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Art • Viviane Sassen with a large exhibition Deichtorhallen Hamburg and a new photo book 'Roxane II' and a book signing on 1 June chez Colette in Paris

24.05.2017 • Viviane Sassen published her new photo book 'Roxane II' with 115 new works. The book with 1000 copies and 30 limited editions was published by Odee and will be sold out quickly. So first come, first serve. We have a preview here on GoSee. The photographer, who has the honor of putting her artificial visual imagery to work for clients including Miu Miu, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Louis Vuitton, can be met in person on 1 June chez Colette in Paris at the official book signing. The illustrated book is prefaced by a poem by author Maria Barnas, whose texts also accompany the extensive Viviane Sassen exhibition at Hamburg's Deichtorhallen which is on from 13 May thru 20 August, 2017.

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Art • 'Føroyar' by Kevin Faingnaert – a reportage about life on the Faroe Islands, with impressive landscape photos and in-depth portraits. Winner of the Zeiss Photography Award 2017

24.05.2017 • With imposing landscapes and strong portraits, Kevin Faingnaert vividly brings the Faroe Islands and their inhabitants closer to us. The mutiple award-winning Belgian portrait and reportage photographer documented everyday life of the village community on the sparsely populated and barren islands between Scotland and Iceland over the period of a few weeks for the 'Føroyar'. With his photo series, he came up on top of more than 4600 photographers from 130 countries at the Zeiss Photography Awards, which was themed upon "Important Places" this year and took place in London at the end of April.

“Whoever takes a look at the merciless, wild surroundings understands that these are ordinary people who live under extraordinary circumstances, surviving at the end of the world,” says jury member Claire Richardson, photo editor at Lonely Planet.

“Føroyar is a series about life in remote and sparsely populated villages on the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic, halfway between Scotland and Iceland. In February 2016, I immersed myself within the Faroese...

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Art • GoSee Tip : NAMSA LEUBA draws with 'Ya Kala Ben' and 'The Kingdom of Mountains' a refreshing picture of African culture

24.05.2017 • Swiss-African photographer Namsa Leuba, who was born in 1982 and studied at the ECAL (Cantonal Univdersity for Art and Design) in Lausanne, deals in her work with African identity as seen through Western eyes. In 2010, she was awarded the Jury Prize of the Photography Festival Planche(s) Contact of Deauville (CH) chaired by Bettina Rheims, at the fashion and photography festival in Hyères, she received the Photo Global award in 2012. resently, her two series “Ya Kala Ben” (2011) and “The Kingdom of Mountains” (2014) are on display at the Parisian In Camera Gallery. We have an insight here on GoSee, and further inspiring works are available on her website.

"In this series Namsa produces what she calls an “intervention” on the models and on their typical clothes. She tried to change the classic perception of the West for the African culture. The persistent fascination for African cosmogony emerges in this series through the construction and deconstruction of the human body that is set up in unidentifiable locations and with different kinds of objects. Namsa recreates and...

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Art • GoSee Tip : KUNSTHALLE BERN presents the book launch of Merlin Carpenter 'MIDCAREER PAINTINGS' in Cologne's Marsil on Thursday, 1 June at 9pm, including the book signing and live music by DJ eggyoke and DJ Carpenter

23.05.2017 • KUNSTHALLE BERN presents the new book by artist Merlin Carpenter in Cologne's Marsil. 'MIDCAREER PAINTINGS' was published for the exhibition by the artist at Kunsthalle Bern 2015. 22 moving blankets stretched over canvas hung in the seven rooms of Kunsthalle which were each assigned to one of Carpenter's seven galleries. The publication comprises along with extensive texts by Director of the Kunsthalle gallery, Valérie Knoll, and the artist Sam Lewitt as well as photos of the paintings also expressive black & white photo spreads of the exhibition setup in Bern, of his life in the year 2015, of related gallery exhibitions and of advertising posters for the show, which purportedly traveled to the seven different gallery locations. The choice for the book presentation fell upon Cologne since the artist spent some time in the art hotspot. After the book signing, you can experience Merlin in action – where he will be in charge of music in Marsil together with DJ eggyoke as DJ Carpenter...

From Kunsthalle Bern we learn more about the title of the publication: “Between the promising...

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Art • The exhibition 'Refusal' by Rafał MILACH c/o AFPHOTO thru 18 June 2017 in the ATLAS SZTUKI Gallery, Łódź and as a sneak preview for you on GoSee

16.05.2017 • In 1971, Soviet television broadcast a science program that presented the mechanisms by means of which human consciousness could be manipulated effectively. The young people who had been invited to the studio were subjected to experiments that were intended to make the viewers aware of the extent to which suggestion and conformism influences our reception of reality, eliminating even the most self-evident of facts from it.

It would be no special exaggeration to state that the program laid bare, albeit indirectly, the techniques applied on an everyday basis by the Soviet authorities. At the time, no one spotted the subversive potential of the work... the regime’s propaganda tube presented it as devoid of any connection with the realities of interesting scientific facts.

Contemporary autocracies, particularly those in the post-Soviet region, have adopted the techniques for the collective management of their citizens’ consciousness with a great deal of success. They set up gigantic laboratories where an exemplary model of a social structure is created, no matter what the...

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Art • 'Western and Eastern Light' by magnum photographer Harry Gruyaert in New York's Michael Hoppen Gallery, on from 09 May thru 27 June, 2017

11.05.2017 • ‘Western and Eastern Light’ is the first exhibition by Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert in New York's Michael Hoppen Gallery. Harry Gruyaert in his capacity as magnum photographer traveled across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and America over the past 30 years with his camera – often simply on the streets with his VW station wagon.

“He was one of the first European photographers to take advantage of the creative potential of color photography, following in the footsteps of great American colorists such as William Eggleston and Stephen Shore.” says the Michael Hoppen Gallery on Harry Gruyaert and continues: “Heavily influenced by the emergence of the pop art movement in New York, Gruyaert has been a pioneer in the use of color as a means of expression in photography. His filmic, jewel-hued scenes have become something of a trademark, at times suspended in a flurry of movement and, at others, thick with suspense. His dense compositions weave together a fabric of elements; texture, light, color and architecture to create tableaux.” The exhibition shows you an...

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Art • GoSee loves the touching exhibition 'Konrad Rufus Müller : 'Terra Incognita – Children of the Charité', appearing at PHOTOBASTEI, Zurich

03.05.2017 • Konrad Rufus Müller, born on March 22, 1940 in Berlin, is known as the German Chancellor photographer. He has photographed them all and has become famous for it himself: Konrad Rufus Müller advanced to become one of the most renowned German portrait photographers. And the photos of the work 'Terra Incognita – Children of the Charité' are portraits too – although very irritating. They are child-like creatures, prenatal human beings, commonly referred to as deformed fetuses, which he portrayed, as always, with the available soft light. The result is a study of a touching piece of nature. To feel – with all irritation – is the loving and compassionate perspective of the photographer, who gives these beings dignity. The vernissage was on Thursday 4 May and the artist was present.

Konrad Rufus Müller on his work: “Ever since I was confronted with a collection of deformed children in the Paris Musée Duputren in the early 1980s, I had a feeling that I would not be able to avoid the issue for long. A writer friend Gerhard Roth, who had studied extensively in this field in Vienna, and...

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Art • Fantasy & Artifice Versus Reality : Anderson & Low present their photo project VOYAGES as an extensive exhibition in the London Science Museum including exclusive background info on GoSee

20.04.2017 • Like a sunken war fleet from the past surrounded by dense British fog is how the historical ships emerge in romantic photos in 'Voyages', the new project by Anderson & Low. The large-format photos can now be seen in the Londoner Science Museum: “These images, are a radical reinterpretation of the Science Museum’s historical collection of model ships, and depict previously-hidden dramas and epic voyages for these tiny vessels. The resultant prints are truly romantic and painterly. The project represents Anderson & Low’s continuing interest in exploring the boundaries between fantasy and artifice versus reality, and between photography and the other visual arts.”

Jonathan Anderson & Edwin Low present you the idea for the unusual project on Gosee: “We are perhaps a little unusual in that (as you will see from our website) we often employ stylistic shifts between different projects. This is simply done as we always search for the way to make a project or image say "more", working and reworking our ideas and presentations in order to achieve this. But the themes that underpin the...

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Art • GoSee loves... 'Human Tonic' – Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang observes the relationship between little everyday episodes and larger existential issues. An illustrated book at Kerber Publishing

11.04.2017 • In May, Kerber published the photo project of Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang, who has won numerous international and national awards, including the World Press Photo Award, the Golden Eye Trophy and the Children's Award. The photos of his project 'Human Tonic' challenge the viewer. Some of the photos are staged while others are little photographic notes of actual events. After Forsang had for many years valued strictly documentary photography, he felt the desire to break free from the rules of the genre. The book presents the results and underscores the relationship between the little everyday episodes and the big existential issues.

The photographer on his project Human Tonic: “Some pictures are staged while others are small photographic notes of actual events. Human Tonic is a collection of images that highlights the relationship between small everyday episodes and larger existential questions. The images are not meant to explain anything, but intend to challenge the viewer by arousing emotions, recognition and wonder... Without losing the value of the experience...

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Art • 'The Masterpieces hiding in Old Master Paintings' – science meets art, the impressive work LEAD by Alejandro Guijarro at Tristan Hoare, London

30.03.2017 • Alejandro Guijarro's work LEAD uses x-ray technology and ultraviolet light to investigate what is hidden behind or in old masterpieces – and discovers a mysterious world of light and shadows. TRISTAN HOARE London is delighted to present the works by the Madrid-native artist and is looking forward to numerous visitors. This is already the second solo exhibition by Alejandro Guijarro in the gallery.

“Although he has made it with a deep scholarship, Guijarro’s is not a dry inquiry nor a research project. It is a way of making photographic objects whose twin beauties perfectly complement each other. These lovely swirling or choppy marks of painterly activity are a beautiful reflection on what it means to paint; and, because Guijarro is an artist of great subtlety, also on what it means to photograph.”
Francis Hodgson, Art Critic for the Financial Times

The title of the new series, LEAD, refers to the presence of the metal in 17th and 18th century paint. This is what the X-rays show, bouncing back off lead pigments and transforming the paintings from recognizable images into...

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