celebration of Man' by Reno Mezger and RAW BLACK – a fine art film and a book project in cooperation with Leica Fotografie International

01.01.2017 • 'A Celebration of Man' is the title of the fine art project by fashion photographer RENO MEZGER, which takes a close look at the beauty and aesthetic of men. Created for it over the past two years were several studies in photos and moving images. The result will be published as a book in 2017. Uta von Fintel c/o RAW BLACK supported the project as Art Director and was in charge of curation.

Reno Mezger: "The visual art project, incorporating photography and filmmaking and spanning over two years, once the book is published in 2017, is an ongoing collaboration between Uta von Fintel, who curated all the imagery and pulled the strings behind the scenes, between Leica Fotografie International (LFI) and me, as the photographer and director. All men shown are models from prestigious model agencies and were photographed exclusively for the project. In their everyday jobs, models are part of a sales pitch. Their bodies are vehicles of commercially fueled dreams. A 'Celebration of Man' gives each and every man time and space to show who they really are. All men pose nude. Nudity is...

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Art • 'Garden State Warrior' by fashion photographer Reno Mezger & RAW BLACK (art direction) - fine art prints now available from Gallery Roschlaub, Hamburg

01.01.2017 • The photo project 'Garden State Warrior' by Reno Mezger is now available as an appetizer of 'A Celebration of Man' in the form of of fine art prints from Gallery Roschlaub in Hamburg.

"The photos of the series 'Garden State Warrior' have a very special character which transfers the mood of the photos to a different day and age. The cool edges bleached out with the sepia effect are reminiscent of old photographs taken out of their boxes after years of storage. Reno Mezger studied fashion and design before switching to photography. This creative background always opens the door to fashion and style in his photos," the gallery on his work.

Limited edition of 20 each, in different sizes, beautifully framed, guaranteed to be an unique original, professional gallery prints, with the artist's autograph and an assigned number. All prints available through

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Art • 'Helene Schmitz – Earthworks' – the works of the Swedish artist are still on display thru 7 January at Paris's Maria Lund Gallery

06.12.2016 • Those of you who are as often on Paris' Rue de Turenne as we are certainly know the MAIRA LUND Gallery. It is now showing works by Helene Schmitz, which – literally – often refer to the menacing, downright unpleasant line between culture and nature.

The gallery tells us: “A whole section of Western art and literature attributes a "kind innocence" to nature and links it to the metaphor of Paradise Lost... Far from the idyllic vision, Helene Schmitz focuses on the more obscure side of nature, on its insatiable, menacing, sometimes – cruel aspects, and the representations we make of it, the projections we associate with it. She questions these fascinating spaces where nature and culture meet and overlap, in creations that attract irreparably and cause anxiety... This ambiguity is manifest in the formal approach through the coexistence of great sobriety and an exaltation of color and light.”

Helene Schmitz (born in 1960) is a Swedish photographer currently living and working in Stockholm. Since the 90s, her work has been on display in France, Scandinavia, in the US as well as...

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