11.04.2017  •  Art NEWS


GoSee loves... 'Human Tonic' – Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang observes the relationship between little everyday episodes and larger existential issues. An illustrated book at Kerber Publishing

In May, Kerber published the photo project of Norwegian photographer Hans-Olav Forsang, who has won numerous international and national awards, including the World Press Photo Award, the Golden Eye Trophy and the Children's Award. The photos of his project 'Human Tonic' challenge the viewer. Some of the photos are staged while others are little photographic notes of actual events. After Forsang had for many years valued strictly documentary photography, he felt the desire to break free from the rules of the genre. The book presents the results and underscores the relationship between the little everyday episodes and the big existential issues.

The photographer on his project Human Tonic: “Some pictures are staged while others are small photographic notes of actual events. Human Tonic is a collection of images that highlights the relationship between small everyday episodes and larger existential questions. The images are not meant to explain anything, but intend to challenge the viewer by arousing emotions, recognition and wonder...  Without losing the value of the experience from documentary photography, I now have a need to liberate myself from the strict rules the documentary genre uses in its approach. By combining different genres, I can more easily express something that is not tied to particular news or events... In my latest work, the most important quality is the use of a playful, curious and less restrictive approach combined with the use of classic documentary techniques. The exhibition/book might also include a smaller, separate part with purely historical documentary material to substantiate this reference and experience...”