28.03.2017  •  Celebrity NEWS


'Grace' - Gian Paul LOZZA c/o JULIA WALDMANN shoots a sporty film with star free cyclist Patrick Seabase


GIAN PAUL LOZZA (director), Film "Grace

Director: Gian Paul Lozza c/o JULIA WALDMANN
DOP: Christoph Fritschi
Production: Hillton
Editing: Kris Lüdi
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle Tonstudios
Music: Kris Lüdi, Federico Bettini
Model: Patrick Seabase
Photographer: Stefan Nichini (Still)

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The spot 'Grace' was directed by Gian Paul LOZZA c/o JULIA WALDMANN. Free cyclist Patrick Seabase was filmed in black & white and with lots of that fine free jazz feeling. Born in Bern, Switzerland, Patrick gained fame for riding a fixed gear bike over 5 passes in the Pyrenees, meaning 309 kilometers while ascending more than 7611 altitude meters in 12 hours and 54 minutes – like we said, with only one gear and no brakes. Production of the spot was handled by Hillton, the DOP was Christoph Fritschi and the perfect sound timing came from the Jingle Jungle sound studios. The music was contributed by Kris Lüdi and Federico Bettini, with editing by Kris Lüdi.