15.04.2017  •  Fashion NEWS


Never stop moving! You are a #SUPERGIRL. ANA ALCAZAR goes for diversity in its new campaign, plus fast beats and photos by GoSee member Sacha Höchstetter

Inspired by the street and its strong messages. Where variety is the norm, where street culture, fashion power and Gangsta style are intertwined. Where rhythm gangs, ghetto sound machines and human beatboxes cultivate their urge to provoke. Where the speed of life is between 80 and 120 beats per minute. Wherever the old promise of magical transformation counts. An indescribable feeling of life. A unique look. Never stop moving! You are a #SUPERGIRL

ANA ALCAZAR starts the spring 2017 season with a full-force statement for diversity. With the hashtag #LoveDiversity, the label expresses itself with its designs, optimism, openness, and lightness. With the diversity idea, it consciously sets a positive impulse in this politically turbulent day and age. The #Stargirl collection blends fine urban fashion and hip subculture styles with a passion for provocation. The ANA ALCAZAR campaign was photographed by Sacha Höchstetter, who combined New York street style with hip & top gear. “With excellent dancers and the perfect model, the campaign turned into a really good story with a background that touches the heart of every viewer,” the photographer tells GoSee. On set for hair & make-up was Ben Mayer, and styling was in the hands of Petra Wiebe. We bring you the campaign on GoSee, and the making-of film is available from ANA ALCAZAR.