26.01.2017  •  Art NEWS


modern mix of art, photography, celebrities, painting, and high fashion as a preview on GoSee


‘NICK KNGHT: IMAGE’ exhibition at Daelim Museum, Seoul

Artist: Nick Knight Beasting, David Epstein wearing Stephen Jones headdress for John Galliano, 2010, courtesy of Nick Knight

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On display at Daelim Museum in Seoul through the end of March is ‘NICK KNIGHT: IMAGE’, Korea's first exhibition with more than 100 works by the artist. He is among the first generation of photographers to experiment with digital technologies and graphics. To create his works, Nick Knight utilizes every type of medium – from documentary photography to fashion productions, painting and digital imaging for fashion designers such as John Galliano, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen... “I must trust myself, and I must believe in what I do. It may be an arrogant belief, but I can’t look to anyone else to show me the way. I think nobody should play their life by other people’s rules,” Nick Knight on his works. We present you here the great trailer for the exhibition, and further information about the artistic oeuvre is available from SHOWSTUDIO.

‘NICK KNGHT: IMAGE’ provides a comprehensive overview of the oeuvre of an artist who has repeatedly reinvented himself through images ranging from documentary photos to fashion campaigns carrying social messages for ethnic and animal conservation, and works incorporating digital technology. This exhibition presents some 100 key photos, videos and installations by Nick Knight, highlighting his artistic, avant-garde experimentation that constantly overturns conventional notions of values and beauty. Knight's images, produced through bold demolition of existing forms, bring new visual stimulation to viewers, providing not fear of the unfamiliar but a sense of excitement. Powerfully conveying the artist's way of viewing and interpreting the world, and the messages he aims to deliver, these images give us the courage to constantly adopt novel, individual perspectives.

Nick Knight Born in London in 1958, Nick Knight has drawn world’s most acclaim as a photographer for his bold, experimental techniques. Knight spent his youth in Paris with father, a psychologist. In the late 1970s, he returned to the British capital and entered the University of London to study medicine and human biology. The following year, however, in search of his true calling, Knight began studying photography at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design. From the mid-1980s, he began collaborating with pioneers at the cutting edge of creativity, such as Alexander McQueen, Björk, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Vogue and i-D. His works have been displayed at numerous institutions worldwide, including the Tate Modern, V&A and Saatchi Gallery in London and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Meanwhile, SHOWstudio, the website Knight established in 2000, has proved an ongoing sensation in the fashion world, sharing artists' inspiration, processes and creative spaces in real time through a variety of experimental content.