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'Create your future. Create Europe' - for the club MY EUROPE 2100 E.V., young DoP Peter BENDERc/o FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT shot youths from all over Europe


My Europe

DOP: Peter Bender c/o Fröhlich Management
Production: Laterna Magica Filmproduktion GmbH

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'Create your future. Create Europe ' is the slogan of the project 'MY EUROPE' for 15 to 20-year-olds in Europe, which was initiated by the Frankfurt Future Council and the Institute for Corporate Culture Affairs (ICCA), which has served as an independent association since August 2016 under the name of 'My Europe 2100'. Young DOP Peter BENDER gave teenagers from all over Europe a voice in his info film for 'MY EUROPE'. Production was in the hands of Laterna Magica film production from Düsseldorf. “Especially in politically and economically difficult times, in which the future of Europe and the euro is in question, we need young people who build a Europe of visions and strength,” the association tells GoSee. We have the visionary film for you on GoSee. My-europe.org