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Art • GoSee loves ... 'Exploring Desires' - the collage-like, surreal portraits with a touch of drama by Matthieu Bourel as an exhibition at PAVLOV'S DOG in Berlin

12.07.2017 • The gallery for contemporary photo art presents works by artist Matthieu Bourel, who cuts, combines and puts together, what doesn't belong together in the first place - following the tradition of the Dadaists. “His visually powerful collages catapult us into a world, of which we don't know if it's a reminiscence of a bygone or the prophecy of a forthcoming one – it's solely the artist's world. The artist takes refined twists and turns beyond any straight visual narrative and cleverly evades an interpretation. Among others the analogue process, physical contact with the raw material is important for the artist when creating his own visual worlds.” the gallery tells us about his works.

“The most important thing for me is to appropriate things, to make them somehow special. So that the power doesn't come from the source, but from what I did with it. That's the most important thing in everything I'm doing.” says Matthieu Bourel, who describes his work as "data-ism", a term which references to the permanent data flow we are constantly exposed to. Artists deal with that in their own...

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Art • 'Unknown Quantity' – the OSKAR RINK exhibition with photos by MAX VON TREU

24.06.2017 • The exhibition 'Unknown Quantity' presented the collaboration between artist Oskar Rink and photographer MAX VON TREU. The exhibition took place at circleculturegallery in Hamburg. For all of you who missed it, here are is a selection of motifs on GoSee.

About - The solo exhibition 'Unbekannte Größe' is comprised of paintings, installations and photographs from the current works by artist Oskar Rink. Growing up in her father Arno Rink’s studio, she learned the fundamentals of painting early on. Based on the artistic impulse to build and construct, she developed her own language, which is characterized by a constant alternation between the two- and the three-dimensional. By way of translating various impressions and experiences into diverse artistic media in ongoing iterations, she creates different contexts of perception.

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Art • 'The moment when a person changes into an image...' the classic sibling portraits by Finish photo poet Nelli Palomäki - as an exhibition at Gallery Taik Persons and in a preview on GoSee

22.06.2017 • Gallery Taik Persons presents the exhibition 'Shared' by Nelli Palomäki, successful graduate of the Helsinki School and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. 'Shared' explores the complex theme of siblinghood, in its manifestations of human relationships and familial bonds. The portraits focus on children and young adults as subjects, who are shown solemnly engaged in situations and constellations. Once friend, once foe; closest allies, most rivaled competitors – the subtle hierarchies of power between siblings are continuously shifting. A heartfelt embrace can turn into a heated wrestle within seconds: This is the shared life of siblings.

Through her portraits, Palomäki aspires to capture these facets of shared siblinghood in all its physical, psychological, and emotional complexity. Though nearly every portrait is carefully planned and staged beforehand, an element of the accidental is always retained, thus animating the work with unforeseen results and revelations, and carrying a magic life of its own. Here, the act of posing presents a crucial moment, in...

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Art • GoSee loves ... Jim Jocoy 'Order of Appearance' - Casemore Kirkeby presents a photographic documentary of the San Francisco Punk Club scene from 1977-1980 and as an illustrated book at TBW Books

13.06.2017 • The gallery Casemore Kirkeby specializing in photography and based in San Francisco has discovered a very special photographic treasure – an exciting documentary of the punk scene of yesteryear in today’s tech metropolis near Silicon Valley... The opening took place on 16 June, and on 15 July, an artist talk will be held between Jim Jocoy and historian Sam Lefebvre at Casemore Kirkeby. And for everyone who can’t make it to the Bay Area – we have the photos here on GoSee, and the same titled book was published recently by TBW Books.

“In 1976 at the start of the San Francisco punk scene, Jocoy became a student at UC Santa Cruz. By 1977, he had dropped out of school and turned his attention to the club scene. Jocoy obsessively photographed what was in front of him – in bedrooms, bathrooms, strip clubs, at punk shows at Mabuhay Gardens, alleyways and bars. Jocoy found outlets for showcasing his photos in his own punk/art zine, Windows and Orphans, as well as in seminal SF zines Search and Destroy, Research, and Punk Globe.

During this time Jocoy’s photos were shown in public...

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Art • 'The second life of collector Ulrich Köstlin' in WELTKUNST magazine, illustrated with photos by Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O

05.06.2017 • “Former Manager Ulrich Köstlin turned his house near Gendarmenmarkt into a stage for the young Berlin artist generation. On a visit to a man who reinvented himself...” is how the article in WELTKUNST begins, which was illustrated by Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O... Köstlin, who is a jurist with a doctorate was a leading top manager in Germany, first as the chairman at Schering, then for pharma giant Bayer, where he was responsible for around 20,000 employees. He still holds a chair in several supervisory boards, “... so that my professional knowledge does not go completely lost.” He was marries a good twenty years, has two grown-up children - and outted himself after a coup de foudre at about 50 as being gay. Since then, his love has been devoted to his life partner and contemporary art. Read the complete must of an article by Simone Sondermann at:

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Art • GoSee Tip : About creating pictures and experimenting with the tools of photography - Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition with works from 1989 to 2017 at Fondation Beyeler

01.06.2017 • This year's big summer exhibition is devoted to the pop star of photography Wolfgang Tillmans, the first to receive the Turner award (2000). It is the first comprehensive engagement with the medium of photography at the Fondation Beyeler, which some time ago added a wonderful group of works by Tillmans to its collection. Around 200 photographic works dating from 1989 to 2017 are on display from 28 May to 1 October, together with a new audiovisual installation. We present several works as well as a making-of film from the set-up at the Swiss Institution here on GoSee. A monograph is appearing in parallel at HATJE CANTZ .

Tillmans first made a name for himself in the early 1990s through photographs that have attained iconic status for their evocation of the mood of an entire generation, with its carefree urge for freedom and its desire to seize life’s moments. Soon, however, he widened his focus, experimenting with the means of photography to develop a new visual language. He created his images with and without a camera and also using a photocopier.

In addition to traditional...

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Art • Viviane Sassen with a large exhibition Deichtorhallen Hamburg and a new photo book 'Roxane II' and a book signing on 1 June chez Colette in Paris

24.05.2017 • Viviane Sassen published her new photo book 'Roxane II' with 115 new works. The book with 1000 copies and 30 limited editions was published by Odee and will be sold out quickly. So first come, first serve. We have a preview here on GoSee. The photographer, who has the honor of putting her artificial visual imagery to work for clients including Miu Miu, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Louis Vuitton, can be met in person on 1 June chez Colette in Paris at the official book signing. The illustrated book is prefaced by a poem by author Maria Barnas, whose texts also accompany the extensive Viviane Sassen exhibition at Hamburg's Deichtorhallen which is on from 13 May thru 20 August, 2017.

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Art • 'Føroyar' by Kevin Faingnaert – a reportage about life on the Faroe Islands, with impressive landscape photos and in-depth portraits. Winner of the Zeiss Photography Award 2017

24.05.2017 • With imposing landscapes and strong portraits, Kevin Faingnaert vividly brings the Faroe Islands and their inhabitants closer to us. The mutiple award-winning Belgian portrait and reportage photographer documented everyday life of the village community on the sparsely populated and barren islands between Scotland and Iceland over the period of a few weeks for the 'Føroyar'. With his photo series, he came up on top of more than 4600 photographers from 130 countries at the Zeiss Photography Awards, which was themed upon "Important Places" this year and took place in London at the end of April.

“Whoever takes a look at the merciless, wild surroundings understands that these are ordinary people who live under extraordinary circumstances, surviving at the end of the world,” says jury member Claire Richardson, photo editor at Lonely Planet.

“Føroyar is a series about life in remote and sparsely populated villages on the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic, halfway between Scotland and Iceland. In February 2016, I immersed myself within the Faroese...

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Art • GoSee Tip : NAMSA LEUBA draws with 'Ya Kala Ben' and 'The Kingdom of Mountains' a refreshing picture of African culture

24.05.2017 • Swiss-African photographer Namsa Leuba, who was born in 1982 and studied at the ECAL (Cantonal Univdersity for Art and Design) in Lausanne, deals in her work with African identity as seen through Western eyes. In 2010, she was awarded the Jury Prize of the Photography Festival Planche(s) Contact of Deauville (CH) chaired by Bettina Rheims, at the fashion and photography festival in Hyères, she received the Photo Global award in 2012. resently, her two series “Ya Kala Ben” (2011) and “The Kingdom of Mountains” (2014) are on display at the Parisian In Camera Gallery. We have an insight here on GoSee, and further inspiring works are available on her website.

"In this series Namsa produces what she calls an “intervention” on the models and on their typical clothes. She tried to change the classic perception of the West for the African culture. The persistent fascination for African cosmogony emerges in this series through the construction and deconstruction of the human body that is set up in unidentifiable locations and with different kinds of objects. Namsa recreates and...

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Art • GoSee Tip : KUNSTHALLE BERN presents the book launch of Merlin Carpenter 'MIDCAREER PAINTINGS' in Cologne's Marsil on Thursday, 1 June at 9pm, including live music by DJ eggyoke and DJ Carpenter

23.05.2017 • KUNSTHALLE BERN presents the new book by artist Merlin Carpenter in Cologne's Marsil. 'MIDCAREER PAINTINGS' was published for the exhibition by the artist at Kunsthalle Bern 2015. 22 moving blankets stretched over canvas hung in the seven rooms of Kunsthalle which were each assigned to one of Carpenter's seven galleries. The publication comprises along with extensive texts by Director of the Kunsthalle gallery, Valérie Knoll, and the artist Sam Lewitt as well as photos of the paintings also expressive black & white photo spreads of the exhibition setup in Bern, of his life in the year 2015, of related gallery exhibitions and of advertising posters for the show, which purportedly traveled to the seven different gallery locations. The choice for the book presentation fell upon Cologne since the artist spent some time in the art hotspot. After the book presentation, you can experience Merlin in action – where he will be in charge of music in Marsil together with DJ eggyoke as DJ Carpenter...

From Kunsthalle Bern we learn more about the title of the publication: “Between the...

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